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Astounding Eye-Witness Report on How Computerized Elections Are Stolen  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 03, 2014 05:15 PDT 

May 03, 2014 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Astounding Eye Witness Report on How Computerized
Elections Are Stolen

The following is an oldie but goodie: an
EYE-WITNESS report by intrepid reporter
Christopher Bollyn, written in 2004, about what he
saw in Cook County, Illinois on the Presidential
Election night in November of that year.

I’m going to intersperse my comments into the
article in parentheses and behind five stars
(*****), just to make sure the significance of
what Christopher Bollyn saw is not lost on anyone.

This is how the Ruling Elite powers behind the
FED, Goldman-Sachs the IMF, etc. – i.e. the
International Banksters – are stealing the nation
and the world via easily rigged computerized

Begin Article:


By Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press

When the polls closed in Chicago, American Free
Press was at the Cook County clerk’s office to see
how the secretive private company that operates
the voting machines in America’s third largest
city actually controls the counting of the votes.

CHICAGO, Illinois: The morning after Election Day,
the Democratic vice presidential candidate John
Edwards promised the nation that the Democrats
would "make sure that every vote counts, and that
every vote is counted."

(***** My Comment: In this sense the corrupt and
despicable John Edwards was naive and not clued in
that no politician at any level is supposed to say
things that get people thinking about the election
process. Edwards was vigorously urging Kerry to
challenge the Presidential election results. The
super-ambitious Edwards saw the vice-presidency
almost within his grasp, but didn’t understand the
“rules of the game” at that level. This is perhaps
the main reason he was eventually shuffled off the
national stage. *****)

Later in the day, as the Democratic presidential
candidate, Sen. John Kerry, conceded defeat to
George W. Bush, his 9th cousin and fellow
“Bonesman” from Yale’s elite secret society, The
Order of the Skull & Bones, he said: “In America,
it is vital that every vote count.”

Kerry and Edwards, however, conceded defeat before
some 170,000 to 250,000 provisional ballots from
the state of Ohio, which could have changed the
outcome of the election, had been counted.

(***** My Comment: Kerry, like Romney, McCain,
Dole and Gore, understands that if you’re allowed
to contend for Head Puppet of the Ruling Elite,
then you must be a good member of the “family” and
go along with whatever the Ruling Elite’s easily
rigged computers say the “results” are on election

As the public has been led to believe, the final
tally came down to a near 50-50 split and it was
the “swing state” of Ohio that made the

But how were the votes actually counted across the
nation on November 2?


On Election Day, voters in Cook County (Illinois)
were among the 60 million Americans who voted with
machines made by Election Systems & Software, a
secretive and private company based in Omaha,

ES&S, as it’s known, calls itself “the world's
largest and most experienced provider of total
election management solutions.” According to the
company’s own figures, 42 percent of all
registered voters in the United States voted on
ES&S equipment on Election Day.

(***** My Comment: In the 2004 “Nation” article
written by Ronnie Dugger, “How They Could Steal
the Election this Time”, Dugger states that ES&S
counts a full 60% of the ballots in the USA on
election day. Both the Dugger article and this
Bollyn article are linked on the right side of the
home page at our votefraud.org *****)

ES&S sells its “end-to-end election management
suite of solutions” to replace traditional voting
methods -- and election officials -- with what it
calls “one-stop-shop” full service election
coordination from start to finish.

What this means on Election Day is that ES&S, a
private company, manages everything about the
voting, from voter registration, the printing of
ballots, the programming of the voting machines,
the counting and tabulation of the votes, and the
final reporting of the results for 60 million
Americans in 47 states.

(***** My Comment: Dugger also writes in his
“Nation” article that the four major election
mega-vendors – ES&S, Diebold, Hart Civic, and
Sequoia – count a full 96% per cent of the
American vote on election night. (!!!!!) My
feeling is that all four of these companies are
actually managed in the background by the dark
side of the CIA and Mossad (Israeli’s CIA) – so
they are, in effect, one company. Same goes for
the Republican and Democratic parties at the
national level in relation to the International
Banksters, one party masquerading as two parties.

Four years after first revealing the flaws
inherent in the insecure ES&S electronic voting
machines used in Cook County, American Free Press
went to the county clerk’s office to observe how
ES&S controls the counting of the votes for
America’s third largest city, Chicago, and the
suburban area around it.

Scott Burnham, spokesman for the county clerk, had
informed me that the vote count is open to the
public and that press credentials would not be
required. Shortly after arriving, I ran into
Burnham and David Orr, the county clerk, in the

(***** Comment: What local election officials mean
when they say the “vote count” is open to the
public – is that anyone is free to come to a
public room and watch “election results” on a TV
screen by the election vendors in the highly
secretive and barricaded computer room, as those
nameless people controlling the software can alter
the real results into blatant falsifications of
the real results which then are thrown up on the
TV screen for citizens to see in the public room.
What the public and press are allowed to see is
TOTALLY worthless. There is no count of ballots
that the public can observe or in which the voters
can participate in any way on election day. 3131
out of our 3141 counties across the USA are run
EXACTLY like Cook County. The other ten counties
in part of New Hampshire count the votes properly.

Although I had arrived just shortly before the
polls closed at 7 p.m., I was the only member of
the public or the press around except for a couple
Associated Press (AP) reporters in the far corner
of the room. They were busy setting up their
laptop to the ES&S computer in the backroom, which
provided them with “direct feed” of the results.

(***** Comment: Whoops! I hope you caught that!
The Election officials allow the major TV Networks
and AP wire to hook their computers directly into
the mainframe election computer!

***** The laptops than are connected by satellite
or cell phone technology to the sinister
organization, National Election Pool (NEP), in New
York City, which company can then monitor and
change the election results in real time
throughout the night. ALL websites of all major
electronic media and all major Big City newspapers
with regard to election results – is controlled on
election night by NEP.

***** When NEP stole 33,000 votes from me 20
minutes AFTER the final count was published on all
major media websites at 11:30 PM CST in my 2010
election race against John Boehner – “moving” me
from 2nd place to last place – ALL the major media
websites reflected this absurd theft of my votes
lower middle of the home page at
LetFreedomRing2104.com – you can see a link to the
screen shots we captured in real time that night,
showing the vote theft.

***** The four major election vendors are
obviously cooperating with NEP to make sure that
all major elections at the national, state, AND
local levels come out as pre-determined by the
Ruling Elite, if such results can be made to look
believable to the public.

Why, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire. And
that’s why you’ve never heard of NEP – because it
implicates the 5 BIG TV networks and related big
media in the computerized votescam criminal
syndicate – up to their necks.

***** In 1985 in Cincinnati, local Xavier
University expert Robert Strunk, operating under a
court order from Common Pleas Judge Richard
Neihaus, found that the election computers were
connected to outside places unknown by a hardwire
connection – so this computerized votescam has
been going on for all the years back to 1973.

***** NEP used to be Voter News Service (VNS) from
about 1964 to 2004, when the name Voter News
Service was getting too stinky. So the name was
changed to NEP – but everything else, and I mean
EVERYTHING else, remained exactly the same. This
is how the Computer Votefraud Crime Syndicate
operates across the Board. Election System and
Software (ES&S) was Business Records Corporation
(BRC) in Texas in the late 1980s and early 1990s
after it had been Computer Election Services (CES)
in California in the 1970s and 1980s. The name
changes, but nothing else. *****)

I was surprised to see so few people attending
such an important event. In France, scores of
citizens watch the vote count in each polling

(***** Comment: Of course, in France, Canada,
India, and other countries which hand count
ballots --- there is something to watch, namely,
the ballots being counted by real people in the
open for witnesses to observe. When there is a
computer operating behind thick walls in a
barricaded room, there is nothing for anyone in
the public room to watch or monitor as far as the
ballot count goes. Even if the computer was in the
public room, there would still be nothing to
watch. No one can see what’s happening inside a
computer. *****_

While the results were coming in, the AP
“reporter” read a novel while her laptop did the

(***** Comment: The AP “reporter’s” computer did
the communicating between the mainframe computer
in Cook County and the evil info-gurus back in New
York City, that is. *****)

When I went to talk to the AP reporter, Burnham
quickly appeared and told me to leave. “You
should talk to AP,” he said.

“She is AP,” I replied.

“She just works for AP,” he said.

Clearly the subject of AP having direct data feed
from the mainframe computer was something Burnham
did not want me to discuss.

Dane Placko, a local reporter for the Fox News
network, told AFP that, “Fox gets direct feed.”   

Any actual counting of the votes by citizens is
very rare in the United States except for a few
counties in Montana and other states where paper
ballots are still hand-counted. In most counties
the ballots are treated as input data to be
processed through computer systems controlled by
private companies like ES&S.

(***** Comment: I have heard that paper ballots
are hand-counted in a few Montana counties and a
few counties in west Texas in addition to the ten
counties in New Hampshire – but I have never been
able to verify this. *****)

In Cook County the ballot is inevitably a
cluttered punch card with nearly 100 votes. After
voting for the president and vice-president, a
senator, and a Congressman, the voter has to wade
through pages of choices to vote for some 80 local
officials from the sanitation board to the state’s
general assembly. Every voter had to vote on
nearly 80 judges.

As I voted, every ballot that was fed into the
ES&S machine registered as an “undervote,” as did

(***** Comment: “Undervote” means various things
under various circumstances, but it almost always
means the ballot is disqualified. In 2004, a
thorough study of the 2000 Presidential Election,
published as a thick booklet, by MIT and the
University of Southern California – found that 6
million of the 100 million votes cast in that year
were disqualified !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****)

Rather than holding separate elections for
national and local officials, as is done in most
countries, the Cook County ballot is extremely
long and complicated. Officials who support
electronic voting systems give the complexity of
the ballot as the main reason why voting machines
are necessary -- because it would take too much
time to count the votes manually.

(***** Comment: The last statement pushed by
Election Officials, that hand counting of ballots
would take too much time -- is totally false, as
explained above. And certainly the national
offices of President, US Senate, and US Congress,
and maybe any Governor races going on, -- should
be voted upon on a separate day here in the USA
also. This would make it very easy for citizens in
each neighborhood precinct to hand-count the
ballots for those high offices which have so much
power over our country and our lives. *****)

After calling and personally visiting ES&S
headquarters in Omaha and Chicago, I can say it is
the most secretive company I have ever come
across. In August, I visited ES&S company
headquarters on John Galt Blvd. in Omaha.

Although the company says it is the largest voting
machine company in the United States, they were
unable to provide any information about their
company or their products. The ownership of the
company is a closely-guarded secret. I asked to
meet with Todd Urosevich, one of the two brothers
that founded the company.

Bob and Todd Urosevich started ES&S as a company
called Data Mark in the early 1980s. Today, Bob
Urosevich heads Ohio-based Diebold Election
Systems, a competitor of ES&S and the second
largest U.S. manufacturer of electronic voting

Together, the computerized ballot scanners and
touch-screen voting machine systems made by ES&S
and Diebold recorded some 80 percent of all votes
cast in the recent U.S. presidential election.

As ES&S had no media relations person available
and Todd Urosevich was not willing to be
interviewed, the company’s chief financial officer
Tom O’Brien finally appeared. O’Brien, clearly
displeased with my visit and questions, refused to
provide any information about the company.

Although I was ill on Election Day, I knew I had
to go to the county clerk’s office to observe the
“counting” of the vote. It is, after all, the
only “counting” open to the public. What I saw in
Chicago, however, only made me more nauseous.

The only “vote count” the press or public can
observe in Chicago is what is projected on
screens. The opening screen read: ES&S Automatic
Election Returns, Release 35, Under License to the
City of Chicago, Serial No. 0004, Copyright 1987.

Carl Zimmerman, technical supervisor for the
clerk’s office, said that the computer that ran
the system was in the back, “in the ES&S room,” he

At 7 p.m., Jonathan Lin, a worker on the county
clerk’s computer staff, came out and turned on the
monitors on the 6th floor, where the City of
Chicago alleged tallies were displayed. Behind
him was Rick Thurman, an ES&S technician, checking
the first results, or “results.”

Thurman seemed surprised when I asked him if he
worked for ES&S. He said that the company had
about 6 engineers running the computer in the back
room. He then checked himself, saying he had said
too much.

Later I asked Lin who was actually operating the
computer that was generating the results being
shown on the monitors. “ES&S is running the
mainframe for all of this,” Lin said pointing to
the television displays.

(***** Comment: This accurately reveals the
situation across the country. The sin of the local
officials is that they step aside and let these
four Ruling Elite-front mega-vendors run the
entire “election”, and then sign the “results” as
a blind act of faith. All this amounts to a de
facto TOTAL dereliction of duty on the part of
such local election officials. Those behind the
four major vendors would NEVER trust letting all
the locals in on the actual fixing – because some
of the locals would eventually have qualms of
conscience and spill the beans. *****)

In the press room in the back I noticed stacks of
boxes containing “Votamatic” voting machines and
“pre-punched” ballots printed by ES&S of Addison,
Texas, for the different precincts in Cook County.
In the rear hallway behind the press room was the
ES&S room. Only ES&S personnel were allowed into
the room.

When I poked around in the hallway and peeked into
the ES&S room an armed marshal and ES&S employee
quickly appeared. In no condition for a
confrontation, I made myself scarce.   

(***** Comment: Yes. That’s right. Armed guards
and policemen are utilized across the nation to
make sure that no citizens or local press people
are allowed to see anything on Election night
except the useless monitor in the public room.
Thus, US citizens have allowed themselves to be
reduced to the status of subjects of Tin Horn
Dictators and/or Communist slaves -- when it comes
to our “elections.” Remember what Communist Tyrant
Josef Stalin said, “Those who CAST the votes
decide nothing. Those who COUNT the votes decide
everything.” And, yes, Communist Russia under
Stalin held regular elections – just like we do. I
have film footage taped off of the History Channel
showing Stalin dropping a paper ballot into a box
during an “election” in Communist Russia. Get the
point? *****)

I met a couple reporters from CLTV, a local cable
channel of WGN. One of the reporters asked about
my interest in the Chicago tallies. I said I was
interested to see how a private company runs the
elections in Chicago.

Seemingly unaware of how ES&S operates elections
in Cook County, I explained the basics. “I’ve
observed elections across Europe,” I added, “from
France and Germany to Serbia and Holland.
Everywhere in Europe voting is done on paper
ballots that are counted by the citizens -- except

Obviously uncomfortable with this discussion the
reporter responded, “I’m glad I’m not in Serbia.
I don’t mind if a machine counts the votes.”

END OF ARTICLE by Christopher Bollyn

(Last Comment: The Computer votefraud Crime
Syndicate consists of:

-- The RNC and DNC which cajole, push,
incentivize, whatever – the state and local
elections officials to hire one of thess totally
secretive mega-election vendors.

-- The four mega-companies – ES&S, Diebold, Hart
Civic, Sequoia – control elections in the USA,
thanks to the reality that the election officials
in 99% of our nation’s 3100+ counties have hired
them to do so.

-- National Election Pool (NEP) is the private
company which controls the websites of all the
major media players on election night with regards
to election results, and exclusively determines
what results are announced over the major media on
election night. Again, NEP is jointly owned by
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire. NEP works
hand in glove with not only its owners, the Big TV
Networks, but also with the four private
mega-vendors which actually control the election
process in each county, as revealed in the above
Christopher Bollyn eye-witness report.

-- And the 5 major TV Networks and related Big
Media, which spin the yarn presented to the public
on election night, shield all the key players in
the Computer Votefraud Crime Syndicate from public
scrutiny, or even awareness. (Please note: the
very holding of elections counted in secret, on
secret computer software – is unconstitutional and
illegal according to two Supreme Court decisions,
, namely, US v Mosely, 1915, and Reynolds v Sims,
1964. Another US Supreme Court decision, Westbury
v. Sanders, 1964, stated that all other rights,
even the most basic, are illusory if the right to
vote is undermined.

More could be said about how the current
“computerized election” process works to undermine
America and the world, but that’s more than enough
for this ewire. *****)

* * * * *    

On the “Radio Ads Campaign” front – we’re 84% of
the way to the goal, with only $320 to go. If you
want to help us cross the finish line on this
first project of my 2014 campaign, you can hear
the ad that’s running on WLW and WKRC radio at
www.LetFreedomRing2014.com – and find the Online
Donation link right below the link to the radio

The two hour radio show from 10 PM to midnight
this Sunday night, May 4, 2014 on WKRC (550 AM) –
which show our radio ads are advertising – can
also be heard live worldwide on the internet at

Former U of Pitt Quarterback, Sheriff, and US
Congressman Jim Traficant will be my guest for the
full two hour radio broadcast.


Jim Condit Jr.
PO Box 11555,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211,

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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