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Help me hit 1 million people this week over Big Talk Radio Stations  Jim Condit Jr.
 Oct 27, 2012 19:59 PDT 

October 27, 2012 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Help me hit 1 million people this week in Ohio
Over Big Talk Radio Shows

You can go to WagTheDog247.com and see the top
video, the 2nd video if you need more explanation,
and the 60 second radio spot near the bottom of
the home page.

Then, if you are so inclined and can do so, help
me finish paying to put this radio ad on over WLW
and WKRC with saturation coverage for this last
week before the election. WLW and WKRC are the two
big Talk Radio Stations in Cincinnati, Ohio. We
still need about $2400 as of this minute to pay
for the saturation advertising on WLW and WKRC
this coming week. See last paragraph in this ewire
for more on this.

WLW reaches a 90 mile radios during the day into
Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. At night the American
Trucking Network over WLW hits 38 states and half
of Canada between Midnight and 5 AM. WKRC hits
about a sixty mile radius around Cincinnati.

I am also on the radio over WKRC radio (550 AM)
Sunday night, October 28, -- tomorrow night – for
one hour – beginning at 10 PM EST. You may be able
to hear this program anywhere in the world online
by going to www.55krc.com – but in the past they
have “mysteriously” been unable to carry my shows
over the internet – even through they carry every
other bit of programming 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year. (!!!)

I am the only congressional candidate in the
nation – still – who is using the Reasonable
Access Law to force messages through to the
general public -- which the radio stations would
never carry voluntarily.

CANDIDATES should be doing this in all 120 BIG
CITIES in the USA, but the idea is still not
catching on. So I do what I can in this one
region. Breaking the censorship in one big city is
better than in none.

If you are sick of silently tolerating the illegal
and unconstitutional computer vote “counts” every
election day – IF you are sick of the “Lesser of
Two Evils” major party/Big Media scam we are
subjected to every election year – then you will
like this program and this radio ad.

If you still believe your vote counts and you have
the mindset of “anybody but Obama” – then you will
not like it. But you will be wrong. Your vote – my
vote – DOES NOT COUNT. Those controlling the
computer programs will pick whoever they want for
President – and things will remain this way UNTIL
we restore an open count of paper ballots in the
neighborhood precinct BEFORE the ballots leave the
public sight. Computer free, machine free

By the way, the cues and clues from the 5 Big TV
networks indicate that the FED/Goldman Sachs crowd
will use their secret computer programs to sELECT
Romney in 2012, whether he wins or not. – They are
running a really exciting “Made for TV Movie” for
us all on the “close race” between Romney and
Obummer – but it’s all just to entertain you and
make you think the whole election is honest and
real. AGAIN, it is not. The crooks control the
secret computer programs in 99% of the local
counties – and they will choose who they want for
President – no matter how you or I vote.

Also, don’t fail to notice the link down the home
page at WagTheDog247.com called, “Total Victory
Strategy 2012-2016” – we will be challenging
everyone from the NRA to the Tea Parties, to the
Campaign for Liberty – as why they have NO PLAN to
win back the country from the Computer Votescam
Syndicate – and the Banksters behind it.

We have $3435 collected out of $5780 needed. If
about 120 people could throw in $20, or 24 people
throw in $100 – that would save the day. I have
borrowed the last $2000 from a normal American
family to pay for the ads in time to get them on
this last week – and I need to pay them back as
soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your
prayers and/or donations on this need.

More tomorrow.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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