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Web Page Up For How Ron Paul Can Win Iowa - please spread to Facebook et  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 09, 2011 04:56 PST 

December 09, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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10, 2000 until now are found here:

Web Page Up For How Ron Paul Can Win Iowa –
please spread to Facebook, Etc.

At the suggestion of many of you good people, I
have erected a webpage,
www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm -- which links to
the SHORT VERSION and the LONG Version of the Game
Plan to monitor the vote at each one of the 1750
local Iowa Caucus gatherings coming up on January
3, 2012.

This web page is also the TOP LINK on the home
page of www.votefraud.org

Please, those of you who understand how to do so
-- make this web page go viral on Facebook,
Twitter, Digg, and Reddit – and elsewhere.

The reason?

Actually there are two reasons:

1. To cause Ron Paul supporters to swing into
action and implement this simple strategy on the
night of the Iowa Caucuses 2012 -- if the Ron Paul
paid staff again refuses to do so PUBLICLY. (It
must be done PUBLICLY, with a lot of fanfare, so
that the crooks running the Iowa State GOP and the
super-criminals running the mainstream media are
“checkmated” from FIXING the Iowa Caucus against
Ron Paul in 2012 – as they SUCCEEDED in doing
against Pat Buchanan and his supporters in 1996.)

Those who want to get up to speed on how the
fixing of the Iowa Caucus works, see “A House
without Doors” here:


2. Quite frankly, the SECOND reason is to turn up
the heat on the Ron Paul Paid Staff to do their
job this time. In 2008, as explained in the
previous two ewires – the ones linked at
www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm – the Ron Paul
paid staff REFUSED to monitor the vote in the Iowa
Caucus, and fought like warrior-demons against
those of us who were trying to do so, both at the
Iowa Straw Poll and the Iowa Caucus.

So, despite all our efforts back in 2007, -- in
2011, at the Iowa Straw Poll held last August, the
Ron Paul Paid Staff AGAIN allowed the vote to be
counted IN SECRET on easily rigged computers, with
no checks and balances – and without protest. The
result? The Iowa State GOP Leadership PUBLISHED
results claiming that Michele Bachmann “won” the
Iowa Straw Poll 2011 by 150 votes over Ron Paul
(both had about 5,000 votes, with everyone else
far behind). I DON’T BELIEVE IT. I believe Ron
Paul won – and they cheated him out of it by
computer fraud, just as they did to Pat Buchanan
at the Iowa Straw Poll back in 1995 (a story to
long to tell here, but it’s told elsewhere, and it
is one absurd, crass, and criminal story).

Why did Jesse Benton, John Tate, and all the
other Ron Paul Paid Staff allow this “black box”
voting to take place when so much is at stake? Are
they so eager to have a pat on the head from the
Rhinos and Neocons running the Iowa State GOP and
the Republican National Commmittee that they are
AFRAID to stand up for Ron Paul, his supporters,
and really – the nation – by demanding to verify
the count by looking at the actual ballots.
(Trust, but verify, said Reagan.)

Or is something much worse, much darker going on

IN ANY CASE, the easiest route is for the Ron
Paul Paid Staff to alert its 99 county leaders in
Iowa to select some one to go and monitor (ideally
with video camera) each of the 18 (on average)
local Caucus gatherings in each of the 99 counties
of Iowa. Then the monitor (who doesn’t have to be
an Iowan, but can be from out of state) calls or
emails the real results to a designated real or
virtual Headquarters, and those receiving the
calls or emails put the results up on the internet
that night, in close to real time.

This must be announced publicly in advance – to
let the Iowa State GOP leadership and the
mainstream media know that they will NOT get away
with fixing the election against Ron Paul this
time, in 2012.

And, if Ron Paul actually wins, then he will get
the victory. If someone else wins, then, of
course, we want to help verify that result.


Here’s some of the factors regarding WHY the
establishment, both in and out of the GOP, is
going to such lengths to make sure that Ron Paul
does not win in Iowa.

1. The mainstream media, and all the GOP top
hacks have been saying since 2007 that Ron Paul
has no chance, and that he is a fringe candidate.
A Ron Paul victory would prove not only what liars
they are, but that the PEOPLE have overridden
them, even after their 4 years of pulling out all
the stops to impose their fiction on us via Big
Media propaganda.

2. Like Dole in 1996, Romney and Gingrich have
fizzled. People see through these Ruling Elite
puppets. The idea that Gingrich is now “surging”
is absurd. It is not happening, despite the phony
polls being pushed by all the big media. (Note: in
the ewires linked at
www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm -- one of them
goes into how ALL the Big TV Networks falsified
polls for Bob Dole between January 17 and February
10th – the three weeks leading up to the Iowa
Caucus 1996.

3. After Iowa, ALL the remaining important
states, including now New Hampshire, are counted
on easily rigged computers.

Therefore, a Ron Paul victory in Iowa – where the
vote can be monitored because there are no
computers, and everything is done in the open at
1750 local caucuses of neighbors – will spotlight
how CROOKED the computer counts are that will
start in New Hampshire and continue on Super
Tuesday. You see, once the Sinister Ruling Elite
can get past Iowa, they can start blatantly FIXING
the elections on the easily rigged computers, and
making it look like Romney, Gingrich, etc. –
actually have some support. –

This is what happened in 1996 – Buchanan won all
the contests that could be verified in the early
going (Buchanan was cheated in Iowa, as we proved,
see “A House without Doors”). -- Then Bob Dole
“won” all the computer states by landslides of
incredible proportions (like 80% to 20%, 70% to
30%, and so on.

And then, AND THEN, 28 states later -- Missouri
in that year was a CAUCUS state – they held an
open Caucus that could be verified. After “LOSING”
all those computer rigged states by landslides on
Super Tuesday and beyond – again, something like
28 states – Buchanan WON the Missouri Caucuses!!!

Just like Ron Paul now – every contest that can
be verified, Paul wins. Everything that can’t be
verified, Paul “loses” in a landslide.

8, 2011

The deceiver and so-called pollster, Frank Luntz,
was on Sean Hannity’s radio show on December 8,
2011. Luntz is a crafty enemy agent – working
against America and for the Vote Fraud syndicate,
and the Ruling Elite behind it, as explained in
this ewire.

Luntz announced with his fake enthusiasm
(paraphrase): “Sean, everyone can go to their
computers right now and vote for who they think
will win the nomination, Gingrich or Romney.” –

What a disgusting puke. Luntz is in the know, and
he’s in the tribal in crowd. He and his
co-conspirators don’t care whether you pick Romney
or Gingrich – they just want to telegraph to you
that Ron Paul is not an important candidate. No
matter how many verifiable contests Ron Paul wins,
they are laying the ground so that it’s believable
when Romney or Gingrich “win” all the computer
counted states – and to make it believable when
Ron Paul gets dismally low “results” in those same
computer states.

This was the same game played in 2000 when
Buchanan and Nader were candidates – every half
hour break for 11 months had a poll showing that
Bush and Gore were neck and neck around 50% each –
with Buchanan and Nader around zero each. This was
lies and fabrications on top of deceptions – but
it worked. By election day, many Buchanan
supporters held their nose and voted from Bush
because the polls said Buchanan was below 1% in
the polls.

Phony polls for months; phony exit polls on
election day; phony computer-rigged results to
make the polls come true on election night.


Here’s how it works, and you can find many
corroborating articles done the right hand side of
votefraud.org, in the box titled, “Votefraud 101.

1. The sinister banksters behind the FED, that
took over our money-issuing power in 1913 thanks
to a disastrous delegation to the FED by Congress.
If you are not up to speed on this, then watch
Bill Still’s excellent 1 hour video on
youtube.com, “The Secret of Oz.” If you have more
time, watch his longer video, “Money Masters: How
International Bankers Gained Control of America”,
also on youtube. – If you don’t understand this,
then you are in kindergarten politically. If you
do understand it, then you graduate to college
immediately – because you can now put everything
else together. Excellent books are the one that
started it all, “The Secrets of the Federal
Reserve” By Eustace Mullins, and “The Creature
from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.

2. Once you understand that a ruthless, sinister
coalition of Top Banksters could issue all the
money they wanted in secret to themselves and
their projects (since the FED has never been
properly audited), then you can understand why
they have put billions into taking over the
election “vote-counting” system. And that’s what
they did.

3. By 1988, easily rigged computers were
installed in 99% of our 3141 USA counties. These
election computers came from about four Ruling
Elite mega-companies, and the local political
hacks, under pressure/persuasion from the RNC and
the DNC, installed these easily rigged computers
throughout the USA. This is explained very well in
the book, “Votescam: The Stealing of America” and
at votefraud.org

4. Our computer-generated elections are now
controlled totally, and in secret on secret
programs, by basically four Ruling Elite computer
companies (Diebold, ES &S, Hart, Sequoia – see
“How They Could Steal the Election This Time” by
Ronnie Dugger, linked at votefraud.org) and
National Election Pool (NEP), owned by ABC, CBS,
NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire – see this link at

These 10 sinister corporations cooperate
together, and make war on America “by way of
deception” every election night.

5. Again, thanks to the collusion of the crooks
and traitors at the top of the RNC and DNC, the
pathetic local party hacks in 99% of our 3141
counties in the USA – have contracted with one of
the four Ruling Elite election computer companies
to “run the local election”. THUS, the local party
leaders ABDICATE their responsibility, hand the
process over to the anti-American, New World Order
crooks, and fraudulently sign “election results”
about which they know nothing whatsoever, -- do
not know whether they are true or false.

(Call your local county Board of Elections and
ask them what is the process for citizens to check
the ballots on election night – you know, to make
sure that the computers are not programmed wrongly
by accident – or on purpose. – You will find that
no citizen, no candidate, no newsman – is allowed
to see the ballots on election day, or any time
soon thereafter, unless you live in one of the 10
small counties in part of New Hampshire, or one of
a few counties out west in west Texas or Montana.

In computer run counties, your election officials
will get around pretty quickly to threatening you
with arrest -- if they sense you are serious about
actually wanting to check the actual ballots on
election night.

6. Occasionally there is a recount. In the
recount process, the challenger usually gets to
count about 3% of the precincts, BUT he must
specify which ones in advance. (!!!) The contract
for each county calls for them to bring in the
mega-election computer company to “help” manage
the recount. The company has access to the ballots
-- AND – this gives the sinister election
computer companies a chance to switch the actual
ballots by the time the “recount” takes place – to
make sure that the computer results published on
election night “come true.”

The HBO movie, “Hacking Democracy”, has a part
in it which takes place in Cleveland in the 2004
Presidential election aftermath – which tears the
mask off of this part of skullduggery.

7. On election nights, the local boards of
election give National Election Pool (NEP), or one
or more of its owners (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX,
AP) direct access to the computer DURING THE
ELECTION COUNT, where the results can be monitored
AND CHANGED by NEP and whichever of the four big
companies are “handling” that county. See “How a
Private Company Counts Our Votes on Election
Night” by Christopher Bollyn at votefraud.org,
right hand column on the home page.

In some cases, NEP and the Big TV Networks, or
the four big computer-election companies, may hack
into the local county computer, unbeknownst to the
local county officials, with cell phone or
satellite technology. Remember, no local person is
allowed to have the source code to the programs
used to “count” our votes. (See “Pandora’s Black
Box: Did It Really Count Your Vote”, by Dr. Philip
O’Halloran, at votefraud.org)

8. NEP, in effect, monitors the elections from
inside the county election computers, -- changes
the results if they want to in order to keep the
Ruling Elite agenda going, and then announced the
“results” through the 5 Big TV Networks that
night, and via AP wire the next morning, which
wire is carried in all the local papers. The local
county election officials sign the results,
without knowing anything about what they are

The answer is to throw out the computers and
machines, and count all ballots by hand at the
local polling place BEFORE the ballots leave the
neighborhood precinct. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE
IOWA CAUCUS. This is why the Iowa Caucus is so
important. You can monitor it. You cannot monitor
the results the rest of the way (except, with
difficulty, in New Hampshire, which I will try and
explain in tomorrow’s Network America ewire.

Things have gotten this bad because only a few
nobodies like myself have been out here “crying in
the wilderness” about this – myself since 1979.
All the big voices that should have blown the
whistle and demanded correction – the NRA, Right
to Life, Christian Coalition, the Libertarian
Party, etc.,, etc., etc., -- have been silent.
(The Constitution Party is the only party that has
steadfastly covered this issue in its platform,
and proposed the solution.)

The highly paid Judas-Goats, such as Sean
Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly,
and so on, --- keep this issue from the public,
and many work for one of the companies that is
neck-deep in the election crimes and treason.

I hope the Ron Paul Campaign in Iowa, or sincere
Ron Paul supporters acting independently, will
monitor the Iowa Caucus with the plan listed in
this ewire, and in our December 8 & 9, 2001

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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