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Americans, Palestinians About to Have More In Common  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 24, 2002 00:42 PDT 

May 23, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Americans, Palestinians About to Have More In Common

On “Ashleigh Banfield” on MSNBC on 5-23-02 – about 45 minutes into the
show – we see a mantra that is gaining increasing “voice” on the 5
Zionist Controlled TV Networks in the USA, as well as through the Big
Daily Papers and the 3 of 4 Big Radio networks (such as Clear Channel) –
also controlled by the Zionist Judeo-Masonic hierarchy.

Here’s the theme: we in the USA are about to be attacked by “suicide
bombers” who will blow up Americans in our malls, our restaurants, and
our grocery stores. AND --- in order to COPE with this – we need to turn
to --- you guessed it --- Israel – who have “such experience” with
getting their citizens blown up by “suicide bombers.”

This is enough to cause one to want to shout 5 or six things at once
because of its mendacity and the indication of murderous intent within
this new line of propaganda. Here are some of them.

ONE -- There would be no danger of any “suicide bombers” blowing
themselves up in USA restaurants if it weren’t for our government’s
criminal support of a criminal regime, namely that of the mini-state of
Israel. I just found out Israel’s $5 billion dollars a year in foreign
aid amounts to HALF of “our” foreign aid budget. . . .

My reaction is: STOP THIEF! – addressed to Congress, the President, the
organized Jewish Lobby, and the government officials in the mini-state
of Israel. All aid to Israel should be cut off immediately, and
investigations should be launched into how much of that $5 billion EVERY
YEAR of US aid sent to Israel – has been funneled BACK into the USA --
to bribe our Congressmen, and to gobble up key businesses here in our
own country, leading to the increasing Jewish control of all key
business choke points in the USA.

(Did you know, for instance, that ALL Congressman and all key Mayors,
etc. are given fully paid trips to Israel so they can be “oriented” on
how to think about the mid east? It’s true. Our abysmal Mayor in
Cincinnati, turncoat on his religion and his heritage, Charlie Luken,
has accepted at least one, and probably numerous such all-expense paid
trips. When Rush Limbaugh disappears for a week, he is often in Israel
for his “briefing.” And, trust me, the Congressmen are given to
understand how they’d better be voting if they want to continue for any
length of time in office.)

TWO. The people in Israel would not be facing suicide bombers if their
leaders hadn’t treated the Palestinian people like animals without any
rights for the last 50 years. Of course, this is perfectly in harmony
with the TALMUDIC mentality, which says that only Jews are fully human.
For those who aren’t up to speed on this Talmudic mentality, please GET
UP TO SPEED by reading Michael Hoffman’s book, “Judaism’s Strange Gods”
(hoffman-info.com), and Carol Valentine’s article, “Merry Christmas –
AND OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” (public-action.com). Also, there is Israel
Shahak’s book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000
Years” -- this book was written by a Hebrew University Professor who
lived in Israel since its inception in 19948 -- until he died at the age
of 85 a few months ago.

THREE. Why did the Zionists insist on grabbing a part of Palestine,
instead of the numerous other places they had been offered? Because
these satanically inspired leaders are hell-driven to try and act as if
Our Lord Jesus Christ had not yet come, and to prove that He is not the
Messiah. This is why there will never be any peace in this little,
miserable state – and why Christians worldwide need to make provisions
now to protect the Christian sites that are left in the Holy Land, as it
is clearly the intention of the leaders of Zionism and the New World
Order to eradicate all the Christian sites in the Holy Land, as quickly
as they can get away with it.

FOUR. In truth, the best thing that could have been done – IF the
Zionists wanted a peaceful home land as a first priority (which is
clearly not the case) – would have been to give the Zionists a homeland
in, say, the southern half of Florida, or somewhere else in the United
States. They would certainly have been safe here in this country, and so
on. BUT – the intention to have their future idea of their “Messiah”
triumph – and to eradicate the presence, and – per the impossible – the
very existence of the Christian Religion – is the top priority of the
top Talmudic Zionists. -- A priority that Christian America must have
absolutely nothing to do with. As Pope St. Pius X told Zionist founder
Theodore Herzl circa 1904 – (paraphrase) – “Since you do not recognize
our Savior, we cannot recognize your enterprise.” (The Pat
Robertson-Jerry Foolwell line that Christians must support this modern
mini-state of Israel because of the Abrahamic promise in the Old
Testament -- is a deception; we will devote an e-wire to it in the near

FIVE. So now we are told that we must look up to the criminal government
of Israel to find out how to handle the coming “suicide bombers” in
America – the same suicide bombers we wouldn’t have to fear, if it were
not for our indefensible support of Israel. In fact, Israel’s leaders
and the Jewish Lobby in this country have been laboring mightily to say,
“See! See! Now you know how it feels” – to President Bush, the Congress,
and to Americans. There’s something creepy – there’s something sinister
-- about this whole smug-faced line being peddled by Israeli and Jewish
Lobby spokesmen. I get the feeling they are saying, “You’d better ‘get
it’ America – or we’ll keep turning up the heat until you do! Snarl,
snarl . . .” Which brings us to –

Something else that Palestinians and Americans are about to have “more”
in common: just as Palestinians “standers-by” have felt the brunt of
Israeli murderous activity – in “response” to isolated violence that was
not done by those punished – and which may have even been instigated by
the Israelis themselves (See “Tooth Fairies and Suicide Bombers” by
Carol Valentine at public-action.com) – so, -- if this nation’s gaze
isn’t turned towards scrutinizing Israel and the Jewish Lobby in this
country, -- are innocent Americans -- who (as individuals) have had no
part in causing the violence against the Palestinians, -- about to be
blown up in American restaurants, malls, and grocery stores – by
circumstances that I believe will be created --- not by poor
Palestinians – but by the very Israeli/Jewish Lobby that is taunting us
on our own TV airwaves with: “Now do you see how it feels? . . . . he,
heh, heh . . .”

As the incomparable Joseph Sobran has stated regarding Israel in 2002,
“Victims with nukes; a ‘democratic society’ that bans the majority;
‘allies’ that betray us . . . this calls for a good Jewish comedian.”

Of course, Israel HAS nukes, which the press in the US fully supports –
while we simultaneously say we must knock out Saddam Hussein because he
might get nukes. And Israel is not a democratic society – it is
structured to make sure it remains a racist, theocratic state – with
only Jews in control. (Furthermore, there is a law on the books in
Israel making it illegal and punishable by prison to pass out a New
Testament in Israel.) And the state of Israel has betrayed us over and
over again. In 1967, Israel repeatedly attacked – and tried to sink –
the USS Liberty because it was gathering intelligence which might have
shown, according to some sources, that Israel was the aggressor in the
famous 1967 Six Day War, and that Israel destroyed the Egyptian Air
Force on the ground because it engaged in an unprovoked surprise attack.
(See www.ussliberty.com) Another case of grotesque betrayal was Jewish
Supremist Jonathon Pollard using his position in US intelligence to
steal rooms full of secret documents and pass them to Israel – in the
greatest known theft of intelligence secrets in the history of the USA.
No less an Israeli muckety-muck than Benji Netanyahu has repeatedly
called for Pollard to be let out of jail and to be allowed to return –
to Israel!!!!!! (Did gangster Benji forget that we Americans are
supposed to think that Pollard was a US citizen? As opposed to an
Israeli loyalist???)

The Israeli Government and the organized Zionist Jewish lobby in this
country --- constitute the greatest enemy the United States of America
has every faced. Patriotism in the next generation will consist of
calling attention to -- and casting down -- this criminal force – in
order to free our country from its corrupting and destructive influence.

End of this e-wire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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