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Short 3 min Ron Paul Watch The Vote Video Up  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 24, 2011 22:53 PST 

December 25, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Short 3 min Ron Paul Watch The Vote Video Up

The short video that, God willing, will “go
viral” and bring enough volunteers to our
WatchTheVote2012 facebook page in time for the Jan
3, 2012 Iowa Caucus night – is up.

It’s slipped into Christmas day – and I wish one
and all a Merry Christmas.

Earlier tonight a family friend needed a ride to
the hospital after a fall – thankfully no bones
are broken and the person is back at home. But
that on top of everything else has this short
video coming out about 6 hours later than it
otherwise would have.

Many thanks to the crooks at the RNC and the Iowa
state GOP, and the New Hampshire state GOP – for
pushing the first Caucuses and primaries up to
January 3rd – TWO DAYS AFTER NEW YEAR’S DAY – in
an attempt to ruin everybody’s holiday season –
instead of holding them in mid-February as you did
until 2008 – when you were basing everything on
stopping the MOMENTUM of the young people behind
the Ron Paul Presidential candidacy.

Your selected political hacks have no support
outside of people who you EMPLOY in county jobs or
political jobs (who you can intimidate to vote
for such hacks). – And – if enough normal citizens
watch the vote in the Iowa Caucus 2012 – that will
be proven for all the world to see.

This new short video (3 min) is on YouTube under
the title “Ron Paul Says Watch The Vote – Iowa
Caucus 2012 – and it is also found at the top of
www.WatchTheVote2012.com – and the longer,
in-depth video is right below it.

The new short video is comprised of 2 things: Ron
Paul on a conference call asking everyone to WATCH
THE VOTE in his or her own state to combat
votefraud attempts – and then our appeal to
everyone to volunteer at our facebook page at
www.facebook.com/groups/WatchTheVote2012 -- you
can also sign into facebook and search for
WatchTheVote2012 – so we can activate enough
activists who understand what they need to do on
the night of January 3, 2012 starting at 7 PM CST
as the Iowa Caucus 2012 unfolds.


Everyone can do something, from eye-witnessing a
Caucus and reporting the true vote count they see
to their assigned “Watch The Vote 2012” county
leader, -- to sitting at your computer anywhere in
the USA and taking down this vital info, then
helping upload it to the internet in almost real
time, -- to spreading the word throughout
facebook, twitter, email, phone, text, etc.

Once you sign up on our facebook page then we can
help you help us Watch The Vote in the Iowa
Caucus, as Ron Paul asked us all to do.

Anyone could now upload to our facebook page what
local caucus gathering they are going to attend in
Iowa (include county, address, precinct).

And then, on Iowa Caucus night (Jan 3, 2012) –
everyone at a Caucus should upload the results
they witnessed at their local Caucus gathering to
our Facebook page (results would include the
totals for: Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry,
Paul, Romney, Santorum, and “Other”).

Then, the 99 “Watch The Vote 2012” computer
uploaders, one assigned to each county, will
upload the results in almost real time to
WatchTheVote2012.com – and we will checkmate any
attempts by the Iowa State GOP HQ and the 5 Big TV
Networks to rig the vote.

You can check for the “Watch The Vote 2012”
county leader (computer uploader) at the home page
of WatchTheVote2012.com – this list will also be
linked on our Facebook page.

This is what it takes! More soon.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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