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Here's How the Radio Ads Strategy Works! Report: 71% of way to goal  Jim Condit Jr.
 Apr 28, 2014 12:16 PDT 


This is how the dynamics of a radio ads campaign
works, and why it is the only strategy to reach
millions of people and MOBILIZE them to do the
effective ACTION STEPS that can enable normal
Americans to take back the country from the evil
Ruling Elite coalitions around the FED, Goldman
Sachs, and the IMF, -- the international

We now have enough $$ to buy the 2 hour radio show
from 10 PM to midnight EST on this Sunday, May
4th, 2014.

And we can buy two spots on Thursday on WLW during
midday which will reach between 150,000 and
300,000 people each.

And we can buy 20 overnight (midnight to 5 AM)
spots on WKRC and WLW. WLW from 12 AM to 5 AM EST
goes into 38 states because they are a "clear
channel 50,000 watt" station, meaning they are
allowed to turn up their power at night. (clear
channel is a term not related to the company,
Clear Channel). The overnight WLW is a Truckers'
Radio Show (American Trucking Network) and
attracts truckers and others from all over the
country in the 38 states the show reaches.

The next $575 collected will be go into several
dozen radio ads during the weekday programming on
WKRC (the Cincinnati station that carries Beck,
Rush, Hannity, Dave Ramse and Mark Levin) --- and
three spots on WLW on Saturday morning, which is
very well listened to in the 90 miles surrounding

These ads will also mention "to send John Boehner
and Washington a message that we want more
backbone in standing up for the Constitution and
Bill of Rights", and asking people in District 8
of Ohio to choose the Constitution Ballot in the
May 6th primary. The radio show will feature
firebrand and former Congressman Jim Traficant,
and will also be able to be heard worldwide on the
internet at www.55krc.com --

I mention this "radio ads strategy" again because
this is the only way to let the American People
know that there IS a strategy for Total Victory
(see link to Guardians For Liberty at
LetFreedomRing2014.com) -- and informing millions
of people can only be done through the mass media,
and radio is affordable if even a small number of
people in each city pull together behind a
candidate who will air such radio ads. The problem
is, our society is so big media oriented, that if
the public doesn't hear about you on the mass
media (radio, or television, or both) -- you don't
exist, or are considered to be insignificant, and
not worth paying attention to in any way. This is
the reality.

While I am always aiming to fund these radio ads
projects by many, many small donations in the $25
range -- in fact, this time we have been funded
90% of the way so far by about a half dozen people
donating somewhere in the neighborhood of between
$100 and $300 in each case. Thanks to all of them
for such generosity.

If you can't help $$ wise right now, say a prayer
right now that we reach the right people who can
make this entire radio ads campaign happen. One
way would be for about two dozen people to
contribute $25 at www.LetFreedomRing2014.com (my
campaign website) -- anat would make the goal. So
If any of you can spread the message around to
more like-minded people, it would be greatly

If you're one of those who is financially blessed
right now and can contribute between $100 and
$2500 to this congressional campaign and Radio Ads
campaign -- we'll put it to good use now and for
the rest of the campaign.


Jim Condit Jr. Constitution Party Candidate,
District 8 of Ohio
Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014
PO Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Network America

PO Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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