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Where were Tracy Bridges & Mike Gross when we needed them? & New Radio S  Jim Condit Jr.
 Apr 22, 2007 02:04 PDT 

April 22, 2007 NA (Network America) e-wire

Where were Tracy Bridges and Mike Gross when we needed them? And New
Radio Show Up

There is a new radio show up at www.realnews247.com – click the link at
the “Jim Condit Jr. News Commentary and Action Plan” – the first major
link at the top of the home page.

And why don’t you know who Tracy Bridges and Mike Gross are? Probably
for the same reason that I didn’t know who they were until I went to
some trouble to find their names yesterday.

They were the two guys who stopped ANOTHER school shooting after “only”
two people were shot dead by a deranged gunman (or Manchurian candidate
gunman – hard to say). You may vaguely remember that school shooting –
it was at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy Virginia in January,
2002. A Nigerian exchange student started shooting people – not unlike
the deranged Korean guy who started shooting students at Virginia Tech a
few days ago. ONE BIG DIFFERENCE –

Tracy Bridges and Mike Gross were on the scene. As soon as they heard
the shots, both – independently and on different parts of the campus –
rushed to their cars to get their guns. They then rushed towards the
sound of the shots, arriving providentially about the same time. They
each aimed their loaded gun at the killer – and told him to drop his
gun. The killer did so immediately and put his hands in the air. Two
people were already dead – but that’s a far cry from the 32 students and
professors killed the other day at Virginia Tech.

Now, there is no mystery why Americans don’t know the names of Tracy
Bridges and Mike Gross. Their heroism and quick thinking totally
destroys all the Big TV Network propaganda that the answer to “madman”
shootings is to take all guns away from the law abiding citizens. On the
contrary, the answer is to authorize law abiding citizens to carry
concealed weapons on their persons.

What any potential killer needs to know is this: the second they start
shooting at innocent people – 4 or 5 bullets will be headed their way
from different directions by law abiding citizens.

As George Washington said: “A well armed society is a polite society.”

But how different is the attitude of the lying NeoCon Jews who run the
Big TV Networks and the New York Times!! These modern day Trotskyite
Jews have not the attitude of the Founding Fathers of the USA – but of
the Founding Monsters of the Communist USSR. (Do not be surprised here,
most of the top bad guys we are fighting – are, in fact, Russian Jews
transplanted to the USA in the last 50 years. Michael Chertoff, heard of
“our” Homeland Security – is both the most prominent and probably the
ugliest case in point.

These Ruling Elite NeoCon Jews know the astounding crimes they are in
the middle of perpetrating against us all and against the next
generation (if we don’t stop them now). They greatly fear that an armed
populace will soon be reacting against them -- with something more than

Many other items are covered in the new radio show up at the first major
link at www.realnews247.com – including a quick rundown of the ACTION
PLAN that we can use to peacefully and constitutionally take back the
government from the Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masony. The Action Plan may
take a few minutes of seriously thinking to grasp – but it’s actually
quite simple. And it’s practical – and it requires a modest time
commitment that almost every American could manage – if he understood
how effective our collective efforts could be!

And – from now until November 4th, Presidential Election Day 2008 – we
will mercilessly exposing all of the Leaders on “our side” who have tens
of thousands to millions of supporters and donors – who are NOT telling
the American people about this simple action plan to take back our
country. Stay tuned. But I need a fighting force of several thousand
individuals who will put in $10 or fifteen dollars a month from now
until November, 2008 – and will put in 10 or 20 hours of their own time
as well. Simple. Attainable.

Soon we will have another video up on realnews247.com explaining how to
“do” the Precinct Project in your neighborhood – and together we can all
make is happen across the USA.

One more thing: most of you on our primary list are not on our secondary
list. To get on the secondary list, so as to make it more likely that
you don’t miss each Network America ewire – email to:


-- and then be sure to answer the “confirmation email” by clicking the
proper link within that email; this tells us that you are actually the
one subscribing to our back up delivery system from Topica.com.

End of this E-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
Mailing Address: PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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