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We need a Congressional candidate in Iowa NOW  Jim Condit Jr.
 Jul 14, 2007 04:28 PDT 

July 14, 2007 NA (Network America) e-wire

We need a Congressional candidate or (preferably) a Senatorial candidate
in Iowa – NOW!

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Dear Friends –

Does anyone know a “fighting Irishman” type – (man, woman, Irish or not
Irish, young or old) -- in Iowa who will step into the breech at this
critical juncture?

The missing element right now for the Straw Poll in Iowa – coming up on
August 11, 2007 – and – for the upcoming Iowa Caucuses scheduled for
February, 2008 – is a federal candidate (for Congress or for Senate)
from Iowa that can “take it” to the people of Iowa (the message of
saving our country through honest vote counts). –

And “take it” (the expose) to the Crooks running the GOP in Iowa (who
have a history of counting the vote at the Straw Poll on secret computer
programs, and behind locked doors – and who crooked the 1996 Iowa
Caucuses against Pat Buchanan in cooperation with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and
their jointly owned creature, Voter News Service. Google the article “A
House Without Doors.”

***** Why do we need a congressional candidate?

Because a federal candidate can force radio ads onto WHO AM and other
major radio stations around Iowa in the week before the Ames Straw Poll
to put the spotlight on the crooked Diebold voting machines which the
Iowa State GOP leaders have voted to use to “count” the votes at the
Straw Poll.

***** Why are the Diebold machines bad and inherently un-American?

These Diebold machines use secret computer programs which no one is
allowed to examine; these Diebold machines were designed to steal
elections. There is no paper trail. (See chapter two and appendix two in
the book, “Black Box Voting” by Bev Harris; these chapters are available
free online at the right hand side of the home page at
www.blackboxvoting.org )

To add insult to injury, the Diebold machine gives the voter a receipt.
HEY MORONS AT THE IOWA STATE GOP! I don’t need to know how I voted. I
KNOW how I voted. I need to know how the other 20,000 people at the Iowa
Straw voted. THAT’s why we need an OPEN, verifiable count. –

By the way, aren’t you charging $35 for each Iowan to vote at the straw
poll? Isn’t there an implied contract there? Aren’t you promising to
deliver a VERIFIABLE count as to who REALLY wins the straw poll, and who
comes in second, etc.? You don’t think people are giving you $35 for you
to count the vote in secret so that they never know if they got a fair
count for their candidate -- or a crooked count, do you?

You aren’t saying you can take $35 from a fellow Iowan and then fail to
count his vote properly at the straw poll, -- and then deliver a
dishonest – or even an UNVERIFIABLE count -- done in secret and behind
closed doors, are you? Methinks you’re setting the Iowa GOP up for a
class action lawsuit if you persist in trying to count this Straw Poll
vote on the secret, and already discredited, Diebold software. We’ll get
back to that in a future Network America ewire -- soon.

That’s why we need a Congressional or Senatorial candidate to explain to
the people of Iowa and the people of America through major radio talk
shows in Des Moines and elsewhere WHY we need paper ballots counted in
the open at the Iowa Straw Poll, -- AND -- at the Iowa Caucus, and in
all of New Hampshire instead of just ½ of New Hampshire, and in all the
primaries, and at the General Election.

***** Why do the FCC-licensed Radio stations have to carry a federal
candidate’s ads without altering or censoring them in any way?

Because the Reasonable Access Law requires stations licensed by the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to carry the TV and radio ads of
federal candidates without editing the content – AT ALL. In fact, the
law provides that if a radio or TV station censors or alters the content
of such a radio ad, then the license for the station is awarded to the
federal candidate whom they censored.

There was an “iron-clad” Washington DC circuit court case ruling in 1996
(Becker v. FCC), in which this court, one below the Supreme Court, ruled
that a station must give it’s license to the candidate if they don’t run
his ads without censorhip, and at the time of the day he designates,
just as they do for any business which advertises.

***** What is the profile of the kind of Candidate we need?

1. Anyone over 25 who supports Ron Paul, “can’t take it anymore”, and is
willing to play a key role in fighting back.

2. Preferably someone who is retired, financially independent, or who
works for themselves, or who feels they can survive financially if the
GOP and Dem power structure in Iowa tries to retaliate against them
financially (i.e, you don’t want to do this if are a government
employee, or work for a big company that can fire you because they
support the New World Order agenda).

***** What does the candidate have to do?

1. The candidate has to get the required signatures to become a
congressional candidate or senatorial candidate in the race for the Iowa
GOP primary or the Iowa Democratic primary. This is usually 50
signatures to get into the congressional primary, plus pay a small fee.
It is usually about 250 signatures to get into the primary race for
Senator, and a little larger fee.

The reason the Senatorial candidacy would be better, is because then
there is no question that our candidate can run radio ads on any radio
station in anywhere in Iowa.

(While the FCC has been good about defending the right of candidates to
run ads in the district where they are running – starting at least last
year the FCC has teamed with radio stations to pull out all kinds of
technicalities to subvert the clear intent of the reasonable access law
which insures that federal candidates can run radio ads on ANY FCC
licensed radio station in the nation. We in Cincinnati are going to take
them to court on this as soon as we can launch the case. HOWEVER, if we
get someone to enter the primary for the Senate race, then this ensures
that the candidate can run ads anywhere in Iowa between now and the
February caucus / primary, even with the questionable rulings (?) which
are suddenly being invoked to prevent the free speech of candidates.)

2. We contribute money to the candidate.

3. The candidate airs the ads on WHO AM -- and other Iowa radio stations
– and gets the message to the people. (Even $3000 would make an impact –
but $5000 is better, and $10,000 would be better – to really saturate at
Des Moines radio waves with education / action radio messages in the
week before the Iowa Caucuses.)

4. The candidate should be able to do talk radio, give an interview to
the press, and give a speech when he/she wishes to do so. (He / she
should not feel obligated to do anything else unless he / she desires to
do so; no need for signs, bumper stickers, walking door to door, etc.
You reach more people with on radio ad over a Big Talk station than by
walking door to door for months. (Personally, I will not do any
interview that is not live. The TV and Radio press have proven
themselves to be so dishonest and so slanted that I won’t waste my time.
In the age of the internet, we don’t need to do rigged interviews that
they plan to slant mercilessly in the editing.)

5. In other words, no busy work; get on the ballot, we’ll help you raise
the money. We can help write the ads and produce the ads, the candidate
need not worry about that.

****** How does an “unknown” candidate raise money?

Simple – and there’s only one way that works quickly. You put up an
audio or video on a website with the radio ad, or radio ads – and then
you tell people about how much you need to run the ads for how long
(i.e., $3000 for one week of saturation advertising on WHO, or
whatever). And then you allow them to mail in a check or donate by
paypal immediately. We can help you do that, as we’ve done it a number
of times.

***** What is the timeline for the Iowa Straw poll?

1. We should find the candidate and get the signatures and pay the fee
next week, by July 22, 2007.

2. We raise the money between July 22, and August 1 – and get the
website up by July 22.

3. and then place the time for August 3rd or 4th through August 11th.
All radio ads direct people to a website where they can donate money and
learn more. This website should also have a link to RonPaul2008.com.

Tight time table – but it can be done.

***** What type of radio ad do we need to run for the Iowa straw poll?

We probably need only one radio ad for the Iowa Straw poll, but it must
be to the point and shake people out of their trance as their driving to
and from work:

Begin ad:

Announcer with deep voice: The Iowa Straw Poll has become the first
major contest in the Presidential Race which gets national attention.
However, the Iowa GOP has a history of “counting the vote” at this straw
poll on secret computer codes, and behind locked doors. This year –
believe it or not – the Iowa state GOP voted to use the notoriously
discredited Diebold machines! These machines do not provide a paper
trail, and they use secret software that no one is allowed to look at.

Many of us our afraid that the Iowa state GOP is counting the vote in
secret so that they can suppress the vote of Congressman Ron Paul, -- or
even steal the Iowa Straw Poll from him.

Candidate: Hello, this is XXX XXXXX and I’m running for US Senate in the
GOP primary. Hey, Iowa GOP – why not throw out the Diebold machines and
count paper ballots in the open – before everybody? What are you trying
to hide?

Announcer: Go to www.WEBSITE.com for more critical information on how
the United States is being stolen by easily rigged computer vote counts
– and HOW we must demand a an open count with paper ballots at ALL
elections. That www.WEBSITE.com.

End of Radio ad.

(By the way, we also need a candidate who will become a congressional or
Senatorial candidate for the battle up there which is coming.)

But first things first ---

OK. Mr. or Mrs. or Miss Iowa Senatorial or Congressional “Candidate of
the year” for 2007 – where are you? Now is your moment to shine, and
play an important role in this Presidential race, and maybe in your
country’s history.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
Mailing Address: PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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