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Oops! I was wrong -- It's NOT Romney  Jim Condit Jr.
 Nov 07, 2012 03:24 PST 

November 07, 2012 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Oops! I was wrong ¡V it¡¦s NOT Romney!

Well, it¡¦s good to be kept humble by self-caused public humiliation!

The reason I put in writing last night -- before the polls closed --
that the ¡§cues and clues¡¨ from the 5 Big TV networks indicated to me
that Romney would be the declared the ¡§winner¡¨ ¡V is because I felt SO
STRONGLY that this would be the case -- based, again, on what the 5 Big
TV networks were signaling these last weeks before election day 2012.

If we ¡§rewound¡¨ 10 hours ¡V I would have done the same thing 1000

I even sent that Network America ewire to my six adult children and
eleven brothers and sisters ¡V because I wanted them to gain confidence
in my political work. Oh, well! That backfired. ļ

But, I was wrong. So I have lost confidence in my own methodology on how
to make political predictions.

What happened? Obviously the dominant faction behind the 5 Big TV
Networks, National Election Pool, the RNC, and the DNC, and the 4 large
computer software companies that ¡§count¡¨ our votes in secret on
election day ¡V wanted Obummer for another four years.

There is no way the RulingElite Big Boys leave who becomes ¡§President¡¨
since 1988 up to chance. That¡¦s why they absolutely insist on keeping
easily rigged secret computer ¡§counts.¡¨

I have a very ominous feeling about this show of Raw Power by the
Trotskyite Communist enemies running our country.


The top Trotskyite Communists, paradoxically, are the top Banksters
behind the FED and Goldman-Sachs. It¡¦s billionaire status for them ¡V
and Commune-ism for us. We are to be serfs on a massive Commune, owning
little or nothing, and always in crushing debt. That¡¦s their goal.
That¡¦s what was imposed on the Russian and Ukrainian people in 1917.

The ¡§fall of the Berlin Wall¡¨ in 1989 was the triumph of Trotskyite
Communism over Stalinist Communism. This is explained well in a chapter
in Michael Collins Piper¡¦s important book, ¡§The Judas Goats.¡¨

There is an 11 part speech given by Congressman Ron Paul in 2003 on the
floor of Congress explaining how the Trotskyite Communists morphed into
the ¡§NeoCons¡¨, or war-mongering faction before and after 9-11, as
fronted for by William Kristol of the Weekly Standard (whose Dad,
Irving, was an OPEN Trotskyite Communist in the 1930s), and Charles
Krauthhammer, Fox News Commentator and nationally syndicated columnist.

Part 1 of that Ron Paul speech on the NeoCons can be found here:


Obama is a hard-eyed, hard-faced Trotskyite Communist operative, whether
he fully comprehends this or not. Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are
pushing forward the agenda of the Troskyite Communists, whether they
realize it or not.

Obama¡¦s (S)election last night indicates that the Ruling Elite are
going to try and continue crippling the American economy from all

It may also mean that the Ruling Elite has concluded there is just no
way to attack Iran successfully in the foreseeable future. Obama, like
W. Bush, was held back by the American military brass telling them there
is just no way that ¡§project¡¨ can be taken on. (General Martin Dempsey
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Iran a few weeks ago that the US would
not back up Israel if they attacked Iran unilaterally; this did not make
much news in the USA, hardly any at all.)


To see where we are headed under Obummer, unless the millions who want
to do something pull together behind a realistic plan ¡V it might be
useful to read Robert Welch¡¦s predictions in 1958 about what the
¡§Insiders¡¨ ¡V as he called those Banksters above Communism ¡V would do
once they got control of enough of the levers of power in this nation.

Robert Welch gave these predictions at the founding of the John Birch
Society ¡V and then repeated them at a 1974 speech. These predictions
can be found here, along with a youtube of the 1974 speech:


There is another very relevant book that was made available in the 1970s
by the John Birch Society and other organizations. The book was, ¡§And
Not a Shot is fired,¡¨ by Jan Kozak, a member of the Communist Party in
Czechoslovakia. This thin book was originally meant as an internal
document for the Communist Party, but was eventually leaked to several
book publishers by someone who must have been having doubts about what
they had been involved in.

The book tells how the Czechoslovakian people were saddled with a
Parliament that voted them into Socialism and Communism. MISSING from
the book, though, is how the crypto Communists in that eastern European
country were given the usual ¡§unlimited¡¨ funding by the International
Banksters, the Rothschilds and Warburgs, etc. as they implemented their
legislative agenda. Communist writers, including Karl Marx, always
¡§forget¡¨ to mention this all important aspect of Communist successes.


A book which explains how the International Banksters use both Monopoly
capitalism and Communism to move towards control of the world is, ¡§The
Struggle for World Power¡¨ by George Knuppfer, also written in 1958.

One pretty good review of Knuppfer¡¦s book is here:


For those with strong stomachs, the booklet, ¡§The Secret Driving Force
Behind Communism¡¨ by Maurice Pinay is available here as a PDF:



By the way, were those who claimed there was a ¡§war on Mt. Olympus¡¨
during the latter weeks of this Presidential election correct? I don¡¦t
know ¡V but possibly.

Did the Obama-backers rebel against the Bilderberg decree that Romney
was to be President? Why did Goldman-Sachs give so much money to Romney?

Did the faction controlling ES &S, the super-software company that
processes 60% of our vote on election night, overrule the boys at
Goldman-Sachs et al last night? Hard to say unless you¡¦re behind the

The recent George Clooney movie, ¡§The Ides of March¡¨ really makes the
point that much of what we see on the surface is caused by hidden
factors. This isn¡¦t a movie you would watch with the children ¡V even
though there is no nudity, or even too much foul language, as I recall.
But the themes and the cause of the final maneuverings are not for
children. This movie is kind of a Wag The Dog from another angle. It is
one of the few movies in the last eight years I made a point to see,
because of the political subject matter.

Another thing I heard from the John Birch Society in the early seventies
(after I had been awakened to the Shadow-Gov forces by Gary Allen¡¦s
book, ¡§None Dare Call It Conspiracy¡¨) was that as the ¡§Insiders¡¨ got
closer to their goal of world control ¡V that fighting would break out
between factions trying to be ¡§top dog.¡¨ Did this happen last night?
Again, can¡¦t say.

In any case, we are, it seems to me, going into a very trying period.
All who want to ¡§do something¡¨ MUST ban together behind a realistic
action program.

See www.GuardiansForLiberty.com ¡V for such a realistic game plan.

End of this Ewire

Jim Condit Jr.
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