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Laugh With Sobran on “The New Religion” in D.C.  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 27, 2002 01:18 PDT 
May 27, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Laugh With Sobran on “The New Religion” in D.C.

This Column, entitled “The New Believers” was published by Sobran on May
7, 2002. It speaks for itself. And we add a short NA e-wire comment at
the end.

"The New Believers" by Joe Sobran

A new religion is sweeping Washington's elites. Never has the nation's
capital witnessed such pious zeal -- at least, not since it was singing,
in throaty chorus, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Adherents of the new sect may be observed on their prayer rugs, five
times a day, in prostrate supplication facing Tel Aviv. Or is it
Jerusalem? No matter. Wherever Israel says its capital is, they direct
their orisons.

The latest manifestation of this new faith appeared last week, when both
houses of Congress passed resolutions in total, unquestioning support of
Israel and its recent measures against Palestinians. Setting aside old
scruples about separating church and state, the votaries pledged to
increase support for Israel. The Senate was unanimous, the House nearly
so. Both resolutions freely scolded "Arabs"; neither used the word

Apparently Jews have nothing to do with the new religion, which is
composed entirely of gentiles, some of whom claim, oddly enough, to be
Christians. The resolutions spoke of "Israelis," but it seems that
Arabs, even peaceful Arabs who live in Israel, don't count as

Congressman Dick Armey, the Texas Republican and House majority leader,
told Chris Matthews of HARDBALL that he favors driving all Arabs out of
Israel and the occupied territories. Armey is a well-known champion of
limited government and property rights, except when it comes to chasing
Palestinians from their homes; then his new religion kicks in and his
old principles more or less evaporate.

The chief tenet of this new faith is that Israel is holy, and that
anything Israel does to the Arabs is legitimate self-defense and
deserves American assistance. For example, the United States must
prevent Arabs from getting a single nuclear weapon; but it's fine if
Israel has hundreds of nukes.

Another tenet of the faith -- beyond the scope of the resolutions -- is
that all criticism of Israel springs from prejudice and anti-Semitism.
George Will, a top theologian of the new faith, says that Europe as a
whole is anti-Semitic and always has been. Evidence? If there were as
many Jews alive today in proportion to the number who lived during the
Roman Empire, Will says,
there would be 200 million Jews; whereas in fact there are only 13
million. The rest, he implies, were exterminated -- 187 million victims
of anti-Semitism!

Of course an unbeliever might argue that it's normal for large
populations to disappear over time, through attrition, migration,
conversion, intermarriage, and linguistic and cultural change. By Will's
logic, there should be several billion Zeus-worshippers today. Where are
they? Were they all exterminated too? They don't even have a memorial,
let alone their own country!

A third article of the faith is that the 9/11 attacks had nothing
whatever to do with U.S. support for Israel. A fourth article is that
the way for Americans to stop terrorism is to make war on Israel's
enemies. It just happens to be the case that Israel's enemies are,
almost by definition, America's enemies. Such twisted people hate good,
free, democratic countries with an irrational hatred that makes them
impossible to appease or reason with. Any concession of Palestinian
rights, according to the new faith, may lead to the annihilation of the

Even if you disagree with the new believers, you have to admire their
raw courage. While they stop short of suicide, believing it to be
immoral, they court martyrdom. Heedless of their own careers in
journalism and politics, they defy the Arab tycoons, the powerful Arab
lobby, the huge Arab voting bloc, the Arab-controlled media, the Arab
advertisers, and the peer pressure of the countless Arab-Americans who
try to monopolize public debate in this country. They can't be bought --
not with Arab money, anyway. They snap their fingers in the faces of the
Arabs who sign their paychecks.

At great risk, these brave souls try to see to it that the case for
beleaguered Israel at least gets a hearing, despite the Arab blackout.
In New York City, some of them, throwing caution to the winds, even
oppose anti-Semitism! Others, equally hardy, are unafraid to point out
the pro-Palestinian bias that pervades the media.

Yes, the new religion is a fighting faith! It's not for cowards,
time-servers, hypocrites, or prostitutes.


This column is found on-line at

Copyright (c) 2002 by the Griffin Internet Syndicate, www.griffnews.com.
This column may not be published in print or Internet publications
without express permission of Griffin Internet Syndicate. You may
forward it to interested individuals if you use this entire page,
including the following disclaimer:

"SOBRAN'S and Joe Sobran's columns are available by subscription. For
details and samples, see http://www.sobran.com/e-mail.shtml, write
fr-@griffnews.com, or call 800-513-5053."

Brief comment from Network America e-wire:

The Zionist-Jewish Supremists tried to kill Joseph Sobran’s career by
having one of their intellectual slaves, William Buckley, Jr., fire him
from “National Review” about 10 years ago because he wouldn’t “freely”
adopt the Israeli and Jewish Supremist line.

Sobran is probably, from a “quality of writing” point of view, the best
columnist of the last generation (he was so recognized by Pat Buchanan a
while back). And the censorship of Joseph Sobran AND Pat Buchanan AND
John Lofton AND Cliff Kinkaid from your local Big City Daily newspaper
in the Opinion Section --- let alone Michael Hoffman or others in the
rising generation of internet columnists who were never given a chance
in the Big Daily papers – is the reason you have the most bland type of
snoozing editorials in those Big Dailies.

I NEVER look at the Cincinnati Enquirer or the Cincinnati Post unless
someone sends me a copy of an article that happens to be valuable. I
don’t have the time to wade through that much “nothingness” and tedious
propaganda from the likes of Charles Krauthhammer -- to find a good
piece of evidence every 3 or 4 months. In light of this –

I highly recommend that, if you can afford to do so, you subscribe to
Joseph Sobran’s newsletter where you can get all his columns; directions
above. This is a way to strike a blow for freedom by keeping one of
America’s most “blacklisted” columnists going – and thwart the goal of
Zionist Jewish Supremists to monopolize opinion in the United States of

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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