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If Israel Destroys the Church of the Nativity, Let’s Destroy the Wailing  Jim Condit Jr.
 Apr 23, 2002 01:47 PDT 

April 23, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

If Israel Destroys the Church of the Nativity, Let’s Destroy the Wailing

This e-wire will be short and sweet.

The Church of the Nativity is built on the spot in Bethlehem where Our
Lord Jesus Christ was born 2000 years ago. As almost everyone knows, the
Church of the Nativity has been under siege from the Israeli army since
before Holy Week, and parts of it have been destroyed by the Israeli

The dominant World Jewish Hierarchy (Zionist-Masonic-anti-Christ) has
been deliberately targeting and destroying Christian landmarks and
relics since World War II. The American Government, under Zionist Jew
direction – bombed Monte Casino for no reason whatsoever near the end of
World War II. (Monte Casino is the oldest monastery in Christendom,
built by St. Benedict in the 4th century.)

US General Mark Clark, who was commanding US forces in Italy, was
explicitly against the senseless destruction, for he and others informed
the Zionist Jews manipulating the US government that Monte Casino was
NOT a military target and had no military value. The German soldiers on
hand helped the Italians carry out the priceless treasures in the
monastery, thus partially thwarting the evil designs of the
destruction-thirsty Zionist Jews who ordered American planes to do the
vicious bombing.

Zionist Jews in charge of the US military? What Zionist Jews? The
Zionist Jews controlling the US military and the US Government during
World War II under War Criminal President Franklin Roosevelt, the guy
who turned hundreds of millions of Catholics and Christians in eastern
Europe over to the (atheistic-Jewish dominated, see “Rulers of Russia”
by Father Denis Fahey) Communists after World War II at Yalta. Thus the
evil Roosevelt deliberately “lost” the peace, and desecrated the
sacrifice of the brave Christian American soldiers who were used as
pawns in the Zionist-Communist deadly con-game known as World War II (as
we have said before the Nazis were originally part of the Zionist half
of that con-game, as in AshkeNAZI, no time to explain that again here).

Carol Valentine has just released an email entitled: “Church of
Nativity: Who’s Who in the Staged Siege?” – which will shortly be on
public-action.com – and which is a good summary of fifth columnist
Zionist Jew manipulating of our US military to deliberately destroy one
Christian Church and ancient landmark after another in Serbia and Bosnia
--- some of which was going on during Holy Week 1999. (Another article
on this subject at public-action.com is: “Waco Paradigm and the Church
of the Nativity.”)

This year, during Holy Week 2002, anti-Christ Zionist World Jewry has
two massive assaults on Christianity going.

The non-stop coverage of the pedophile priest scandal. (“Meet the Press”
spent almost all of its program on Easter Sunday talking about the
pedophile priests.) This is a real scandal, largely but not exclusively
because of the time-bomb sodomites, now being exploded, that were
RECRUITED since the Vatican II revolution (1962 to 1965).

For documented details on this scandalous REJECTING of normal men with
vocations since 1970 or so, and the simultaneous RECRUITING of sodomites
since 1970 or so – by those occupying the Catholic dioceses in the USA
-- see Michael Rose’s new book: “Good Bye, Good Men.” The book is
available from The Catholic Shop, 513-561-4333, among other places.

The second ongoing assault which coincided with Holy Week, 2002 – is the
ongoing siege and destruction of the Church of the Nativity, which the
anti-Christ Jews running the government of Israel are deliciously
enjoying behind the scenes, while shedding crocodile tears in public
over the “tough” position they are in. The Israeli soldiers have caused
all the major destruction on the Church, as well as killed at least one
priest and one Church attendant. If you are wondering who to believe
between the Christian Palestinians and the Israeli government – don’t
agonize – believe the Christian Palestinians.

As one trusted political confidant has been insisting to me for over a
year --- there is an active, ongoing campaign of the anti-Christ Israeli
government to eventually eradicate ALL Christian landmarks in the Holy

If the Israeli government destroys the Church of the Nativity in
Bethlehem – the birthplace of Christ – let’s destroy the Wailing Wall.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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