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It's Romney - from 5 TV Networks Cues and Clues  Jim Condit Jr.
 Nov 06, 2012 16:01 PST 

November 06, 2012 NA (Network America) e-wire

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It’s Romney – from 5 TV Networks Cues and Clues

It’s Romney.

Before the polls close, I want to put in writing
what I have been saying for weeks on conference
calls and on the radio show on WKRC in Cincinnati
which we did the last two Sundays before this
election day.

But what in writing? That -- according to the cues
and clues coming over the 5 Big TV Networks for
the last several months – the agents of the
Banksters around the FED and Goldman-Sachs are
going to program the election computers to say
that Romney is the “winner”, no matter how the
people really voted.

It is very possible that Romney will actually win
– but even if he does not, I’m projecting Romney
as the “winner” in the published computer “count”
based on these Big TV Network cues and clues.

I am not part of the Psychic Friends Network. I
base this projection, and all my other
projections, SOLEY on the cues and clues coming
over the 5 Big TV Networks. The Big Networks treat
the American people as if we all have a sixth
grade mentality, so their cues and clues are not
that well disguised.

While I think the American people are smarter than
a sixth grade level – they may as well be at a
sixth grade level because most Americans pay
attention to the news and elections SO CASUALLY.
They let the Big Media do their thinking for them.

In year 2000, I was the only person in the world
to put IN WRITING before that election day that
the 5 Big TV Networks were signaling by their cues
and clues that we would NOT know the winner of
that Presidential election until at least the
Wednesday morning after the Tuesday election day.

This call was made based ONLY on the cues and
clues coming over the 5 TV Networks. I also
projected Bush/Cheney based on these same cues and
clues – as early as October 20, 2000. This was not
so surprising because the Democrats had occupied
the White House for the past eight years.

Here are the two articles containing the year 2000
projections from the Network America ewire – which
have been posted and time-stamped by the
excellent, independent website Topica.com:

Network American Ewire October 20, 2000:


Network American Ewire November 7, 2000 – election
day morning:


The apparent overthrow of Obummer coming tonight
is more surprising. I thought for sure they would
keep Obummer for 8 years since he and his
administration constitute walking degradations to
our nation and heritage.

But for some reasons, probably behind the scenes
factors we aren’t privy to – the big boys are
seemingly done with Obummer.

The 5 Big TV Networks are run by the same crowd –
and all the Networks are up to their necks in the
Computer Votefraud Crime Syndicate. (See
“Votescam: The Stealing of America” by the Collier
brothers and “A House without Doors” at

These networks coordinate their news and messages
– as well as what they censor from the American
peopple -- EVERY DAY. They are engaged in constant
psychological warfare against the American people.
Most of their key agents at the choke points are
Mossad (Israel’s CIA) assets and dual citizens of
the USA and the nation using the name Israel.

Without understanding this aspect of “the news” –
it is impossible to have a clue about what is
going on.

Some observers are saying that there is a War on
Mt. Olympus – and the Obummer forces are not
accepting the decree from above that Romney will
be “elected.” This could be true – but the boys in
NYC behind the FED/Goldman-Sachs Banksters control
the secret computer programs that process the vote
in 96% of the USA – and they will make the call
AND be able to trump all regional or local
votefraud attempts by the Obummer faction.

For more info on exactly how this works – seek out
the videos on youtube: “Watch The Vote 2012 – Iowa
Caucus” and “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and
Ron Paul.” The top two videos on the home page at
WagTheDog247.com also cover this subject.

I publish this to try to win your confidence in my
methodology on making such predictions and
projections – the cues and clues coming over the 5
TV Networks.

Here are some facts which indicate Romney:

* According to the author of the book Power, Inc.
on the MSNBC morning program, “Morning Joe” –
Romney got 92% of Goldman-Sachs money this time;
Obama got 90% of Goldman-Sachs money last time.

* Lady Rothschild endorsed Obama last time, but
endorsed Romney this time. Lady Rothschild is one
of the few Rothschilds that every goes public –
she writes for the Huffington Post sometimes.

* Israeli Prime Minister Benji Netanyahu came as
close as he could to endorsing Romney when Romney
was visiting Israel during the campaign.

Before ending --- why do I always “blame” the
banksters behind the FED and Goldman-Sachs for
being at the top of the heap in the “Conspiracy”
against the USA and the world.

The FED can issue all the money they want in
secret and controls our money issuing system in
the USA. Enough said there.

According to the author of the new book, “Power,
Inc.” – the central bank of all of Europe has
about $890 Billion in reserve funds;
Goldman-Sachs, one bank headquartered in NYC – has
a reserve fund of $980 Billion – 10% more than the
entire central bank of Europe. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

These are the guys who erected the four big
computer election companies that process 96% of
our votes on their secret computer programs.

More to follow soon.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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