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The South Carolina Primary is A National Disgrace & Law Breaking Event  Jim Condit Jr.
 Jan 21, 2012 01:56 PST 

January 21, 2012 NA (Network America) e-wire

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The South Carolina Primary is A National Disgrace & Law Breaking Event

Usually I have sent out no more than one email a day, -- and often very
long emails. And in some months I’ve put out only one email.

Today begins a different trend – because of the MAMMOTH developments
that have happened since Christmas Eve, December 24, 2011.
Short emails, and, of necessity, more than one email on the days I can
get emails sent out – will be the modus operandi for some time to come.

We’ll start “in the moment” – because the South Carolina Presidential
Primary takes place today.

The South Carolina Election system for today’s Primary is the worst

No ballots. No paper trail.

The SC voter faces a touch screen computer – the kind the cashiers at
McDonald’s use. The cashier pushes “Big Mac” or “quarter pounder”. – The
South Carolina voter pushes Gingrich, Paul, Romney or Santorum.

At least McDonald’s they give you are paper receipt so you can see what
the computer cash register “did.”

NOT TODAY in South Carolina! – Today voters in SC and everyone else in
America is supposed to trust that when the voter hits the touch screen –
a bleep of energy goes through ether or the phone wires and is “counted”
(?) accurately somewhere.

What if there is a computer breakdown? Touch luck. There is no paper
trail to even hope to reconstruct what happened. (Chapters 2 and
Appendix 2 in the book, “Black Box Voting” by Bev Harris, details
numerous election computer breakdowns of all varieties; the entire book
is available online at blackboxvoting.org.)

The South Carolina Primary IS the Computer VoteFraud Crime Syndicate in

The “election” computers (selection computers?) are provided by ES &S
(Election System & Software) based in Omaha, Nebraska. ES &S processes a
whopping 61% of the US vote on each November election day, as reported
in “The Nation” magazine in August, 2004, in Ronnie Dugger’s article,
“How They Could Steal the Election This Time”, linked on the home page
of votefraud.org –

By using computers of any kind as the sole “vote counting” method, South
Carolina is breaking its own state law, violating two standing US
Supreme Court decisions, as well as trashing the “consent of the
governed” phrase in the Declaration of Independence. (For this
documentation and more, see the 10 minute YouTube Video, “South
Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul”, made in 2008 but still relevant
today. Thanks to Florida Election litigator Mark Adams for the
documentation on the South Carolina Primary which leads off this video.)

While Ron Paul did well in Iowa and New Hampshire where all (Iowa) and
some (NH) of the vote count was able to be observed in public, -- now
that we are into states that use computers for their primary “elections”
– the Big TV Networks can put out any “public opinion” polls they want
leading up to election day, confident in the knowledge that their
partners in the Computer Votefraud Crime Syndicate at ES &S will make
the pre-election polls come “true.”

Look for the Big Media to announce that Ron Paul has come in “last” or
“close to last” --now that we’re into an easily rigged, unverifiable,
non-transparent, “no checks and balances”, computerized,
paper-ballot-less vote-“counting” system like the SC Secretary of State
is ILLEGALLY imposing today on the people of South Carolina in South
Carolina Primary 2012.

See the upcoming Network America emails. And get in on the fun and
roller coaster ride we’ve been on since Christmas Eve 2012 – by joining
the WatchTheVote2012 (no spaces) page at facebook.com – we’ve had over
1600 members join the WatchTheVote2012 effort in the last few weeks, and
over 43,000 views of our videos on the Iowa Caucus situation.

And see our new website about all the going on – at
www.WatchTheVote2012.com --

Teaser: Our “Watch The Vote 2012” effort was instrumental in forcing the
Iowa GOP to change the winner of the Iowa Caucus 2012 from Romney to
Santorum a few days ago. Stay tuned.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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