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Here's Why IRS Thugs Hate Traficant  Jim Condit Jr.
 Sep 10, 2011 06:41 PDT 

September 10, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Here’s Why IRS Thugs Hate Traficant

(Details of how you can attend, or help me pull
off, the Sept 15 speech --and exact details about
the event are at the end of this short ewire.
Basic details: Jim Traficant speaking at Crowne
Plaza Hotel near Cincinnati at 1-71 and Pfeiffer
Rd exit, 7 PM, Thursday, Sept 15, 2011; speech,
live Q & A, book signing of “America’s Last Minute

Before 1997, the anti-American thugs and traitors
running the IRS could seize an American family’s
home without going to court to prove their case.
That year they evicted over 10,500 American
family’s from their homes without having to prove
their case in court.

In 1997, Congressman Jim Traficant attached a bill
to a budget bill which Clinton was constrained to
sign (or hold up the budget bill), and so the
Traficant bill became law.

During the House of Representatives session
evicting Jim Traficant from Congress, televised on
C-Span in April 2002 (which I have on videotape),
Traficant thanked two fellow congressmen for
helping him get his bill into law: Dan Schaeffer
of Colorado, a Cincinnati Moeller High School
graduate like John Boehner, and – to my surprise,
Rob Portman, who lives 30 minutes from me in
Greater Cincinnati (Portman is an establishment
yes-man who has negotiated “free-trade” deals for
the Shadow Government, and always sat to W. Bush’s
right in White House cabinet meetings).

What did Traficant’s bill do?

It forced the IRS to go to court and prove its
case before it can take an American citizen’s

As I said above, in 1997, the IRS seized without a
court hearing over 10,500 homes. --- In 1998,
after the Traficant bill became law?

After the Traficant law passed – and the IRS had
to prove their case in court before they seized a
family’s home –

-- the IRS got only 59 homes!

And the IRS has hated Traficant -- even more --
ever since. (They’ve been after him since he first
got to Congress in 1985, but that’s another

Attend the upcoming speech if you can – and help
me make it happen financially if you are able to
do so. Thanks in advance.

* * * * *             


If you live too far away to attend the event, or
want to help us with this event, you can do the

* Make a check to “Jim Traficant” and mark it
“gift” in the left hand bottom “memo” section.
This gift can be from one dollar to $13,000 with
no paper work required on either side. Send the
check made out to Jim Traficant (as a gift), c/o
Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio
45211. This will allow us to determine which
donors are specifically trying to help us provide
a speaker’s fee to Jim for this event. Needless to
say, all checks made out to Traficant will be
passed on to him towards his speaker’s fee for
this event.

(There is no way to donate directly to Traficant
online at this time.)

* If you wish to help with the expenses of the
event, then make out the check to “Network
America” and send it to the same address, Network
America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

* You can also send a PayPal donation using the
email: votef-@fuse.net

* You can also donate online to Network America
for this event by going to this page:



When? – Thursday, September 15, 2011; 7 to 9 PM

Where? – Crown Hotel, Carpenter’s Room, I-71 and
Pfeiffer, 8 miles south of King’s Island, 20 miles
north of Downtown Cincinnati.

What? Talk, live Q & A, Book Signing of his new
book, Americas Last Minute Man, or Mike Piper’s
book, “Target Traficant”

Talk will Cover:

Real Economic Plan for USA; Why Congress can’t do
anything decisive for the citizens; Which interest
groups controls the House and Senate; who sent
Traficant to jail from 2002-2009 because he was
defending America; Traficant’s bill which became
law and a major victory for you and me against the
IRS; 2012 Presidential election year – and more.

Details will be posted at www.NetworkAmerica.org

If you want to help spread the word about the
event, please call 513-741-2095. Thanks.

More soon.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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