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FOX & Other Networks Deceiving Audience Right Now  Jim Condit Jr.
 Nov 06, 2012 18:35 PST 


November 06, 2012 NA (Network America) e-wire

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FOX & Other Networks Deceiving Audience Right Now

As many of you know from reading the Network
America ewire – the 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS,
NBC, CNN, FOX) and AP wire are the joint owners of
a shadowing corporation now called, “National
Election Pool”, or NEP.

You can check that out for yourself right here:


The old name -- up until about 2003 -- was “Voter
News Service”, but that name got too stinky after
election 2000. So, the name was changed – but
everything else stayed EXACTLY the same.

The reason 99% of Americans have never heard of
this National Election Pool (NEP) – is because
such knowledge would give away how deeply the 5
Big TV Networks and AP are involved in the
Computer Votescam Crime Syndicate which controls
the outcomes of all key elections in the USA – AND
– because it would expose the 5 TV Networks as
LIARS and DECEIEVERS when they pretend to be in
competition with the other networks to call the
“winners” and “losers” based on exit polls on
election nights.

So the on air anchors on FOX are saying that the
“think room” is reviewing the numbers to see how
early they can call the “winner” in each state.
Thus FOX, and the other networks, give the
impression that each network has its own
accountants and mathematicians frantically
crunching numbers to make the project of the
“winner” first, before the other TV Networks.

This is a lie. All the networks get the exact same
exit poll numbers at the exact same time from the
exact same corporation – National Election Pool
(NEP) – the corporation which they jointly own.

So there is NO competition between the networks to
call “winners” and “losers” on election night.
When the I was able to expose this over 60 major
AM Talk Stations which reached over 700 station
outlets in 1996 (after we discovered the votefraud
against Pat Buchanan in Dubuque, Iowa) – it caused
Ted Koppel on “Nightline” to do a half hour on how
there REALLY IS election night competition between
the TV Networks to call the winners and losers.

I have this episode on videotape (VHS) somewhere,
and I have to find it because it is really a
ludicrous show. And I mean ludicrous. That
Nightline Show ran on Friday, November 1, 1996.

A really hilarious treatment of exit polls – that
will make you angry – is in the book, “Votescam:
The Stealing of America” by the Colliers. It was
from the Collier brothers that I learned about the
existence of Voter News Service (now National
Election Pool) as well as how the 5 TV networks
jointly owned Voter News Service along with AP.


About 8 PM, Megyn Kelly, the blond anchor of
choice on FOX these days, asked a very
inappropriate, but very LOGICAL question about the
exit polls. She asked the rest of the FOX panel
(paraphrase): “What kind of numbers do our think
tank people in the back room have to see before
they call who is the winner in a particular

WHOA – good question, Megyn!!! Her query met with
quick subterfuge and diversion by Michael Barone
(who may not have known himself what the answer
wasy) – and the conversation go diverted.

I caught Bill Hemmer (now on FOX, then with CNN)
on the Bill Cunningham show circa December 27,
2000. Hemmer is a native of Cincinnati, and a
sharp guy – no dummy. But when I, as a caller,
asked him if it wasn’t true that the on-screen
personalities only read what they were handed
regarding projections – and that they had no idea
how the boys in the back room arrived at those
projections – Hemmer replied that those guys in
the back room are really smart and have excellent
methods – but it was clear that he had no idea
what he was talking about.

Bill O’Reilly of FOX actually apologized for
reading the projections he was handed by the boys
in the back room in year 2000 uncritically on the

The absurdity of the 5 TV Networks calling Florida
for Gore at 9:30 PM in 2000 – is too long to go
into here. But since there were only 17 exit polls
statewide – how could the Networks project Gore as
the winner in a state that was so close that the
winner wasn’t decided for 35 days? Absurd!


And where does NEP get the numbers to “make

They get the “numbers” from the supposed exit
polls that are coordinated by National Election
Polls. Now, there ARE a FEW exit polls – but there
are VERY, VERY few.

We have tracked down and witnessed parts of only
TWO exit polls in 31 years. One was in the
Florence / Burlington, Kentucky area in 1992 just
south of Cincinnati, -- and the other was in
Manchester, New Hampshire in 1996 on the day of
the New Hampshire Presidential primary on February
20, 1996.

Here is a picture of the Voter News Service box we
took on that day at Manchester High School where
VNS was conducting its exit poll:


In both cases we confirmed that the “exit
pollers”, who are usually hired from an
organization like the League of Women Voters or
from college campuses, -- miss the rush hour
periods in the morning and the evening. They start
about 10 AM – and quit about 5 PM to call in their

The lady taking the exit poll for then Voter News
Service in New Hampshire in 1996 told us that only
about 1 out of 15 people will talk to them. People
are in a hurry; they have to pick up the kids;
they have to get to work, or home to supper. SO

Of course, there is none. There ARE some exit
polls – but this gives NEP and the Computer
Votefraud Crime Syndicate a PRETEXT or WINDOW
DRESSING to imply to the public that they are
conducting countless, scientific exit polls. In
fact, they are not.

In fact, here is the way it works:


The billions of dollars in free publicity that the
5 Big TV Networks give their bosses’ chosen
candidates (Obama, Romney in 2012) in sharp
contrast to the censorship and suppression they
apply to other candidates (Ron Paul in 2012,
Buchanan and Nader in 1996 and 2000; all third
party candidates every Presidential year, unless
there is a anointed spoiler like Ross Perot in the
nineties, or Congressman John Anderson in 1980) –


The incessant and omni-present public opinion
polls which the 5 TV Networks announce hourly to
the public as the Presidential campaign
progresses; no one knows how these polls are done
– and no major media figure ever asks. But
EVERYONE on major media treats these highly
suspicious, incessant public opinion polls as if
they have wafted down to us from the angels in
heaven on a daily basis.

I personally believe that, like the exit polls,
the FEW big pollsters paid by the big TV networks
to get the results -- have about 20 people call 40
to 60 citiznes each for each daily poll – but then
just make up the numbers to PUSH public opinion in
the direction they want.

In other words, the paid callers provide the
window dressing, but actually do turn in their
results to their bosses at Gallup, or whichever
company they are working for.

But since only those at the top of Gallup,
Rasmussen, Zogby, etc. – see the total results,
none of the callers – or anyone else -- have any
way to contradict what is released as the poll
“results”. The callers provide the WINDOW DRESSING
for the undeserved credibility of these endless,
bogus public opinion polls.


For hilarious exposure of exit polls, see the
book, “Votescam: The Stealing of America.” Also,
you can read the 8 page article, “A House without
Doors” on votefraud.org –

Here is an incredibly telling “exit poll” story.
In 1998, when New Hampshire was still almost 80%
hand counted, ALL FIVE TV NETWORKS projected that
the popular, constitutionalist US Senator Bob
Smith was going to LOSE his senate seat – based on
their “exit polls.” Now – please note that ALL
FIVE TV Networks made the SAME projection (of

ALSO – in the other 17 US Senate races that night,
all counted 100% by easily rigged computers – all
5 TV networks projected the winner in EVERY CASE.
Remember, ALL 5 TV NETWORKS got all the
computer-processed states CORRECT.

But, in New Hampshire, as the hand count rolled in
– Senator Bob Smith pulled ahead and won. All 5 TV
Networks were WRONG in the one hand-counted state!
The computers were not fixed quite enough. Why did
all five networks get the 16 computer-“counted”
states right? Because they computers could be
easily and silently fixed by the forces around and
behind Voter News Service (now National Election
Pool), with no checks and balances.

And why did all 5 Big TV Networks get the exit
poll projection WRONG in New Hampshire? Because it
was a handcounted state – and the computers had
not be fixed ENOUGH to defeat the very popular
Senator Bob Smith. – This one story, in a way,
says it all.

Notice that the 5 Big TV Networks NEVER contradict
each other when calling the winner in any
particular state.

Back to the main action:

* ALL OF THE ABOVE – publicity, polls, and exit
polls - ARE MEANT to prepare your mind for the
computer-rigged election results which are to be
announced on election night.

So, to repeat in a few words: the warped daily
publicity by the big TV Networks, the endless
public opinion polls, and the exit polls on
election day – all serve the purpose of preparing
the public mind for the pre-determined
computerized result during the actual election
night, at least in the key races.

And, one last time – the election night
“competition” between the 5 Big TV Networks to
call “winners’ and “losers” – is totally bogus.
And they know it’s a hoax.

And that’s why they never tell the public in any
serious way about their jointly owned corporation,
National Election Poll (NEP).

End of this Network America ewire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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