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Oh Sec of State Husted Admits Election Officials Agree Not 2 C Election  Jim Condit Jr.
 Apr 29, 2014 04:40 PDT 

April 29, 2014 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Ohio Sec of State Husted Admits Election Officials
Agree Not to See Election Software

Now we get back to what the Network America Ewire
usually does – bring you hard to find (often
“incredible”) facts and news. And this ewire
contains such information. But first –

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So, in the fall of 2012, a month or so before the
Presidential election, Ohio Secretary of State
John Husted was the speaker at a Tea Party meeting
held at a reception hall in Delhi, a community on
the extreme west side of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio.

About 150 people were in attendance. John Husted
is a well groomed, all American looking man in his
early 40s. He was clearly doing everything he
could to minimize the retail vote fraud that a
disturbing number of Democratic oriented groups on
the left seem to specialize in.

Husted has clearly inherited the rotten secret,
computerized system we “vote” under, and his
answer to my question showed that he would like to
do something about it.

The whole evening was professionally audio-taped,
and soon our exchange will be up on YouTube so you
can hear it for yourself.

After complimenting him for the efforts he was
making, I asked a somewhat complicated question
that lasted about 90 seconds to 2 minutes. For the
purpose of this Ewire, I will focus on one aspect
of the question, and Ohio Secretary of State
Husted’s answer.

My question culminated with asking the Ohio
Secretary of State if it was true that the
Election Officials in each of the 88 counties of
Ohio signed a contract with the private vendor
that they (the election officials) could NOT look
at the computerized election software that was
telling the computers what to do on election

Mr. Husted agreed in his answer that this was the
case, and stated that if someone would file suit
maybe they could do something about it.

(I appreciated Mr. Husted’s candor. If he had
called me a “conspiracy theorist”, or ridiculed me
in front of the crowd, he could have easily
dismissed me and avoided the question. But he did
not do that – he gave a straight answer.)

Now, understand, this incredible state of affairs
prevails not only in Ohio, but in all 49 states,
with the only exception I’m aware of in 20% of the
state of New Hampshire, where neighborhood
citizens still count the paper ballots by hand, in
the polling place BEFORE the ballots are taken
from public sight. (This would be easily possible
in the entire country, which is explained in an
article linked on the home page at votefraud.org )

Furthermore, there are only FOUR major vendors,
which service about 96% of the counties in the
USA. These were ES & S (Election Systems and
Software), Hart Civic, Sequoia, and Diebold.

ES & S was trying to buy Diebold a few years ago,
and I’m not sure where that stands.

TAKE NOTE: ES & S “counts” 60% of the ballots in
the country every election day, primary and
general. (All this and much more can be found in
veteran reporter Ronnie Dugger’s article, “How
They Could Steal the Election This Time”, linked
on the right hand column of the home page at
votefraud.org ).

Computerized voting began to be used circa 1973,
but was consolidated in 49 states and half of New
Hampshire by the Presidential Election of 1988.

How did this happen? The crooks behind the
National Democratic Committee and the National
Republican Party have urged, cajoled, and
who-knows-what-elsed the state and local Party
leaders to adopt one of these four mega-election
vendors in their respective counties. It’s easy!
And the private vendors will take care of

And, the 5 major TV networks, AP wire, Clear
Channel, the New York Times, and the Washington
Post – protect the whole sordid situation by never
mentioning. (We’ll go into the roll of the 5 Big
TV Networks and AP wire, in a coming Network
America e-wire.)

All of the four mega-vendors demand that the local
election officials sign a contract which says that
they can NOT look at the software which tells the
local election computers what to do on election
night. And all the election systems for 3131 out
of our 3141 counties in the USA -- also demand
that the citizens, the candidates, and the local
press people are NOT allowed to examine or count
any actual ballots on election day, or for about
21 days thereafter (plenty of time for someone to
switch, or “doctor”, some or all of the ballots).

Finally, these secretly counted elections are
unconstitutional and illegal.

* computer counts violate at least two standing US
Supreme Court decisions, namely, US v Mosely,
1915, and Reynolds v Sims, 1964 . . .

* In both cases, the US Supreme Court said that
our right to vote consists of two parts: a) the
right to cast a ballot; b) the right to KNOW that
our vote has been counted accurately. When the
“count” is conducted in secret (within a computer)
powered by secretly programmed software (with
source code usually programmed by persons unknown
to even the local election officials) – then the
second part of our right to vote is being violated
and nullified.

You and I, as the voter, are still allowed to cast
a ballot, but we have NO WAY to know whether our
vote is counted accurately. (Once the ballots are
snatched from the people and judges in the local,
neighborhood polling places – the chain of
evidence is broken, and can never be restored.

* Another US Supreme Court decision, Westbury v.
Sanders, 1964, stated that all other rights, even
the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote
is undermined.

Several sources for those who want to see that I’m
only scratching the surface here:
www.votefraud.org (important short articles linked
on the right hand side of the home page --
www.thelandesreport.com – www.blackboxvoting.org –
which has the book, Black Box Voting, free online
– and the original book, “Votescam: The Stealing
of America”, by James & Kenneth Collier (1993); --
the HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”, starring
Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org – and “Hacked!
High Tech Election Theft in America” by Vickie
Karp – the video documentary, “The Right to
Count.” And there’s many, many more sources.

I’ve been doggedly trodding this road since 1979.
The incredible thing is that so many otherwise
intelligent people have allowed the USA to be
reduced to, in effect, a tin horn dictatorship, or
a Communist-style country with regard to elections
– where our votes are “counted” in secret, on
secret computer programs, by a relative handful of
the Ruling Elite. This negligence includes not
only the election officials themselves, but all
the groups and leaders who participate, or comment
on, elections, --- such as the NRA, Right to Life,
the Campaign for Liberty, and all of the national
Tea Party organizations, Sean Hannity, Rush
Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Meet the Press, etc.
etc. etc. etc.

Does anyone wonder why I say that the Guardians
for Liberty program and the Constitution Party are
the only major groups which have a COMPREHENSIVE
Action Program? Both are linked at
www.LetFreedomRing2014.com --

Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin said, “Those who
CAST the votes decide nothing; those who COUNT the
votes decide everything.”


Jim Condit Jr.
PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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