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Even Rush isn’t in the Loop (on nuclear attack talk)  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 01, 2002 09:16 PDT 

April 30, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Even Rush isn’t in the Loop (on nuclear attack talk)

Rush Limbaugh was throwing a fit yesterday (April 29, 2002) about all
the discussion in the Big Media about the timetable of WHEN the USA
should attack Iraq. Rush asks (paraphrase), “What is the sense of
putting the timetable out in public? What is the sense of giving Saddam
Hussein a target date for the attack? Doesn’t that give him an incentive
to make as many and as violent terrorist attacks as possible before that

Rush, Rush, Rush. You don’t seem to understand the purpose of all this
orchestrated discussion – coming, as always, over ALL FIVE BIG TV
NETWORKS AT ONCE – talking always and ONLY about WHEN we should attack
Iraq --- not IF we should attack Iraq in the first place. The 5 Big TV
Networks act as if someone has already decided the question that we
should attack Iraq (they have – the Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry) – and
that we are CONFINED to discussing the details --- not the policy
question itself.

Here’s the answer: we are now going through the “prepare the public mind
phase” – and all this talk about “when to attack Iraq” -- is just to
plant in the public mind that such an attack is “inevitable.”

This phase of the Ruling Elite operation is just like before World War
II when the discussion was building on whether we should get involved
with England in fighting Germany. As you may recall, before Pearl Harbor
there was the “America First” committee led by John T. Flynn. After the
FDR Team provoked the Japanese to attack us at Pearl Harbor, what could
even John T. Flynn say? Not knowing what Roosevelt had done to provoke
and engineer the attack, Flynn immediately disbanded the “America First”
committee – now that the country was under foreign attack.

(The same methodology was used by the Zionist-Judeo-Masonic Woodrow
Wilson administration to get us into World War I: the incident used to
absurdly provoke the USA into World War I was the sinking of the
Lusitania. Michael Hoffman has an essay on this somewhere on his website
hoffman-info.com. The sinking of the Lusitania was the Zionist part of
the Balfour declaration; the Zionists had promised to get the US into
World War I on the side of England, in return for England eventually
turning over Palestine to the Zionists.)

Here is the hidden part of Pearl Harbor: after due discussion and plenty
of bald faced lies by Super Criminal Franklin Roosevelt --- Roosevelt
cut off several key natural resources to Japan – which would eventually
mean that the Japanese economy would ground to a halt. FDR kept
tightening the squeeze until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor --- to try and
destroy a lot of our naval fleet in order to open up their channels to
the blockaded natural resources.

As you may recall, Roosevelt ordered an unprecedented and absurd
concentration of naval ships in Pearl Harbor in order to make sure that
the attack by the Japanese would cause maximum destruction and maximum
loss of life to our seamen there – a clear act of war that every
American would understand.

FDR and traitor General George C. Marshall furthermore kept all
intelligence warnings of the impending Japanese attack from Admiral
Kimmel (commander of Pearl Harbor) until the attack was underway. So
several thousand American seamen died in or near their beds in the early
hours of December 7, 1941 – a day that will live in infamy – but not
primarily for the reason FDR indicated in his famous and cynical talk.

All those seamen killed at Pearl Harbor were sacrificed by FDR for the
greater glory of anti-Christ Zionism and the New World Order. FDR didn’t
care then, and the Ruling Elite doesn’t care now --- about the lives of
American soldiers. The lives of young Christian Americans are as nothing
in comparison to moving their world agenda forward. (Likewise, those
puppetteering W. Bush don’t care how many of your sons and daughters
they must sacrifice in the upcoming phase.

There are many books on these subjects including one by Elmer Barnes
(The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor) and a 90,0000 word speech delivered
on the Senate floor by Senator Joseph McCarthy – which speech eventually
became a book entitled “America’s Retreat From Victory.”

Once Pearl Harbor was attacked, Roosevelt sent 90% of American men and
arms to Europe to help Stalin and England against Germany. He also was
able to squelch all dissent in the USA to his rule, including rounding
up the most articulate spokesmen and women for a treason trial. BACK TO

All of this discussion about WHEN to attack Iraq is not significant as

When the moment is right, the nuclear or biowarfare attack will be
unleashed on some helpless American population center by the Zionist
(Judeo-Masonic) Ruling Elite in New York, Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv –
through their underground Intelligence Agency operatives (dark side of
the Mossad/CIA). The 5 Big TV Networks will blame it on the Arabs, and
indeed their may be an Arab operative at the front of the operation,
being handled by the CIA/Mossad in the background through a bought off
Arab Intelligence operative --- exactly as happened in the failed 1993
bombing of the World Trade Towers. (Again, there is a recounting of this
in Michael Hoffman’s book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” –
with citations from the Chicago Tribune articles which appeared during
the trial of the Moslem who tried to detonate the bomb in that 1993
World Trade Center incident.)

At the point after a USA population center is victimized by a
nuclear/biowarfare attack, W. Bush will “be forced” to attack Iraq and
perhaps other Arab countries. -- All doubt will be removed from the mind
of the casual American as to the necessity of the attack. --- Europe
will be bludgeoned into silence – who are they to tell us we can’t
defend ourselves after such a horrific attack?? --- And the Public
Enemies running “Homeland Security” can start to round up and squash
dissent on the domestic front, and maybe even declare marshal law, thus
(in principle) ending the US Constitution.

As to Rush Limbaugh, whatever has been and is in his heart, he is now
paying the price of the fame and fortune that has been provided to him
by the Ruling Elite. He must cheerlead the Ruling Elite Zionist program,
and pretend that the agenda of this ruthless Criminal Syndicate is good
for America. Rush is now, at best, pathetic. Same goes for Sean Hannity
and all the others who have sold their souls to Mammon for fame and

Rush has been famous for making grandiose, bravado statements about how
indispensable his radio program is. Well, we have one of our own:

Network America E-wire takes up where Rush Limbaugh’s “Unstoppable
pursuit of Truth” – Stops!

End of this e-wire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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