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CFVC’s Christopher Bollyn Appears at National Press Club  Jim Condit Jr.
 Nov 17, 2000 00:30 PST 

November 15, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

CFVC’s Christopher Bollyn Appears at National Press Club

As a member of the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Steering Committee,
journalist and investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn was the guest
of honor for dinner at the National Press Club at the invitation of the
Sarah McGlendon group on November 15, 2000. (Sarah McGlendon was
recognized as the first White House Correspondent. She came to
Washington as a young woman as a contemporary of Helen Thomas, who just
retired, and in those early days reported back to parts of Texas and the
southwest. Sarah McGlendon is now in her eighties, and her group is
known for trying to invite speakers who are covering stories that are
not being given sufficient play in the major media, or who are covering
stories from a different angle that the major media.)

John Hurley, a southern gentleman, was the master of ceremonies.

The crowd was very receptive and the entire speech by Bollyn was treated
very seriously. A question and answer period followed. Bollyn spoke for
about 45 minutes followed by 45 minutes of questions and answers

Several dozen people attended the event and Channel 9, the local CBS TV
affiliate in Washington D.C., showed up and interviewed Mr. Bollyn –
carrying his comments in a spot on the late news in Washington D.C..

One would think that – at the National Press Club – any speech attacking
the five major Networks and their sister major newspapers in the
controlled press -- would be met with derision and hostility. While this
was an older crowd, with not many active journalists, there was great
concern over vote rigging and potential vote rigging in the United
States, especially in light of Christopher Bollyn’s new revelations.

This event is a microcosm that goes to show that we should take heart
that there are honest, concerned people everywhere; that we should take
very seriously that map that’s making the rounds showing that Gore was
only supported in a relatively few big cities, and that more than 90% of
the geographical area of the USA went for Bush, who was largely viewed
(and built up as such by the Big Media) as the anti-Clinton candidate.

What’s happening is that a clever group of Super Criminals headquartered
in New York and D.C. are using Sun Tsu “Art of War” techniques via the
triple devices of Big Media, easily rigged Computerized Elections, and
control of the issue of money -- to BLUFF average Americans of all
persuasions out of their birthright – and out of their future.

Anyway, regarding Christopher Bollyn’s appearance at the National Press
Club on Wednesday November 15th, 2000 as the guest of honor of the Sarah
McClendon Group, addressing the gathering on the subject of “votefraud
vs. honest elections” as a member of the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
Steering Committee, the following conclusion must be made:


Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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