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If You Liked Jerusalem Yesterday, You’ll Love The USA A Few Years From N  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 03, 2001 09:13 PST 

December 03, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire

If You Liked Jerusalem Yesterday, You’ll Love The USA A Few Years From

On December 2, 2001 at about 6 PM Eastern Standard Time in the USA, a
massive suicide bomb attack happened in Jerusalem. It was perpetrated by
Islamic fundamentalists. Last count I heard showed about 150 Israelis
injured and about 30 killed.

If you like the thought of your wives, daughters, husbands, and sons
being blown up or maimed while shopping or going to a population center
for dinner – then you’re going to be very happy in the USA a few years
from now – maybe sooner.

As the USA continues to be seen as synonymous in the Moslem world with
the mini-state called Israel, we continue to plant the seeds for massive
retaliation against our own country – within our own borders.

Leaving religion and the martyr “motivation” aside, how desperate does a
young Arab man in his twenties have to be to go into a crowded shopping
mall or pizzeria, and blow himself up in a guaranteed painful moment of
death? The idea that these misguided individuals are full of “mindless
evil” is gross, lying propaganda by the dominant Jewish Lobby at its Big
TV news media.

The insulting line pushed by the dominant Jewish Lobby in the USA is
that hatred of America in the Moslem world has nothing to do with our
slavish support of the mini-state of Israel. Some, such as fifth
columnist Norman Podoretz of New York City, has gone so far as to state
that it’s the other way around: the Moslems hate Israel due to its
association with the USA! Ri – ii –gh — tt.

The situation is desperate. The ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) over
America appears to be all powerful at this time. At least $5 billion a
year in tribute (aid) is paid to the favorite cause (mini-state of
Israel) of our conquerors. And much of that $5 billion is used to
maintain the military/terror apparatus that persecutes Palestinians and
their families to the point where desperate young Arabs, thinking they
have nothing left to lose in this world – are willing to go into a
public place and blow themselves up in the prime of their lives, just to
take a few Israelis with them into the next world.

Millions of Moslems are hoping that one of their factions gets their
hands on biological weapons or nuclear weapons so that they can be used
not only against Israel – but also used against the United States so
that we will become less capable of financing their oppressors.

There is a significant faction of Jews in Israel itself, and a minority
contingent of Jewish leaders in this country, -- who also see the train
wreck on the horizon, and who are pleading for sanity. But these voices
don’t seem to have much power either in today’s world.

The degree of brainwashing accomplished in the United States is shown by
the fact that millions of Evangelical Christians and Catholics (left
adrift by those occupying the Bishop’s chairs) – actually believe that
it is a command of God to support the evil government of the mini-state
of Israel – no matter what they do! By this perverted logic, Jesus
Christ, in St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 8, circa v. 44 – became the First
One to suffer the wrath of God for opposing the leaders of the Jewish
people at that time. How ridiculous.

Americans can either stand up and begin acting like Americans are
supposed to act – and begin treating the combatants in the Middle East
with an even hand, and with a striving for justice – OR, many Americans
will one day be shouting, “I support the modern state of Israel” – while
they are dying from biological warfare or radiation poisoning.

(This observation does not negate the opinion of this e-wire that the
9-11 attacks were an inside job, orchestrated against the USA by the
dark side of the CIA and the Mossad; nor does it negate the opinion
expressed on this e-wire that a biological attack is being planned by
these same forces against some population center in the USA in order to
jack Americans up into a warmongering rage against the Moslem world.
But, eventually, the Moslems themselves will eventually get their hands
on weapons significant enough to inflict these damages themselves.
Certainly millions of Moslems would be willing to inflict any amount of
damage on the USA right now, -- and this well known hatred provided the
“cover story” for the 9-11 attacks, in our opinion.)

Right now the weapons gap is such, and the Big TV news media censorship
is such – that we in America have been able to get away with
participating in such oppression against the Moslem world and the
Palestinians for 50 plus years or so -- without too many consequences.
Such will not always be the case.

If you liked Jerusalem yesterday – you’ll love the USA in a few years.

Unless . . . the USA begins to act in accordance with George
Washington’s Farewell Address once again.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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