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Help Dr. Schell for NC Governor Fights for Honest Elections  Jim Condit Jr.
 Oct 15, 2000 03:32 PDT 

October 11, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

Help Dr. Schell for NC Governor Fights for Honest Elections

This is the third and last campaign we will urge you all to support. The
first was Chuck Geshlider of Pahrump, Nevada – and he still needs help
in dollars and in volunteers. The second was Ken Lowndes for Congress –
and Ken has already run over 50 Radio ads in the Midwest – available on
our website to read or listen – and he is running 63 Radio ads in the
upcoming week of Oct 16 to 20. NOW – here is the third campaign that
simply should be supported. Doug Schell, running for Governor of North
Carolina – is the highest ranking candidate ever who has been willing to
really push this issue. After battling through the Hagelin mess in North
Carolina with the help of Buchanan headquarters – he has been ready to

Doug Schell is the Reform Party candidate for Governor of North
Carolina. He is also a University professor. Schell has engaged in
excellent exchanges with the state election officials in North Carolina
– flushing out that there are simply not adequate checks and balances in
North Carolina. In fact, there are really none that are effective – same
as the other 50 states.

Now – Doug Schell is willing to take the votefraud message to the public
through radio. In the south, such as North Carolina, tens of thousands
of people can be reached for peanuts thanks to Gospel Radio.

Dr. Schell tells me that he can buy a HALF HOUR info-mercial – a 30
minute radio talk show -- for about $100 in prime time. He can buy 20
one minute spots announcing that radio show a day or two in advance for
about $100 – about $5 each.

Now get this!!!! -- for this $200 --- he can reach 180,000 people in
North Carolina – at least that’s the average listening audience for that
particular station.

I am a consultant to the Ken Lowndes for Congress campaign, and as you
know we are running ads on WLW radio and other radio to get the message
out to tens of thousands of the public. Ken is willing to send $500 to
Dr. Schell as soon as he can break it free --- in order to help him get
at least three good 30 minute radio shows on the air before election

If anyone can help Dr. Schell --- even $25 can buy about 5 spots. If 5
people sent Dr. Schell $500 he could make a real impact in North
Carolina – and at least get a foothold in North Carolina.

Dr. Douglas Schell for Governor of North Carolina is the highest ranking
candidate ever who has been willing to bring the votefraud issue to the

I know this is getting out “late” – I would have preferred it get out
two months ago. But there is STILL TIME. These are the days that people
are really tuning into the election. Please help Doug Schell reach the
public. He and his wife have worked extremely hard to make a stand in
North Carolina. Help him get these radio shows on Gospel Radio – and if
he gets enough help – he can go into the AM stations that carry Rush
Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, and other “mainstream” talk shows.

The value of his candidacy and his willingness to speak out should be
obvious. He’s willing to be our voice. Let’s help him do it. His framing
of the “votefraud issue vs. honest election” issue is superb, and we
will carry some of those exchanges in the future.

Here are the instructions Dr. Schell gave me to pass on to you:

Checks should be made out to Schell for Governor. Make sure they provide
me with all the necessary information about themselves. If they go to
http://schellforgovernor.hypermart.net/contacts.htm there is a donation
form with my address. In case they don't have the internet, send it to:

Schell for Governor Committee
70 Mission Church Rd.
Pembroke, NC 28372

Time is of the essence – but a lot can still be done effectively.
Everyone into the battle.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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