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Short version: Victory for Ron Paul in Iowa 2012  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 08, 2011 04:12 PST 

December 08, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Short version: Victory for Ron Paul in Iowa 2012

Yesterday’s email on how Ron Paul Supporters can
win the Iowa Caucus 2012 for Ron Paul – was so
long, that I offer today the short version, with a
few comments following that.


1. On the night of January 3, 2012, Iowans will
meet in roughly 1750 local caucus gatherings
throughout the state to vote on their Presidential
preferences on the Republican side. There are 99
counties in Iowa, and that means about 18 local
caucus gatherings in each county, on average.

2. The Iowa Caucus is the most open and honest
process in the contests of the Presidential year.
At each local Caucus the participants vote for
their choice for President by a show of hands, or
by writing their choice on paper ballots. If paper
ballots are used, then they are counted
immediately in front of the group, with a
representative from each Campaign designated to
view the count “up close”. -- So far so good.

3. The local Caucus gatherings in each county
call in their results to their local county GOP
party leader. – Still – so far, so good.

4. The Party leaders in each county call in the
results of the caucuses in their county to the
Iowa State Republican Party, or their designated
as proven in the Buchanan-Dole Iowa Caucus contest
in 1996. (See the online article, “A House Without
Doors” – found here:


At the state level, the Iowa State GOP
leadership, or their appointed surrogates, can
simply “add up the numbers wrong”, as they did in
Dubuque County in 1996, stealing 13% of Pat
Buchanan’s votes, or 113 votes stolen out of the
870 he received.

This is where the danger is for Ron Paul in 2012
– he wins the Iowa Caucus in 2012 – but the Iowa
State GOP leadership, or its surrogates, change
the results to show Gingrich, or some other
Establishment puppet, as the “winner.”

5. The solution for the Ron Paul Campaign, or
some of its volunteers, is to do three things:

a) find and train 1750 observers to go to each
and every one of the 1750 local caucuses and call
in, or email in, the results to a designated Ron
Paul friendly headquarters as soon as the results
are known. (Ideally each monitor is videotaping
the results as well, to avert any challenges from
the Iowa State GOP leadership.

b) set up such a real, or virtual, phone back
headquarters -- to receive such calls from the
1750 caucus monitors on Iowa Caucus night;

c) erect a website dedicated to reporting the
real results to the world in REAL TIME, on Iowa
Caucus night, 2012. (This would checkmate both the
mainstream media and the Iowa State GOP from
falsifying the results, and perhaps secure a win
for Ron Paul in the Iowa Caucus – IF he really
wins. If he doesn’t win – then, of course, we want
the real results to tell us who the actual winner


As we noted yesterday, in 2008, the paid Ron Paul
staff waged an all out war to prevent Ron Paul
supporters from monitoring the vote count in Iowa
and New Hampshire – the only two states where such
monitoring is possible. This may be unbelievable
to many, but it is absolutely true. I know. I was

And so were all the other “Vote in Sunshine”
activists. Key culprits were National Campaign
Manager Lew Moore, and Iowa Ron Paul Campaign
manager, Drew Ivers – although PLENTY of others in
the top Ron Paul paid staff were guilty as well,
both in New Hampshire and Iowa.

So, is the Ron Paul campaign in Iowa setting up
monitors at each of the 1750 local Iowa Caucus
gatherings for 2012? If not, why not? Drew Ivers,
the Iowa Ron Paul manager in 2008 was told this
strategy then. What is he or anyone else doing
about it four years later? If Drew Ivers is not
active this year – and I hear he is – didn’t he
even care enough to tell the current Iowa Ron Paul
leaders about this simple, unavoidable strategy?
(It least it’s “simple and unavoidable” for anyone
who is actually routing for Ron Paul to win.)

The campaign collects all the money and has
supposedly a leader in each county in Iowa’s 99

How easy it would be to tell the 99 Ron Paul for
President county leaders in Iowa to send a Ron
Paul rep to each local caucus gathering (that’s
only about 18 gatherings per county on average)
and watch the true results, -- and then report the
real results to a Ron Paul-friendly headquarters,
where the real results would be thrown up on the
internet for all the world to see!

This strategy would prevent any warping of the
results by the Iowa state GOP or the mainstream

If the Ron Paul Campaign is not setting up this
simple monitoring system in Iowa 2012 --- now that
everyone knows how Buchanan was cheated by the
Iowa State GOP and its partner in election crime,
Voter News Service (owned by all the Big TV
Networks and AP wire), in 1996 --- what is going
on here?

If alert volunteers in Iowa see that the Iowa Ron
Paul Campaign is doing nothing on this “monitor
the vote” front, and want to try and set up their
own website and get monitors at all the caucus
gatherings, I am glad to do conference calls with
any sincere Ron Paul supporters – if I can help.
Text me at 513-602-0627. (I have free unlimited
texting, and phone minutes.)

Much more could be said, but I’ll leave it at
that for this Network America ewire. Except for

An alert woman sent me this message:

“Instead of just sending us your emails about how
Ron Paul could have the election stolen from him
in 2012, you should have put it on your website so
we can make it go viral by posting it to facebook,
twitter, digg and other social media. You are NOT
reaching enough people with only these emails.
---- “So update your website and add share buttons
for the most popular social websites (FaceBook,
Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc.) and let us spread the

What excellent advice! I could put up the text of
these ewires on my website at votefraud.org, --
but I don’t know about all these social networking
buttons, or how to make them work.

If anyone could help me do this, I would be glad
to do it. OR – if any of you tech-savvy Ron Paul
supporters can put the text of today’s and / or
yesterday’s Network America ewires up on your
website, or any website, and then add the proper
social networking buttons – then we could refer
people to that web page. HELP!

By the way, the link to my expose of the problems
of sabotage in the 2007-2008 Ron Paul Presidential
Campaign is here, with pictures:


The article linked immediately above was placed
by someone else on Daily Paul, and got more
responses (I think 248+) within a 48 hour period
than any other item placed on Daily Paul in
2007-2008. After 48 hours, it was taken down,
probably due to pressure from the paid Campaign

* * * * * * *   

And other documents and videos from the 2007-2008
fight are here:


End of this Network America Ewire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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