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RP Supporters: How to Verify the Vote in NH Primary 2012  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 11, 2011 10:17 PST 

December 11, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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RP Supporters: How to Verify the Vote in NH
Primary 2012

***** If you want to go straight to the New
Hampshire strategy, just scroll down to the
headline: NEW HAMPSHIRE. This first part is about
the battle that has broken out on Daily Paul – and
how to spread the word big time on Twitter for
monitoring the vote for Ron Paul.

* * * * *    

If you want to look only at the plan to verify
the Ron Paul vote in the upcoming January 10, 2012
New Hampshire primary, scroll down until you see

What leads up to that is a report on the current
fight on Daily Paul, and a lot on background for
why the NH primary vote NEEDS to be monitored –
for those who want to thoroughly understand what
we are up against in this fight for an honest
lead weapon of the enemies of our country who
“make war by way of deception.”


First of all, let me thank the people who
uploaded one of my articles on monitoring the vote
to the well read website, “Daily Paul” at
dailypaul.com – you can search “Ivers” and get the
article and comments. –

My page covering more than you want to know, but
everything you need to know as an RP supporter to
help VERIFY the count, is:



The future of the world is at stake – and, as
usual, the Neo-Con and RHINO trolls emerged in
some of the comments in response to my article on
Daily Paul to urge sincere Ron Paul supporters to
quit worrying about the vote count as “everything
is covered.” (And maybe some of the comment makers
are not trolls, but just plain political neophytes
or political morons.

We do not have time for the newbies and neophytes
to take 20 years to wake up to what is going on –
to wake up to the VICIOUS election war tactics
which our opponents use against us.

All the “just relax” comment-ers said that RP
supporters were WATCHING the vote at the local
caucuses in 2008. HEY! That’s only ONE part of the
necessary process! The local monitors MUST
ascertain the real vote count at their location –
and then report it to a central RP friendly
website which will throw up the real count for all
the world to see – to CHECK and BALANCE the long
history of crass and pre-meditated dishonesty
practiced by the Iowa State GOP in both the Iowa
Straw Poll and Iowa Caucus (more on that coming

And such dishonesty surfaces BIG TIME when there
is a real populist, constitutionalist candidate in
the running like Congressman Ron Paul.

IF such a “monitor the vote” effort is not
announced in advance, and PUBLICLY, then once the
crooked Big Media announces rigged results on
Caucus or Primary night – which they often do – to
the exact percentage -- BEFORE the voting starts
(see “A House Without Doors”) – then any protests
from the Ron Paul camp will be treated as sour

The monitoring effort has be set up LOUDLY in
advance so that the Iowa GOP, or the NH GOP, and
their for-the-moment allies in the Big Media are
AFRAID to rig the vote, for fear of being exposed
before all the world.

By the way, I am locked out of Daily Paul, so I
can’t do anything myself to post there.-- Maybe
it’s because I was inactive for almost four years,
since 2008. In any case, I’ve appealed for help
from the webmaster’s team a few days ago, but no
response yet. So anybody that can post my webpage
about monitoring the vote for Ron Paul in Iowa and
New Hampshire on Daily Paul or on any other
website for Ron Paul Supporters, please do so.


– You can also go to Twitter, log in, search for
Ron Paul, and then in the upper right hand corner
hit “view all.” Then will pop up in the main box
all the Ron Paul groups, such as RonPaul_2012 or
RonPaul – then you can use what they call a
hashtag, which is the # sign at the beginning of
the group’s twitter name at the beginning of your

You can make up your own – or -- here’s a sample
tweet one could cut and paste and use:

#RonPaul_2012 – Don’t let them steal the Iowa
Caucus from Ron Paul – go to
www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm for how to watch
the vote.

(That’s 128 characters, 140 characters are
allowed in a tweet. – In another tweet, you could
substitute NH Primary for Iowa Caucus)

Hope to have a video up for Iowa and New
Hampshire soon.


New Hampshire is the OTHER major contest – other
than Iowa – where Ron Paul supporters could
monitor the count.

New Hampshire is not as straightforward as Iowa.

A little background is essential to fully
understand the danger of being election-cheated
which Ron Paul faces in the upcoming New Hampshire
Primary to be held on January 10, 2012, one month
from the time this is being written.


When Pat Buchanan ran against Bob Dole in 1996,
fully 50% of the ballots were counted by hand, in
public view, at the local precinct – the way it
should be. The results were posted IN PUBLIC at
the local polling place BEFORE the ballots left
the precinct – as it should be.

It was pretty dangerous in 1996 to have the 50%
of hand-counted towns vote one way, and then 50%
of the secret-computer-counted towns come out
another way.

Buchanan won the New Hampshire Primary in 1996.
But I think he would have “lost” if he were
running under today’s conditions – where fully 80%
of the New Hampshire votes are now counted in
secret on easily rigged computers (unless the
Buchanan campaign had verified the vote under the
unique New Hampshire law that allows such
verification, which I am about to explain how to
do for the benefit of sincere Ron Paul

One more telling story about why New Hampshire
was a dangerous state back in the 90s (dangerous
to the evil Fed-Related Ruling Elite manhandling
our country at elections and elsewhere).

In 1998, New Hampshire was still the ONLY state
that had 50% of their state ballots counted in
public by hand at the both the primary election
and the November election.

All the other 49 states, since 1988, have had 99%
or 100% of their ballots “counted” by easily
rigged, secret computer counts, run by four
election mega-companies, in tandem (conspiracy?)
with the six major Big Media corporations (ABC,
CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire) – this is
explained in other essays in this series at
www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm --

As we have stated elsewhere on the above
mentioned web page, when the Ruling Elite tries to
defeat a pro-American, constitutionalist
candidate, as was Bob Smith (or Ron Paul), -- they
falsify pre-election polls shamelessly for MONTHS
before the election, as they are now doing in the
Iowa Caucus for Newt and Romney, and against Ron
Paul – and as they did for Dole and Forbes in
1996, and against Buchanan in the pre-Iowa Caucus
days that year.

Next –

They falsify the exit polls, which are TOTAL
shams anyway (see the book “Votescam: The
Stealing of America” by the late Collier Brothers,
or this Network America ewire:

Or this votefraud.org webpage, with an astounding
picture on it which we snapped at the New
Hampshire primary, 1996.)


And finally, they adjust the secret computer
count – when they can get away with it – to make
their phony polls and their phony exit polls “come

So, in 1998 November election, in all the 49
computer-“counted” states the creature of the 5
Big TV Networks and AP wire, Voter News Service,
got EVERY one of their exit polls right, and
“accurately predicted” the final “results” in
every case in every one of those 49 computerized


In the ONE state that had half the ballots
counted HONESTLY, and in the open, by hand – New
Hampshire, Voter News Service and its 6 dishonest
and treasonous Big Media owners ALL predicted
early in the evening that their exit polls showed
that incumbent Senator Bob Smith had LOST the

COUNTED precincts trickled in late in the evening
– incumbent Senator Bob Smith, a great American
and great constitutionalist, PULLED AHEAD AND

Senator Bob Smith said then that it was like
going to Hell early in the evening (when all the
crooked Big TV Networks projected him to lose) and
then like going to Heaven when he pulled ahead and
won. – Well, Sen. Smith was too close to the
action to understand what was going on. The
Votescam Crime Syndicate had just failed to rig
the computerized half of New Hampshire enough to
offset the paper-ballot counted half of New
Hampshire. Had they realized how popular he was,
the would have rigged the computerized half even
more, and Sen. Smith would have stayed in
“election hell” that night.

We’re all in for a lot of “hell”, and not just
“election hell”, -- if the Votescam Crime
Syndicate is stopped, arrested, prosecuted, and
removed from the ability to harm and cheat and
exploit the public.

Now here’s a quiz:

Q. Why was Voter News Service and 5 of its 6
owners, (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX) able to
“accurately” predict all the Governor and Senate
races in the 49 computer counted states at the
general election of 1998?

A. Because the Big 5 TV Networks and AP are
working with the 4 mega-computer election
companies (Diebold, ES &S, Sequoia, and Hart) --
and the latter group can rig the computer-counted
elections to make the bogus exit polls “come

The treasonous 5 Big TV Networks ALL got the 49
computer-“counted” states right for another
reason: despite their totally bogus on-air
“competition” to call the “winners and losers” –
these 5 Big TV Networks are all getting the exact
same exit poll “information” at the exact same
time, from the exact same company, namely Voter
News Service, or VNS, -- now renamed National
Election Pool, or NEP, as of 2003, -- (google
National Election Pool on Wikipedia for proof of
this, and who the owners of VNS and NEP were, and

Next question in our pop quiz:

Q. Why did Voter News Service and its 5 big TV
Owners, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX, -- all issue
and ANNOUNCE ON AIR exit polls that failed to
project the winner in New Hampshire?

A. Their allies at the computer-rigging
mega-companies didn’t rig the computer-“counted”
half of New Hampshire enough in 1998. Incumbent
Senator Bob Smith was so popular that as the hand
counted half of New Hampshire trickled in, Smith
got so many votes that it outran the computer
rigging that had been done in the computerized
half of the state.

REMEMBER, all five networks got EVERY RACE in the
49 computer counted states “right” in their exit
polls on election night 1998 – and in the one
state, NH, that was counted 50% by a hand count of
ballots at the local polling place – all five TV
networks got it WRONG! ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AND FOX
all got NH wrong in 1998 in the case of Sen. Bob
Smith’s re-election.

The Votescam cabal could FIX the secret-count,
easily rigged computer states, but they could NOT
fix the state that was at least 50% counted
HONESTLY and in the OPEN. For the perceptive, I
rest my case.


The Secretary of State in New Hampshire has been
and is Bob Gardner. I assert that Gardner is a
sinister character. It is HE who has switched New
Hampshire now to being an 80% computer counted

The Braveheart of Ron Paul supporters, Walter
Reddy of Connecticut, was in New Hampshire for the
whole bogus recount after the New Hampshire
Primary in 2008. Gardner had the equivalent of the
keystone cops picking up the ballots from the 238
or voting locations around the state. And the
boxes were kept OFF LIMITS to the public at
re-count central until they had been “pre-checked”
in private by Gardner’s sinister forces.

The intrepid Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org –
who is the “star” of the important HBO
documentary, “Hacking Democracy” (which all should
see, it might be in parts on Youtube, and the DVD
is available to buy in many places), -- also cried
foul about the way the 2008 NH “recount” was
handled – and Bev was ALSO on the scene in New
Hampshire at that time.

As you recall, with no visible support in New
Hampshire, and deeply, deeply in debt, NeoCon
Manchurian candidate John McCain “won” the New
Hampshire Primary, and Ron Paul “dismally” lost
the by-then 80% computerized state.

I talked to a number of people in New Hampshire
on the day of the primary. Three candidates had
signs and lots of visible supporters: Barry Obama,
Hillary Clinton, -- and Ron Paul. McCain had
almost no signs, and next to ZERO physical
supporters in evidence.

Now, let’s see. McCain cannot raise money, has
nobody putting his signs in their yards or
appearing in public to hold his signs – but he
wins the computer “count.” (The evil Votescam
Syndicate controlling election computers and the 5
Big TV Networks – can overrule the people as we
move closer to a Soviet Amerika.)

Ron Paul raises a ton of money – including the
largest single fund raising day yet achieved in
American history – raises the money in small
amounts (average donation $59 as I recall) from
small internet contributions, -- 6.2 million
dollars on December 17, 2007, three weeks before
the 2008 New Hampshire primary, -- his signs are
every in New Hampshire in yards and in the hands
of visible physical supporters on election day, --
and he “loses” in the published computer “result.”

In some of the few places that could be checked,
proof surfaced that the local Republican hacks
were told to suppress Ron Paul’s votes. In two
different towns Ron Paul was given ZERO votes, but
in each town one or more families came forth to
protest that their entire family had voted for Ron
Paul. So the local Republican hacks sheepishly
added back in the undeniable votes. How many RP
supporters were not paying attention after the
voted in these or other towns is unknown. Most
Americans, totally unaware of the energy our
country’s enemies put into stealing elections,
naively think they’ve done their job in total
after they’ve cast their vote.


I’m working from memory here, but as I recall,
there were about 238 voting stations or polling
places in New Hampshire, and I think about 140 of
these were computerized towns. But the 140 or so
that were computerized were “counting” 80% of the
ballots. (These numbers will have to be checked
and updated for the 2012 primaries.)

In any case, Ron Paul supporters in New Hampshire
will have to go to all the computer counted towns
IN ADVANCE and invoke the law which allows each
polling place to have designated people in that
town to pull out the ballots RIGHT AFTER the polls
close on primary night, -- and count them by hand
IN PUBLIC -- with Ron Paul supporters watching at
close range, -- which is the only meaningful way
to witness a ballot count.

If the city fathers REFUSE to let such an
immediate hand count to take place to double-check
the computer count – then that will tell you all
you need to know. If they do allow the hand count
check on the computers, as they can by NH law, and
should, then great – they are doing their job to
run an honest, constitutional election.

In the hand counted towns, Ron Paul supporters
must ALSO be there to witness the hand count AT

With thousands of Ron Paul supporters in New
Hampshire, surely 238 teams of two can be found to
be at each of the 238 or so polling places on
primary night 2012, hopefully with video cameras.

THEN, as in Iowa, the RP monitors must call the
results into a central RP friendly center that
will post the REAL COUNTS immediately on the
internet for all the world to see.

If this is not done, then the NH computers will
publish a “great victory” for Romney, or Gingrich
-- as will all the computerized states after that,
in which there is no way to check the computer
count (that’s what I and a few others have been
crying in the wilderness about since 1979, and a
lot more joined us during the Bush-Gore
orchestrated “debacle” of year 2000).

New Hampshire, at least in 2008, had a unique law
that allowed the city fathers in each town to pull
the actual ballots out of the computer-machines
right at the time the polls closed, so that the
computer programming could be DOUBLE-CHECKED.


I will be pleasantly shocked if the current Ron
Paul top paid staff in New Hampshire is any
different from the saboteurs running NH for Ron
Paul in 2008.

Ron Paul’s chief of staff at his Washington
office in 2008, an honest man, and an honest Ron
Paul supporter, Tom Lizardo, told about 150 of us
on a Thursday Night conference call of the
National Ron Paul Meetup Conference Call (now the
weekly call continues at www.AUnetwork.TV ) circa
April 2008, that he (Lizardo) was in New Hampshire
for the 2008 Primary. And that after the results
were in, he told the entire NH staff that they
should voluntarily resign because they did such a
horrible job. And he was right. None of these
brassy operatives resigned, though. They had more
sabotage to accomplished until the 2008 Ron Paul
Presidential Campaign was driven into a ditch for

The Ron Paul meetups in NH warned their people
away from helping to verify the vote. They again
smeared me as “anti-semitic” because I had
publicly opposed many Israeli policies, and the
organized Jewish Lobby’s influence in the USA. But

But, of course, neither I nor any of the Vote in
Sunshine people were talking about anything other
than how to verify the vote for Ron Paul. The NH
RP staff could have taken our sound ideas, and
just put it out themselves. None of us with the
“Vote in Sunshine” effort were looking for pay,
position, or notoriety. We just wanted to verify
the TRUE vote for the sake of Ron Paul – and, dare
I say it? – for the nation, AND for the children
(and we really meant it).

BUT, national RP campaign manager Lew Moore
(placed in the Ron Paul camp by the Koch brothers,
two billionaires pretending to be Libertarians who
are actually vicious, warmongering Neo-Cons) and
his merry band of saboteurs were totally opposed
to verifying the vote for Ron Paul in New
Hampshire, or anywhere else.

The debilitating influence of such hostile plants
in the Ron Paul campaigns is that they persuade
even good men to take the wrong side on the vote
verifying issue. An Iraqi veteran, Jim Forsythe,
who I feel sure is a good man, fought against us
as we begged someone in New Hampshire to do
SOMETHING to ensure a fair count for Ron Paul and
everybody else.

Forsythe was big in the meetup world, and bought
Lew Moore’s lie that the campaign had a “secret
plan” for primary day in New Hampshire.

One of Forsythe’s email communications was so bad
and misdirected on this issue, that I had to “take
him to the woodshed” and “sit him down for an
after school session” on Daily Paul. Here’s the
link to that:


Of course, when the 2008 NH Primary day came,
there was no secret plan, and the RP paid staff
told all the sincere and trusting volunteers to go
to the campaign party at the 7 PM closing time of
the polls, instead of digging in to witness at the
240 or so local polling places to the witness the
count in the hand-counted towns, and to demand
that the city fathers open the machines in the
computer counted towns (if that hadn’t been
secured in advance, as it should be), so that
there could be a double check of the computer
results (?) with an in-the-open hand count.

Thus Lew Moore, and the top RP paid staff did
what the enemies of our country in the Obama camp
and the Big Media camp could not do – mislead
sincere Ron Paul supporters and drive their
efforts into a ditch, while running block for the
RHINOS and NEOCONS in the Republican Party and the
NeoCons and traitors in the Big Media.

One more thing, the BraveHeart of Ron Paul
supporters, Walter Reddy, was with Rand Paul
himself in the NH Ron Paul for President HQ in New
Hampshire on the morning of primary day.

Walter explained the situation to Rand Paul, who
then asked the paid staff there to do what Walter
said and send monitors to as many of the 240 or so
polling places as possible. The dishonest top paid
staff say they would. When Rand Paul left to start
greeting people at various polling places, the
paid staff ignored what he said, and did nothing.

Brassy operatives, NOT Ron Paul supporters -
placed in the Ron Paul camp by Koch brothers money
and influence, whom the Pauls did not see through
then, and I’m not sure they see through this
sinister faction now.

Internal opposition and sabotage from people
pretending to be friends – is the hardest type of
opposition to detect and handle.

What will happen this year in New Hampshire? Will
anything be done? If the RP Paid staff in New
Hampshire stonewalls a vote verification effort
again – can RP supporters mount an independent
effort? I don’t know. But I have explained here
what needs to be done.

Again, if I can help, I’m available for
conference calls to help organize an independent
effort of vote verification, should the RP Paid
staff again insist on doing nothing. There’s still
time as this is written, 30 days before the

to monitor and verify the vote count.   

To see just how illegal secret computer counts
are, see the youtube video, “South Carolina, Super
Tuesday, and Ron Paul”, which includes the TWO
Supreme Court decisions which make such secret
what 49 states and 80% of New Hampshire is doing
on General Election day. And almost as many
states, and 80% of NH – do the same during the
Presidential primary season.

My page covering more than you want to know, but
everything you need to know as a RP supporter --
to help VERIFY the count, is:


“Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those
who COUNT the votes decide everything.” Josef
Stalin, Communist Dictator, Khazar, and Mass

End of this Network America Ewire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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