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My Warning Letter Putting Clear Channel Radio and the FCC on Notice  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 02, 2014 03:39 PDT 

This Warning Letter to Clear Channel Radio and the
FCC give an indication of what it's like to "fight
on the front lines" in today's world.

Clear Channel Radio has repeatedly messed with my
radio ads and radio programs over the years. Not
everytime, but periodically and repeatedly from
2002 to 2012. My dealings with the FCC indicate
that problems may be on the rise there.

This letter will explain "Real World Politics" --
as the precious and few are alert and fighting --
while millions of people on our side allow
themselves to be turned into brain-dead drones by
False Opposition leaders and movements.

The Warning Letter to Clear Channel Radio and the
FCC, which I overnighted to them about 8 hours ago
(at 10 PM Thursday nite via Fed EX) - is below in
this ewire, and can also be found linked on the
Home Page at www.LetFreedomRing2014.com right
under the Donation Link.

* * * * *

Quick Update, which also appears at the very top
of LetFreedomRing2014.com --- we are now 84% of
the way to the goal for this project thanks to a
few more generous people. $1680 down, $320 to go.
Thanks. Keep the prayers up, please.

* * * * *

May Warning Letter to Clear Channel and the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC):

Jim Condit For Congress 2014
PO Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
May 1, 2014


*Clear Channel Corporate Headquarters, 200 East
Basse Rd., San Antonio, Texas, Attention: Bob
Pittman, Chairman & CEO;

* Clear Channel Offices
in Cincinnati, Ohio,8044 Montgomery Rd.,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236; Attention: Chuck Fredrick,

* with a copy to the Federal
Communications Commission (FEC), Media Division /
Policy Division / Political Programming Division:
Attn: Mary Beth Murphy, Division Chief, 445 12th
Street, SW, Washington D.C., 20536

From: Jim Condit Jr., Candidate for the US House
of Representatives in the 8th District of Ohio, PO
Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45211. (Running on
the Constitution Party line Against US Speaker of
the House John Boehner, R-Oh)

Re: Intention to file with the FCC for WKRC-AM’s
(550 AM) station license, and follow up with a
lawsuit if need be with a jury demand for the
license of WKRC-AM radio (550 AM), a Clear Channel
Radio Station, if there is any further obstruction
to the radio ads and political programming that I
pay for as a federal candidate under the
Reasonable Access Law, and the related body of
law, which requires that any federal candidate who
suffers systematic obstruction for Reasonable and
Fair access to air time be awarded the station
license of the offending FCC-licensed radio or TV

To whom it may concern at each establishment:

Over the last 12 years, my candidacy has suffered
what Thomas Jefferson might have called a “long
train of abuses” at WLW (700 AM) and WKRC (550 AM)
in Cincinnati, Ohio with regard to political
advertising I have purchased. And these types of
abuses only happen to me, no other political
candidate, and I would guess no other business who
advertises with Clear Channel. I’m willing to bet
that these abuses don’t happen to any other
federal candidate in the United States.

This is remarkable, since I generally spend only a
few thousand dollars per election cycle.
Apparently, someone or someones are afraid of a
few minutes to a few hours of an alternative view,
which I express, versus he programming which fills
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year
with the “mainstream” opinions on these same
subjects which are universally and uniformly held
by ALL on-air personalities on Clear Channel Radio
across the USA, at all 1200+ stations.

Before I list three of these abuses as examples,
let me take the mystery out of it: I have publicly
criticized in my political ads and programs the
organized Jewish lobby (such as AIPAC, the
American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, and the
ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith).
I have also criticized the some of the actions of
the government of the state (is it our 51st
state?) of Israel.

Now – if I had called for the nuclear bombing of
Arab countries (as Talk Show Host Bill Cunningham
of Cincinnati, Ohio has done, or as Talk Show Host
Michael Savage of San Francisco, California has
done, both of whom are carried, or have been
carried for years on Clear Channel Radio
stations), I feel certain that I would not have
been subjected to any abuses or sabotage at all,
but maybe would have been given my own talk show
on Clear Channel radio somewhere!

Also before listing three of these abuses, as
examples, let me state that the salesmen and
saleswomen, the programmers, and the producers I
have dealt with (when I’ve bought an hour or two
hour radio show on Sundays near the primary or
general election) have been A-1 first class
individuals in all regards, and have always
treated me extremely fairly. It is always someone
in the background who attempts or succeeds in
obstructing my ads and programming.

First Example:

In the 2002 congressional campaign
in the first district of Ohio: A former employee
of Clear Channel in Cincinnati named Bill
Reinberger (who now works for the Cincinnati Reds)
went into the studio of WLW and told the on-air
producer (on the first day I was running radio
ads) to quit running my ads. I found this out
because we always monitor and tape the radio
stations to make sure that are ads are run. When
they stopped running that day 12 years ago, I
called the on-air producer and he told me he had
been ordered to stop running my ads by Bill
Reinberger, and to stop running only my radio ads.

Needless to say, this is a total violation of the
Reasonable Access body of laws, and is EXACTLY why
the US Congress passed that law in the 1970s, and
why a Federal Appeals Court right under the US
Supreme Court, I believe the District of Columbia
Circuit, upheld the law with a vengeance in Becker
v. FCC in 1996. In that case, filed in 1992, about
350 FCC licensed radio and tv stations joined with
the FCC against the lone congressional candidate,
Dan Becker of Georgia. But the Federal Appeals
Court upheld freedom of speech and the Reasonable
Access Law exactly to prevent pinheads and
political adversaries at radio and tv stations
from CENSORING the free speech of federal
candidates, AND THEREBY CENSORING the free speech
of all of those US citizens who contribute to help
put the such radio ads of a federal candidate on
the air on FCC licensed radio or tv stations.

In the first days of 2008 (I believe it was that
year because the ads were addressing computer
votefraud concerns involving sabotage against the
Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, but I haven’t
located my file on that instance), a “Thank God
It’s Friday” type radio station manager in New
Hampshire decided to refuse all of my radio ads
because he didn’t like them. Unfortunately, after
a three way call, an official at the FCC, upheld
the decision of this radio station manager to
refuse my radio ads, -- because I wasn’t running
for Congress in that area. (The radio station
manager sent me my money back, and didn’t run any
of my ads.)

Of course, there is no provision in the law itself
or in the federal court decision upholding the
idea which restricts what radio stations a federal
candidate can run ads on, any more than there are
laws restricting what areas in the USA a federal
candidate can mail to, or email to. Every fair
minded person realizes that this is a decision of
the CANDIDATE, not the often shallow and
alcohol-friendly station managers at radio
stations, run for profit.

And in 2005, when I put on some radio ads in
Chicago at WLS-AM (a Cumulus station) defending
freelance reporter, Christopher Bollyn, who was
tasered for absolutely nothing in the legal realm,
but no doubt for the articles he was writing about
Michael Chertoff, 9-11, and computer vote fraud.
Bollyn was tasered by local police, who had
recently been trained by Homeland Security, --
tasered on his own front lawn in front of his wife
and kids. The story is more sordid and ominous
than that (on the part of the local police and
local courts), but let that suffice for now.

These same radio ads were also highly critical of
Homeland Security Chief (at that time), Michael
Chertoff. In that instance, the station manager of
WLS, a Mr. Chuck Kelley, called me near the end of
the first day of the running of my ads (Wednesday
before election day in 2005) and told me frankly
he had a team of lawyers working on how to get my
ads off the air, because the response and calls to
the station were making it hard to run the

The malefactor afternoon radio host on WLS-AM, who
uses the “stage name” of Roe Conn, announced on
that Wednesday or Thursday that he would get my
ads thrown off the air on WLS (the ads were
already paid for on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
and Monday before the election day). Roe Conn is
so proud of his part in the eventual censorship of
my ads that he mentions this incident and myself
in his Wikipedia entry.

Well, in this case it was Media Division Assistant
Chief, Mr. Bobby Baker, who intervened to give WLS
the green light to stop running my ads after
Thursday of that week, and instead return $2000+
dollars for the ads I had paid for on the coming
Friday and Monday.

In one of our conversations, Mr. Baker told me
“this is not going to end well for you.” And in
another he had a lawyer in his office from the FCC
who informed me that I had no right as a federal
candidate to run ads outside of my “Contoured
coverage area” (or some jargon phrase like that),
which apparently was the coverage of stations that
actually could be heard in my area. (Never mind
that WLS-AM DID reach and could be heard in
Cincinnati, Ohio at night!) When I asked this
lawyer for his name in case there were any
follow-up conversations – he refused to give me
his name!!!!!!! (Of course, I might refuse to give
my name too if I was violating the rights of a
federal candidate and all his supporters by giving
false advice and opinions. This is a very specific
violation of my rights as a federal candidate and
the rights of my supporters, and an abuse of one
holding a government office.)

In a subsequent conversation shortly after that
phone meeting, Mr. Baker conceded that the literal
reading of the law seemed to favor my position
(that I as a federal candidate could advertise
anywhere in the US under the Reasonable Access
Law) but that bureaucrats (my word) at the FCC had
made some rulings in recent years, blah, blah,
blah. So maybe this issue is something that needs
to be litigated at some point, maybe the next time
I see a need to advertise in another city or
state, and am refused by the station.

Mr. Chuck Kelly of WLS, the station manager, who I
felt was a stand up guy, told me in another
conversation after he had been given the green
light to refuse the Monday and Tuesday ads and
instead return my campaign’s money, that he was
glad my ads were removed from his station after
only two days because of all the calls coming into
the station, but that he would want to get
involved if I ever litigated the issue – because
he had never heard of the phrase “contour
broadcast area” in over 20 years of being in
management of radio stations, and he would like to
see these things settled exactly by the courts.

I received an overnight returning my campaign’s
$2000+ the next day from WLS-AM.

Second Example:

In 2008, during one of my 1 hour
radio programs, the broadcast over the internet at
www.55krc.com did not carry the first 20 minutes
of my political radio program, but instead carried
TWENTY SOLID MINUTES of one minute business ad.
(Who else does this happen to, I would like to

We had advertised all over the internet via email
as well as via conference calls to supporters that
interested citizens could listen anywhere
worldwide on the internet. This tactic is
obviously to make those who tune in think that my
campaign had goofed up and given the wrong time,
and quit listening (but a number of my supporters,
who are willing to testify and give affidavits if
and when this issue is ever litigated, immediately
recognized this as deliberate sabotage by someone,
somewhere at Clear Channel – to censor my free
speech and message, as well as that of all my
supporters. By the way, since the Supreme Court
has ruled since these problems arose that “money
is speech”, this puts myself and other federal
candidates in an even stronger position, if that
be possible.)

I was told by the then program manager at WKRC
that this was an innocent mistake (HA!) and that
FCC licensed stations didn’t have to simulcast
over the internet. Oh, really? Well this sounds
like another issue that may need to be litigated
if such antics happen again. The Reasonable Access
law says that the FCC licensed station must give
equal and reasonable access to all federal
candidates on par with what is accorded to
businesses. When all other programming is
simulcast on the internet throughout the other 364
days, and 21 to23 hours of the year, including
all paid business programs, including all paid
religious programs, including all political
interviews, and I believe including all political
ads – then what is the justification to obstruct
my one hour radio show alone on the internet
simulcast of WKRC?

After all, the station would not be enjoying such
prestige to attract listeners worldwide if it did
not have its FCC license through which it benefits
from participating in carrying big name radio
hosts, such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean
Hannity, as is the case with WKRC-AM.

Third Example:

In 2012, two Sundays before the
Election, we had advertised a few thousand dollars
worth of radio ads the week before to advertise
the Sunday night 1 hour radio program. BUT – when
the program began, a PRE-RECORDED voice came on
informing the listening audience that WKRC was
going to run a RE-BROADCAST of an hour of the
George Noury “Coast to Coast” program. (This, such
a re-broadcast of Coast to Coast AM in any other
slot than midnight to 5 AM has never happened on

This “Coast to Coast” rebroadcast went on for
seven or eight minutes, as listeners who had tuned
in locally and nationwide SPECIFICALLY to hear my
program, left the program, as some of my good
friends told me that even they did.

This tactic, again obviously to drive listeners
away from listening to my program, also destroys
the value of the advertising dollars we put into
advertising the program the week before. It is
just like stealing from my supporters. Mr. Chuck
Fredrick, the President of the Cincinnati, Ohio
Clear Channel office, never responded to me
directly or took one of my calls – but put his
excellent salesmen in the middle to tell me that
Fredrick decreed to make up the hour the next
Sunday by letting us broadcast from 10 PM to
midnight instead of 10 PM to 11 PM, to make up the
hour sabotaged the Sunday before.

This is a repeated tactic I have faced in many
years where the ads are not played in a timely
manner, and then when we call the station on it –
our ads are played bunched up in a small window,
thus destroying the spaced repeat value of radio
ads, or “Fair rotation”, as I believe you in the
radio business call it.

(I want to be fair, since 2010, when I guess
computers took over all programming – those doing
programming and the “Fair Rotation” for my radio
ads have given me fair and excellent times and
fair rotation when it comes to the one minute
radio ads.)

* * * * *   

This Sunday night, May 4th, 2014, two days before
the Ohio May Primary, my guest in studio will be
the former Congressman, the Hon. Jim Traficant, --
who was thrown in jail for absolutely nothing (see
book by Michael Collins Piper, “Target Traficant”)
because he had spearheaded and engineered the
passing of a bill that made the IRS go to court to
seize a family home (10,500+ homes were seized by
the IRS in 1997 when they didn’t have to go to
court, right before this Traficant law was passed
and signed by Clinton; 59 homes were seized in
1998, when the IRS had to go to court to take a
family home.) And because Traficant had defeated
part of our federal government and the state of
Israel when he proved from US State Department
documents that John Demjanjuk was NOT Ivan the
Terrible, for which frame up Demjanjuk was headed
for the electric chair - before Congressman
Traficant intervened (Demjanjuk was in Traficant’s
congressional district).

So this Sunday my supporters and I are DOUBLY
offending both “political correctness” AND the
Ruling Elite, both international, national and

Therefore, IF ANYTHING happens that messes with my
Sunday night show on May 4th, 2014, or any other
radio program I might be able to purchase – or
with my radio ads from now to the November
election, then, within a few days I will file for
the license of WKRC-AM with the FCC, and follow up
with a lawsuit before a jury if the FCC doesn’t
immediately award me, the federal candidate
persecuted, WKRC’s radio license, which is what
the Reasonable Access law requires when a radio
station systematically denies a federal candidate
Reasonable and Fair Access to their airwaves.

This would be unfortunate from one perspective: it
is probably someone ABOVE those at WKRC-AM (i.e.,
someone at the national level) who has been
messing with my programming these last few years.
For instance, the program director for my first
one hour radio show in 2012 told me that he didn’t
know where the “Coast to Coast” programming was
coming from, and it took him a full seven or eight
minutes to figure out how to stop it, with the
help of some people within Clear Channel who he
called for help during those minutes.

But, as far as I’m concerned, we now are at the
point of “zero tolerance”, as the trendies like to
say, on WLW and WKRC messing up the ads and radio
programs I pay for over these last 12 years. It is
IMPOSSIBLE that Clear Channel and its two
Cincinnati radio stations repeatedly have a
massive “I.Q.” drop when my paid programming is on
the air – but never have such similar glitches,
even slightly, during the other 350 to 360 days a
year when everybody else is on the air, both
on-air personalities and paid ads by businesses
and candidates of any kind.

Finally, this letter will be posted on my website
(www.LetFreedomRing2014.com) by the time you
receive this hard copy, and will be forwarded all
over the internet by my supporters to concerned
citizens via my email list, other email lists,
Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. etc.


Jim Condit Jr.
Congressional Candidate for the 8th District of
Jim Condit Jr. For Congress
PO Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

P.S. I am not referring in this letter to the
minor adjustments that have to be made, especially
near the end of a political season, when many
orders are flooding in at once with a few days to
go, and times have to be adjusted by an hour or
so, or maybe 2 spots are played in, say Rush
Limbaugh’s slot one day, and 4 the next – instead
of the 3 each day that had been ordered. That type
of adjustment is understandable, and I am very
reasonable to get along with as long as what is
done is in the ballpark of fair. What I am
referring to, which happened to me in the past
(over 6 years ago), is the failure to play ads in
ordered time slots for a few days, or weird “hit
and miss” playing of ads to where we have to put a
full time watch dog listening to our tapings --
and finding out exactly what has been done so we
can try to restore some normalcy to the original
order we placed.

End of the Letter to Clear Channel Radio and the FCC

End of this Network America Ewire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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