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Help One of Our Own Get to GOP Convention Floor!  Jim Condit Jr.
 Aug 15, 2012 05:14 PDT 

August 15, 2012 NA (Network America) e-wire

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* * * * *    

Help One of Our Own Get to GOP Convention Floor!

(See Below on “Rebuilding Christendom” Conference
Details starting Aug 24, 2012)

This email could have been called “The Tale of Two
Judys” – that is Judy Spady, for whom I’m asking
your help to get her to the floor of the upcoming
Republican National Convention starting August
27th, – and Judy Sharpe, the organizer of the
Rebuilding Christendom Conference, which is
happening the weekend before the GOP National

First the tale of Judy Spady.

There are several reasons for the sparseness of my
Network America ewires this year. But we’ve been
working as hard as any other year.

Many of you may not even know that when the Iowa
State GOP had to change the “winner” of the 2012
Iowa Caucus from Romney to Santorem – it was due
to the efforts of our “Watch The Vote 2012” group.
That whole story is told at the home page of
www.WatchTheVote2012.com –


One of the key players in that up-hill effort was
Judy Spady, an energetic leader in Watch The Vote
2012 efforts.

RON PAUL – going as an alternate delegate to floor
of the Republican National Convention in less than
two weeks! Judy came in 15th out of 800 trying to
be elected to the Colorado delegation. (If you
want to talk to Judy Spady, her cell is:
970-759-3840; her email is: ejes-@mydurango.net

The ChipIn we put up to help Judy Spady be our
“eyes and ears” on the floor of the GOP National
Convention – is here:


As of this ewire, we have raised a little over
$1000 – and need another $1800 – so Chip-In if you
can. Every bit helps. A lot of us doing a little –
will do a lot.


Trust me that it was a herculean effort, combined
with Divine Providence, that caused a major state
party – against their will -- to have to change
the winner of a major Presidential Caucus for the
first time in American history (as far as we

And trust me that the Republican National
Committee and its Republican state parties have
acted like a criminal syndicate throughout the
primaries and caucuses in 2012. (The Democratic
Party is just as bad.)

So, this is why we are so urgent about getting one
of our “WatchTheVote2012” leadership team, Judy
Spady, onto the convention floor of the Republican
National Convention in Tampa, Florida about two
weeks from now.

We need someone to tell us what really happens
there, as learning the delegate process is a key
part (along with the precinct strategy) in taking
back the nation.

Last time, at the 2008 GOP Convention, McCain
forces confiscated Ron Paul buttons and signs
before delegates could go on the convention floor.
Microphones were turned off. Security guards,
acting like bouncers, threw delegates off the
floor if they wanted to raise a “forbidden” issue
to the convention.

Delegates are going to try to make themselves
heard at this convention. It is indicative of the
totalitarian mind-set of those running the Two
major parties – that delegates even have to fight
to be heard.

The GOP thugs want the duly elected delegates to
shut up and be bit actors in their pre-written
script for the intended Romney Coronation.


So – please go to www.WatchTheVote2012.com to
reach Judy’s Chip-In. Every little bit helps. Judy
has raised a little over $1000 so far – and with
plane fare, lodging for nine days, food and
incidentals, rent-a-car, printing to organize and
network with like minded, liberty-minded patriots,
and maybe getting a booth at the Paul Fest on the
Sunday before the convention – we need to raise
$1800 or so more.

So 90 of us donating $20 would do the trick – or
180 of us donating $10 – or 18 of us donating $100
– you get the idea.

You can also find a short radio interview with
Judy, and a short Youtube video from Judy -- at
www.WatchTheVote2012.com –

This is the first time I’ve asked for $$ for
anything this year (I think) – so please consider
joining me in helping Judy Spady get the expense
money to get from Durango, Colorado to Tampa,
Florida – and back.

This is not a Jolly Holiday – but a necessary stop
in the overall fight for our nation this year. To
be effective – we must show up and be present.


Judy hopes to be in Tampa a few days before and a
few days after the Presidential Convention – in
order to network with like-minded, Liberty minded
patriots. With the Paul Fest on the Sunday before
the convention – it will be a long time before so
many Liberty activists will be in one place.

Judy Spady will be passing out business cards in
Tampa to let people know about the Guardians For
Liberty – our about-to-launch group with the
ACTION program for total victory to take back our
nation. (See guardiansforliberty.com for the five
point program. Watch The Vote / transparent
elections is principle two of five.)

So please consider helping our ChipIn at

* * * * *   

The Rebuilding Christendom conference will be
starting on August 24 and ending on August 26,
2012 – one day before the Republican National
Convention begins. Since it’s a 14 hour drive from
Washinton DC to Tampa, Florida – I’m going to try
and drive down there myself to help with the
networking and organizing.

Below find the details again of the Rebuilding
Christendom conference – in case you can make
that. Thanks.

* * * * * *     

The “Rebuilding Christendom” conference is
happening in Washington DC at the Washington
Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel on August 24, 25,
and 26, 2012.

Here’s the official website for the Rebuilding
Christendom conference:


Or just call organizer Judith Sharpe at Call:
1-757-925-7904 or
email at” confe-@ihspress.com


The organizers of this conference, the family
behind IHS Press, are the illustrious Sharpes. The
John Sharpe Family.

Judith Sharpe and her husband, John, have
organized several landmark conferences in the
past, and Judith has done an important series of
audio interviews which can be found at:


John Sharpe (formerly Lt. Commander John Sharp of
the US Navy) will be giving the opening and
closing remarks for the conference.


Anyone interested in our country’s future will
find a lot of good comradery and fellowship at
this conference.

I CAN NOT promise that you (or I) will agree with
everything that all the speakers say – but I WILL
promise that you will find yourself at a cutting
edge event that is NOT the same old fare of blah,
blah, blah. Anybody who’s not brain dead will find
plenty of intellectual fare to chew on.

Some of the challenging speakers are:

John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News;

Gary Potter, author, columnist and lecturer;

Dr. Peter Chojnowski, who has taught at six
universities and colleges over the last 24 years;

Dr. Robert Sungenis, author and lecturer;

Douglas Bersaw, publisher and lecturer, and one of
the foremost authorities on the “Lord of the
Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkein.

Now I’m not slighting the other speakers – I’m
just saying that I’ve heard all these men
personally, and would always make way to get to a
talk given any and all of them if I were in the

The last general session on Sunday, from noon till
2 PM, is a Q & A roundtable with all the speakers.

So, again, the website for the “Rebuilding
Christendom” conference is here:


Or just call organizer Judith Sharpe at Call:
1-757-925-7904 or
email at” confe-@ihspress.com

If you can make it, I hope to meet some of you (or
see you again) during the weekend of the

End of this Network America Ewire

Jim Condit Jr.


Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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