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The Road to a United Soviets of America  Jim Condit Jr.
 Oct 11, 2003 05:00 PDT 

October 11, 2003 NA (Network America) e-wire

Here is the 2nd installment of the 4 installments we are running now
from Mr. Terry Hayfield with regards to his analysis of "The Permanent

(I might add one prefatory comment here: we at Network America are for a
true FREE ENTERPRISE capitalism, as to opposed to what tends to be the
"Monopoly Capitalism" for the Elite, Communism for everyone else, -- as
the Ruling Elite is pushing for through its Permanent Revolution. -- We
are for an open and even playing field of opportunity when it comes to
granting credit and creating money in the nation's economy (creating
money based on goods and services available, and immediately
achievable), as opposed to the secretive, sick monopoly of
credit-granting that is now being used by the Federal Reserve Board
crowd to lend money to their friends and allies so that a few human
beings can increasingly take over the national economy -- and thereby
achieve the power to unnecessarily regiment millions who are not on the
inside. -- Jim Condit Jr.)

The Road to a United Soviets of America

The Permanent Revolution
Part 1

[The Permanent Revolution is a continual process of War, Revolution and
Terrorism removing major impediments that prevent the evolution,
proliferation and perfection of a unified Anglo/British Capitalism
dominated by the many ideologies created by the Fabian Society. Once
this Capitalism finally establishes a global Free Market Economy
(Economic Democracy) based on international Free Trade (which destroys
sovereignty) Capitalism will realize its perfection (Socialism). Then
this Socialism will create the economic, political, social and moral
environment to allow the complete development of functional
self-regulating classless units (Soviets) under the Dictatorship of the
Proletariat …Communism]     

The end of the Cold War did not result in the victory of Capitalism
over Communism. The Capitalism versus Communism conflict was a mythical
war. A vast majority of Americans have never understood the reality
that Capitalism, Socialism and Communism are all integeral parts of the
same economic process…the Permanent Revolution.

What has passed for Communism in the last 100 years has been nothing
more than well publicized “personality cult” dictatorships.   The coming
of the so called New World Order, feared by both the American Left and
Right wing (that avoids “political correctness” of the political center)
is as much a myth as 20th Century Communism.

The concept of Permanent Revolution clearly demonstrates modern
Capitalism (unified Anglo/British Fabianism) “does what it does” because
it must, not because they can.   You will understand shortly.     

This is a very important point: The road to a Soviet America is
economic… not political. Political ideologies are invented to promote
Capitalism’s Permanent Revolution.   

Sometime in the 19th Century it was quite clear to the working masses
(Socialists) and to the owners of the means of production (Capitalist)
that Capitalism had a very large and seemingly impossible to solve
problem…overproduction and under-consumption. This is known as The Flaw
of Capitalism. In modern terminology this is called a bottleneck. A
very precise description of The Flaw of Capitalism can be found in The
Second Industrial Divide, Piore and Sable, 1984, on pages 22-23.

“To Marx, the specialization of manual work—whatever its immediate
impact on productivity—was decisively important because it led to the
introduction of special-purpose machinery. Once a human task has been
decomposed into its elementary motions, it became possible to build a
device that would perform these motions automatically; and as one step
of manufacturing process was thus mechanized, the preceding and
following steps had to be correspondingly reorganized, to keep pace with
the new machinery…”

Please re-read the above quote. Marx and the Fabians had no idea just
how many billions of bottlenecks had to be corrected before Capitalism
would reach its perfection. Now please ponder the last part of the
quote. Put on your “thinking cap.”

…Progress in the efficient use of resources was blocked unless the
market for a good could be increased (by such means as reducing tariff
barriers and taxes; decreasing transportation costs; redistributing
income to those too poor to buy what they want; and consolidating

In 1900 Socialists and Capitalists both realized there must be some way
to re-order the means of production and society to make consumption
equal to Capitalist production. Socialists and Capitalists alike
understood a very highly evolved form of Capitalism dominating society
must exist before The Flaw of Capitalism could be cured. They realized
this could not happen unless a global Free Trade system existed. They
collectively knew the strongly nationalistic European Aristocracies
(with their own respective domestic Capitalism) and the American
Constitutional Republic stood as major impediments to establishing a
global Free Market Economy. These impediments had to be removed. And
more importantly a unified Capitalism had to be created.

There was only one organization in existence in 1900 that had the
economic, political and social position to make this possible, The
Fabian Society. By the time 1914 rolled around the Fabians, dominated
the English government, American Big Business and Federal government and
the major international worker Socialist organizations (Mensheviks,
Bolsheviks and the Second International).

As World War I raged on, The English government pursued continuing the
war to weaken the European Aristocracies (to include the French Third
Republic). The heavily Fabian dominated Wilson presidency waged war on
the American Constitution. And Fabian English Capitalists in concert
with Fabian American Capitalists financed and politically supported the
Bolsheviks to be prepared to unleash Socialist revolutions at the end of
the war to over throw the European strongly nationalistic Aristocracies.

Just prior to America’s entry into World War I Woodrow Wilson
personally financed the creation of a very secret committee, known as
the Inquiry, to determine U.S. post-WWI policy. This body was under
direct control of the Fabian Mandel House. The organizing secretary was
the Fabian Walter Lippman. By the end of the war this committee created
Wilson’s Fourteen Point Plan for a world government to establish a
format to create an international Free Trade structure. The negotiating
teams for England and America sent to the Versailles Peace talks were
Fabian dominated.

What looked like a “slam dunk” in 1917 turned out to be a complete

The American Senate voted “NO” to this international treaty. Despite
the success of the Fabians in gutting the American Constitution (i.e.
creation of the Federal Reserve, the Income tax and destruction of the
Constitution’s built-in protectionism) the Fabians failed to prepare
America for World government. To correct this failure of policy, should
the opportunity of another devastating war develop, the Fabians created
the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to ensure future success of
creating an International government.

The biggest setback to the Fabian grand plan came in October of 1917.
The Fabian financed Bolsheviks Lenin and Trotsky “double-crossed” their
brothers in Permanent Revolution. Lenin and Trotsky realized if the
Capitalist was allowed to demonstrate its ability to “cure” The Flaw of
Capitalism and also politically rule, the workers, having been freed
from the oppression of the Aristocracies, would not be any better off.
In order to distance themselves from the Capitalists and Social
Democrats that were pursuing the same goals of the Bolsheviks, Lenin
decreed the Bolsheviks should be known as Communists.

It was at this junction of history the “fake” war of Communism versus
Capitalism came into existence. But at the same time, this provided the
Fabian controlled Capitalist a “golden goose.” The Capitalist could
fight “the spread of Communism” and organize the world’s “forces of
freedom” while at the same time making these “forces of freedom” victims
of the Permanent Revolution. Whenever the “forces of freedom’ would
“catch the smell of World government” the Capitalist could point the
finger at Communism not Capitalism. In essence “the forces of freedom”
became “useful idiots” in pursuit of the Permanent Revolution. Useful
idiots could be used to fight any enemies of the Permanent Revolution
and at the same time “make the noose” that would eventually hang these
“useful idiots.”

The tactics and processes of the Fabians became well defined by 1920.
The tactics perfected then are still very visible today, that is, if you
allow yourself to see. History has clearly demonstrated in America,
from 1920-1970, the Fabians influenced the U.S. government to facilitate
the blending of Capitalism and Collectivism.   History has also
demonstrated this was not to be the “cure” for The Flaw of Capitalism.

By the middle 1970s it was clear to the Fabians reform was needed to
scrap 50 years of efforts to “cure” the Flaw of Capitalism. This reform
movement was ushered in with the Reagan Revolution.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Road to a United Soviets of America,
The Permanent Revolution

Part 2

Before continuing to the Reagan Revolution, the myth of the “Coming New
World Order” must be discussed. The reader must comprehend the dynamic
of the invisibility of the Permanent Revolution in relation to the very
visible “Coming New World Order.”

It stands to reason, if the war of Capitalism versus Communism was a
fake (for verification see Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution,
Sutton, 1981, pages 15-19), then the “Coming New World Order” is fake.
“How is this possible?” you must certainly are asking yourself.

The obvious answer to the above question is simple! If the existence
of the Permanent Revolution is not included in any “political theory”
that theory will eventually prove to be false. Again you ask, “How is
this possible?”

The basis of the vast majority of popular Conspiracy Theories from
roughly 1950 through 1980 have been based on one page of a very large
book published in 1966; Carrol S. Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. This most
infamous page is 950. It must be understood that in 1966 if a bright
politically minded college age youth wanted to get an education in
global politics and then get a “great” job, that student would choose
the number one historian in America and that would have been Dr.
Quigley. His Tragedy and Hope was the “expose” of the East Coast
Liberal Establishment (the Insiders pushing for the New World Order) for
public consumption.

There is an old fisherman’s saying, “You can’t catch fish if you don’t
use the right bait.” It has been vitally important for the Permanent
Revolution to remain unseen and the “coming New World Order” to attract
all the attention. Page 950 directs Conspiracy buffs to study an
organization, according to Quigley, that operates “like the Communists”
just as perceived by the then American Right Wing. Remember, until the
1989 “fall of Communism” the American Right wing feared the “coming New
World Order” steeped in “Godless Communism.” Page 950 assured and
“documented” this very belief.

For those of you who have access to Tragedy and Hope, please turn to
page 949. On page 949 Dr. Quigley describes what he calls a “fairy
tale.” He tells his readers this “fairy tale” of a “conspiracy” of
“curly-haired Harvard Socialists,” envisioned by American populists is
false. Please turn to page 950 to see the real “Conspiracy.”

There is a major problem with Quigley’s “acceptable” rendition of 20th
Century history. Tragedy and Hope, a book of 1350 pages, became the
bible of the American Right wing, regardless of its most glaring fault.
It is impossible to develop a correct interpretation of 20th Century
history without recognizing the leading creator and manipulator of
economic and political influence, the Fabian Society. Yet, this is
exactly what Quigley does in Tragedy and Hope. Page 949 directs the
reader to ignore the Fabians (the Permanent Revolution) and focus
attention to the “coming New World Order” described on page 950.

Right Wing Conspiracy leaders and supporters quite assuredly will
vehemently question and dispute the above precise observation. This is
understandable. They have been led to see and believe in a “coming New
World Order” based on “Godless Communism.”

This is not an exercise in semantics! There is a solution to the
problem at hand, but that requires accepting the possibility that the
Permanent Revolution exists. This can be visualized in one book and its
five editions, The Road to Serfdom, F. A. Hayek, 1944, 56,72(renewed) 76
and 94.

In 1944 Hayek was a leading international Socialist economic theotrician
at the London School of Economics (founded by the Fabians Sidney and
Beatrice Webb). At the time the Fabian Socialist were beyond a doubt
the leaders in international Socialist ideologies (See The Edwardian
turn of Mind, Samuel Hynes, 1968, pages 87-88).

By reading the various prefaces of the five editions you’ll discover
Hayek was writing to other Fabians prominent in English and American
business and government. Hayek’s concern was fueled by his fellow
Fabians misinterpretation of history about the rise of Fascism. This
train of thought centered on the shift of emphasis of Socialism from
international in scope to being strongly nationalistic (hence National
Socialism). Hayek observed and feared the English and American Fabians
were taking their respective nations down the same path leading to the
Third Reich.

As stated in “Part I” of this series The Fabians tried to establish an
international format for a Socialist Free Market Economy in an attempt
to cure The Flaw of Capitalism. Hayek observed in 1944 and again in
1956 this attempted cure was failing. Please consider this quote from
the 1956 “Preface” written by Hayek,

“It is now even widely recognized that democratic socialism is a very
precarious and unstable affair, ridden with internal contradictions and
everywhere producing results most distasteful to many of its advocates.”

Hayek feared the processes put into motion by the Fabians after 1920
would not result in international Socialism. This becomes an obvious
fear when you read from the “Introduction” of The Road to Serdom,

“The important point is that, if we take the people whose views
influence developments, they are now in the democracies in some measure
all socialists. If it is no longer fashionable to emphasize that “we
are all socialists now,” this is merely because the fact is too obvious.
Scarcely anybody doubts that we must continue to move towards
socialism, and most people are merely trying to deflect this movement in
the interest of a particular class or group.”

This is the point: Quigley wanted to deflect attention to the National
Socialist (New World Order) away from the international Socialist, quite
the opposite of Hayek’s intentions. In other words, pay no attention to
the Fabians behind the curtain. It is okay to draw attention to the
Fascists because international Socialism will continue to spread

Hayek was most correct in his analysis. Quigley was successful in
exposing those “wayward” factions of Fabians obsessed with National
Socialism. This deflected those very observant patriotic Americans away
from recognizing Fabian designs for Economic Democracy. It would take
an entire generation (1956-1980) to eradicate the Fascists from the
Socialist movement.

Eventually the time did arrive to put this nation and the
industrialized West back on the Hayek road to Socialism. This can be
recognized by the emergence of the Reagan Revolution.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the American Right Wing is still
focused on the false “coming of the New World Order.” What 99% of
America does not see is the implementation of what Hayek and his fellow
Fabians have tirelessly worked for, the perfection and establishment of
an Anglo/English Capitalism.

International Socialism is already being implemented while an unknowing
American Republic still fights something “that isn’t real or coming.”

Now we can move to the Reagan Revolution.

End of Mr. Hayfield's article.

The next installment, the third out of the four we are now running, will
be coming soon.

Terry Hayfield's email address is: catzm-@aol.com

End of this Network America e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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