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Help Our ChipIn for the WatchTheVote effort at GOP Convention Next Week!  Jim Condit Jr.
 Aug 20, 2012 06:42 PDT 

August 20, 2012 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Help Our ChipIn for WatchTheVote effort at GOP
Convention next week!

The ChipIn is linked at the top of
www.WatchTheVote2012.com - - -

We need a little more help -- about $800 -- at our
ChipIn for our efforts at the upcoming GOP
Convention – to fight and expose the totalitarian
tactics it looks like the RNC is going to
perpetrate against delegates at the Presidential

We need to RECORD this history in the overall
efforts to organize the people into the PRECINCT
STRATEGY to take back the country in the next four

WatchTheVote2012 leader Judy Spady put up a Chipin
at our request. You can help by going to:
www.WatchTheVote2012.com and clicking on the
ChipIn link.

As I send this out – the Chip-in shows about $1300
have been donated – and not showing up there is
about $600 in checks we have received. – That
means somewhere between $800 and $1000 are needed
for basic expenses in getting the job done.

The money is being used to get alt. delegate Judy
Spady to Tampa so she’s on the convention floor to
give all of us eye-witness reports – AND to pay
minor travel/convention expenses for a few other
WatchTheVote people -- and to make the banner and
printed material we need to network with all the
people during the convention week at events like
Paul Fest, Christine O’Donnell’s event, Phyllis
Schlafly’s event, etc. etc. etc.

THERE will not be this many grassroots leaders in
one city at one time – for a long time to come.

40 people donating $20 – or 8 people donating $100
– or 80 people donating $10 – will do the trick.

IF you aren’t going – HELP US GET THE JOB DONE.
Thanks in advance!

Jim Condit Jr.

(Longer explanation about Judy Spady and this
important effort can be found below, for those who
missed last week’s ewire.)

* * * * *   

Calling all members and supporters of

Due to the blatant fraud we have witnessed in this
year’s election process and the manipulative
tactics used at the 2008 Republican National

This is perhaps our most important group effort
since the Iowa Caucus. And everyone who helps a
little will be helping A LOT!

It is a Watch the Vote (WTV) Money Bomb to get our
Core Team leader, Judy Spady (Colorado delegation
for Ron Paul), to Tampa -- and to ensure our WTV
representation on the CONVENTION FLOOR at the
upcoming National Republican Presidential
Convention August 27-30 – right around the corner.

Please visit our website to see a short interview
about Judy’s role with Watch the Vote:


If anyone would like to talk with Judy, her number
is: 970-759-3840. Her email is
ejes-@mydurango.net – and her Facebook page is
“Judy Pursley Spady”.

*Note – For people who are new to our page: the
WatchTheVote efforts, together with Edward True’s
actions as embodied in his affidavit, and Judy
Spady’s capturing the relevant screen shots,
caused the Iowa GOP to actually change the winner
of the Iowa Caucus for the first time in American
history! WTV forced the GOP to change the winner
from Romney to Santorum and this shows the power
of just a FEW people acting together for what is

We need Judy Spady as our WTV representative on
the convention floor badly, as saving our country
involves understanding the rules in several areas,
including how National Conventions are currently
In 2008, the corrupt McCain forces confiscated Ron
Paul buttons and signs from delegates, turned off
microphones, and had the convention floor manned
with bouncers to throw out any delegate who wanted
to ACT like a delegate.

Whatever happens this time, we need someone on the
convention floor who is going to tell us what
really happens! Judy will report to all of us on a
daily blog with videos, photos, and discussions
from the convention floor. The blog will be at
www.colorado4ronpaul.com and should be up and
running very soon.

Judy is a home-schooling mother and small business
owner who has already put everything she has
time-wise and financially into the fight for
Liberty over the last three years.

At our request, she is running a CHIP-IN to raise
the remaining money she needs to get to the
convention in Tampa.

Judy has raised about $950 towards a $2800 goal.
If 100 of us would chip in $20, -- or 200 chip in
$10 each – or 20 of us Chip-In $100 each – we
would get the job done quickly!

The money goes for plane fare and transportation
from Durango, Colorado to Tampa, Florida; 9 nights
in a hotel or other lodging; food and incidentals
for 9 days; and we would like to get a booth and
printing materials for the Paul Fest – which costs
$500 plus printing costs.

WatchTheVote is one part of a Total Victory Plan
to take back the country, under an organization
called Guardians For Liberty. We invite each of
you to join us at www.GuardiansForLiberty.com and
learn of the 5 principles of that MUST occur in
order to get our Constitutional Republic back into
the hands of “We the People.” You can also access
Judy’s CHIP-IN page from this important website.

-- It is very important that we reach all the
Liberty minded people with this plan at the
upcoming Tampa gathering. That’s why Judy is going
a little early and staying a little late – to
network with other Liberty minded people. This is
our only chance to meet them face to face – all in
one place.

Please go to www.WatchTheVote2012.com or
www.GuardiansForLiberty.com to view Judy’s ChipIn,
which updates constantly to let everyone know how
much has been raised, and how much we have to go.

We are fortunate to have Judy volunteer her time
away from her family to educate the liberty
movement on honest elections and the other
principles at Guardians For Liberty that must
occur to save this great nation. Please join me in
fighting directly for liberty through Judy’s
presence at the convention and in educating a
nation on how they can help, moving forward.

Keep up the fight. Let’s work together to learn
from this convention and to move forward to save
our Constitutional Republic!

- Jim Condit Jr. (Founder of Watch The Vote, 2012)

End of this Ewire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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