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Part 3: What is the Permanent Revolution?  Jim Condit Jr.
 Oct 13, 2003 05:38 PDT 

October 13, 2003 NA (Network America) e-wire

Here is the third installment out of the four in this series from Mr.
Terry Hayfield on the Permanent Revolution.

(Preliminary comments: Here we see the shocking – but liberating --
truth behind the Reagan Revolution. Now it becomes clear why Reagan was
always ULTIMATELY treated kindly by the Big TV Networks, even though
they always let some of the lefties who hated even the appearance of the
old America yap at his heels – just to make it looked good.

I remember the great line of an American patriot who made some serious
and tragic personal mistakes in his life, the late John Schmitz, one
time congressman from California, and 1972 Presidential candidate for
the American Independent Party. When asked if he supported President
Reagan, Schmitz quipped, “I support his speeches.”

The euphoric, pathetic, and self-congratulatory buffoonery of the “Sean
Hannity-Tony Snow Style Media Fraternity” becomes clear when you
understand the punch line of this Hayfield essay.

In this essay, Mr. Hayfield talks about the flaw of capitalism. This
flaw of capitalism, and how to correct it, is also discussed at:


In the following essay, a lot is covered and some ideas need expanding,
perhaps which can be done at some future date. For instance, when the
author says that (paraphrase) “Radical Capitalists do what they do
because they have to do it” – he does not mean to deny free will. Also,
I have another essay from the author where he proves from unquestionably
authentic and verifiable documents that the Heritage Foundation takes
its economic ideas from the socialist Fabian Society.

Here is installment 3 in this series of 4 essays:

What is the Permanent Revolution?

By Terry Hayfield

[Author’s note: All my writing deals with some form or facet of the
Permanent Revolution. It has been my experience when presenting my
findings that most individuals find the existence of the Permanent
Revolution difficult to accept. Thirty years of data collection has
exposed a repeating cycle of political and economic events traceable to
the Fabian Society.]

The Permanent Revolution is the most over looked process of modern,
Western, industrial society’s history. This revolution is an ongoing
evolution of Capitalism into Socialism, which will eventually lead to
the implementation of a self-regulating, classless society. In essence
Capitalism, Socialism and Communism are integral parts of the same
perpetual procedure.

A true Communism has yet to exist! It is only now in its initial
stages of implementation. Countless millions of Americans regardless of
their position on the political spectrum most surely would dispute this
truth. This is, unfortunately, totally understandable.

In order to correct this societal misunderstanding a more precise and
lengthy definition of the Permanent Revolution is required.

The Permanent Revolution is the continual process of War, Revolution,
and Terror removing impediments to allow the global proliferation of a
specific and unified American/British Capitalism based on the precepts
of the Fabian Society (founded in the mid 1880s). The objective is the
creation of a Free Market Economy (Economic Democracy) based on
international Free Trade through the United Nation’s General Agreements
on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and its evolutionary offspring the World
Trade Organization (WTO). International Free Trade requires the
explicit destruction of National Sovereignty. The final goal is the
perfection of a highly organized and technologically advanced
Capitalism. This Capitalism will only reach its perfection when it has
evolved into Socialism. Once this perfected Corporate Socialism
dominates all global economic activity then it will be possible to
create the economic, political, social and moral conditions to make
possible the emergence of a self-regulating, classless society directed
by a Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

The perfection of Capitalism rests on one very important factor.
Capitalism has one very large problem known as The Flaw of Capitalism
(overproduction and under-consumption). In order for Capitalism to
reach its Socialist perfection Capitalist production must equal
society’s ability to consume. Also, when the gap between production and
consumption gets too wide Capitalism falls into severe crisis and this
results in Capitalism having to resort to some form of Fascism (i.e.
Homeland Security) in order to remain in control of the process of
Capitalist perfection.

One very large impediment to this constant pursuit of Capitalist
perfection is the concept of National Sovereignty. The controller of
the Permanent Revolution, the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) which is
dominated by Fabian Socialist principles has waged a continual cycle of
War, Revolution and Terror to remove this major obstacle. In short,
World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, the rise and fall of Fascism,
World War II and the present World War on Terrorism are related through
the phenomenon of the Permanent Revolution.

It must be remembered Capitalism is an economic process! The RCC has
judiciously created a plethora of “front groups” introducing a wide
variety of ideologies necessary as catalysts to facilitate a world
system based on the basic precept of “Each according to his/her needs
and each according to his/her abilities.” This revolution is the mother
of all ideologies from abortion to Zionism.

The Theory of Permanent Revolution is not to be confused with the wide
variety of Conspiracy Theories that have persisted during the 20th
Century into the present one. The vast majority of these Conspiracy
Theories are false because they do not include or recognize the reality
and existence of the Permanent Revolution.

Regardless if the Conspiracy Theory is generated from the Right wing
(i.e. the John Birch Society) or the Left wing (i.e. Noam Chomsky) all
share one important commonality. They are based on the false premise of
“Rich people do what they do because they can.” These theories
generally are based on a “top down mentality” resulting in basically a
listing of wealthy Capitalists and think tanks dominant in government
and business “convicted” of greed and lust for power by “guilt through

When The Flaw of Capitalism is recognized it becomes quite clear
“Capitalists do what they do because they have to.” The Permanent
Revolution has nothing to do with greed or lust for power even though
there may be some Capitalist brothers in revolution that are greedy and
do lust power. The Permanent Revolution is all about the evolutionary
perfection of Corporate Socialism.

There is another important facet of the Permanent Revolution. This is
the concept of Perestroika. Perestroika is the creation of false
opposition groups, usually in the political extremes. The purpose of
Perestroika is to recognize enemies of the Permanent Revolution and then
direct these opponents away from discovering the existence of the
Permanent Revolution. Perestroika is effectively utilized across the
political spectrum.

Perestroika is also used in conjunction with one of the most important
tools of the Permanent Revolution, Dialectics. Dialectics is a process
(thesis, antithesis and synthesis) to instigate changes in society at
large aiding in the proliferation of the American/British unified
Capitalism. By manipulating a Perestroika from the political extreme
the unsuspecting masses are forced to the Political Center seeking
protection and security.

With this said the individual must then understand the following. If
the existence of the Permanent Revolution is not included in the
analysis of the history of the 20th Century, that analysis is rendered
false. If your analysis of history is false then it is impossible to
correctly understand the present reality let alone determine a
successful strategy to prevent a future of Communist domination.

Before you can accept the existence of the Permanent Revolution you
must be able “to see it.” Before you can “see it” one must know what to
look for.

Ever since the emergence of the American/British Capitalism steeped in
Fabian ideology Western society has been continually moving to the
political Left. Imagine a circle on a plane rotating counter-clockwise.
The circle is always dissected from “noon” to “six.” In America the
Democratic Party occupies the left half of the circle and the
Republicans the Right half. The Perestroika of either extreme exists on
or near the circumference of the circle. Agitation of the extreme
Perestroika speeds up the rotation of the circle forcing the masses of
the unsuspecting towards the center of the circle. As the circle moves
to the Left so does the Political Center.    

Ponder this model for a few minutes. Then consider the following.

In 1960 John F. Kennedy was elected president. At this time Kennedy was
viewed as being on the liberal Left wing extreme as a guiding light of
the East Coast Establishment. He believed in a strong military posture,
tax cuts to stimulate an economy in severe recession, reduction of
tariffs and was outwardly anti-Communist (a Communism that did not

In 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected likewise as president. At that time
he was incorrectly considered by many of this nation as on the
conservative Right wing extreme, determined to end 50 years of the
liberal Left wing East Coast Establishment dominance of the American
government. He believed in a strong military posture, tax cuts to
stimulate an economy in severe recession, draconian tariff reductions
and was anti-Communist (that still never existed).

In 2000 George W. Bush was also “elected” president. At that time Bush
was hailed as a World Conservative being politically right of center and
determined to spread the fruits of “the American way of life.” He
believes in a strong military, radical tax cuts to stimulate an economy
in severe crisis, total elimination of tariffs globally and with the
fake Communism defeated by Reagan. (Almost no one is able to recognize
the implementation of true Communism.)

There is a unity through this whole process.

Kennedy was a graduate of the London School of Economics founded by the
Fabian Society. Members of the New York Council on Foreign Relations, a
creation of the Fabian socialists, surrounded him

Reagan, although only an actor, was under the control of
Neo-conservatives. The Neo-conservatives were Trotskyite Socialists,
1930s graduates of New York City College, which was dominated by Fabian
Socialism. By the 1970s the future neo-cons understood collectivism was
not the cure for The Flaw of Capitalism. These neo-cons came from the
New York Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission
(international out growth of the CFR) and the vast majority of their
policies came from the Heritage Foundation filled with influential
members from the Fabian Society. The Heritage Foundation was founded by
Edwin Fuelner another student from the London School of Economics.

Bush, member of Skull and Bones (brothers in Permanent Revolution with
the Fabians) likewise has been surrounded by the CFR, the TLC and the
Heritage Foundation. Bush is even allied with Tony Blair, Prime
Minister of England and former Chairman of the Fabian Society, in a
World War on Terrorism.

It is time for concerned Americans, regardless of their personal
ideology, to recognize the existence of the Permanent Revolution and the
continuous process of War, Revolution and Terror.

Failure to do so only fans the flames of World War III. And the
consequence of this failure will sentence the citizens of this Republic
to the same criminal punishment imposed by the world community upon the
people of 1930s Germany.

End of article.

Terry Hayfield can be contacted at: catzm-@aol.com
End of this ewire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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