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Taking the War to the New World Order -- Strategy: 1 of 3  Jim Condit Jr.
 Sep 15, 2007 18:58 PDT 

September 15, 2007 NA (Network America) e-wire

Taking the War to the New World Order – Strategy: 1 of 3

While complaints are everywhere, I will herein identify the ACTION PLAN
that can turn the tables on the New World Order in the NEXT FOUR MONTHS.
I need to ask all of you to read this. It will take a few minutes, but I
couldn’t make it any shorter and get all the necessary concepts in.

Anyone interested in the Ron Paul campaign should find this enlightening
and / or essential reading for the days ahead.


An historic lawsuit was filed in federal court by the intrepid Robert
Schulz of “We the People” Foundation. The suit was filed on September
12, 2007. It sues 10 key states, and the Secretary of State in each
state, for using computerized systems which hide the ballots from the
people on election day and thereafter, and which therefore violate our
constitutional right to vote as guaranteed to US citizens by the
constitution, and as defined twice by the US Supreme Court (in 1964 and
in 1915).

This lawsuit is aimed at all 50 states and is on behalf of the rights of
all US citizens. The lawsuit will be available to be read by everyone in
a day or two – and it is a POWERFUL job by Mr. Schulz.

Mr. Schulz has been best known for his legal work regarding the IRS, but
his organization, “We the People”, has the overriding purpose of
safeguarding the right of the people to petition the government for the
“redress of grievances” as described in the US Constitution.

In August of 2007 – one month ago, -- Mr. Schulz teamed up with Citizens
for a Fair Vote Count, Vote in Sunshine, and other Honest Election
advocates -- and filed suit against the Iowa GOP and the Iowa State
Auditor for the “hide the ballots” Diebold Computer system that was
being unconscionably used to “count” the Iowa Straw Poll votes in the

This “Iowa Straw Poll” lawsuit was the forerunner of the National Clean
Elections Lawsuit (N-CEL) that has now been filed.


This national lawsuit is necessary because 49 states and half of New
Hampshire use this same type of anti-American “hide the ballots”
computerized system on every primary and national election day. This has
been going on since at least as far back as 1988.

Since at least as far back as 1988, 3131 out of 3141 of the counties in
the USA have illegally and unconstitutionally delegated the “count” to
one of roughly four mysterious mega-corporations. Those four companies
are Diebold, ES & S (Election Systems & Software), Hart, and Sequoia. ES
& S alone “counts” 60% of the American vote on primary and November
election days. ES & S, Diebold, Hart, and Sequoia “count” 96% of the
vote in the USA.

(These companies are so shady and crooked, that all four have been
recently decertified by Debra Bowen, the Secretary of State of
California. The 5 Big TV Networks, of course, treated this as less
important that the ongoing saga of Britney Spears.)

That means that only 10 counties in the USA (all ten in New Hampshire)
still count the vote properly, i.e., paper ballots; ballots/ballot box
kept in public view all day; counted at closing time by citizens from
that neighborhood precinct with all factions allowed to watch at close
range; and with the result posted at the precinct BEFORE the ballots
leave the precinct and the public sight. This local, open count -- makes
it impossible for anyone to rig the results by computer from a central
location, as can now be easily done by the four mega-corporations
“counting” our votes in secret each election day.


Since 1988, when “hide the ballots from the public” computerized systems
were fully in place against the people of the USA in 49 states and half
of New Hampshire – only two families have inhabited the White House: the
Bushes and the Clintons.

Now, the 5 Big TV Networks and Clear Channel Radio are spewing forth
propaganda daily that Hillary Clinton is probably going to be the next
president – even though she is universally unpopular with the people of
the United States.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Votescam, anyone?


How did this happen? The National and state Republican and Democratic
committees have pressured/cajoled/incentivised election officials in
3131 local counties to hire these four mega-companies.

The local election officials have totally abdicated their
responsibilities by turning over the “count” to the mega-companies, and
then signing the results provided by the mega-companies. The signing of
these “results” is an act of blind faith by the local election

Meanwhile, the 5 TV networks cover up what is happening, and never tell
the people that they – whether citizens, candidates, or news media --
will be arrested if they try to see and count their own ballots on
election day, or anytime soon thereafter (again, with the exception of
those ten counties in New Hampshire).


Since joining the Honest Elections war, Mr. Robert Schulz and “We the
People” have come under great persecution due to a preposterous ruling
against him by a federal judge. He argues against this persecution in
Federal court on the 18th of this month. Please keep these proceedings
in your prayers. His website is: www.WeThePeopleFoundation.org .


This National Clean Election Lawsuit (N-CEL) stands on its own. It is a
long overdue attempt to restore the right to vote as described in the
Constitution and described by the US Supreme Court to the American

The Supreme Court said there are two parts to the right to vote: a) the
right to cast a ballot; b) the right to know that it is counted

As it stands, this SECOND part of our right to vote has been cleverly
stolen from us by a Ruling Elite working through the Republican National
Committee (RNC), Democratic National Committee (DNC), four
mega-corporations who provide the computers to the local counties on
election night, and the 5 Big TV Networks and their local affiliates,
who hide what is gong on from the people, and playing several other key
roles in each election cycle.


The federal courts must rule on this National Clean Elections Lawsuit in
the next four months – before the primaries begin in January. (Election
cases are expedited to the front of the line because of the real life
deadlines, namely, election day.)

If the federal courts refuse to reverse the current hiding of the
ballots from the citizens on election day – then we will be on FULL AND
FINAL notice that we are no longer living under the Constitution of the
United States of America, but instead are living under an alien, shadow
government, the beginning of the New World Order tyranny, that has yet
to announce itself by name.

Nothing is more basic to a free people than to be able to see their
ballots and count the votes themselves on election day.

There is only one word for a government which insists on hiding the
ballots from the citizens until the results are announced: tyranny –
(or, at least, tyranny in the making).

Such incipient tyrants MUST BE CALLED – AND STOPPED – NOW!

We are hoping that at least 5000 citizens will stand up with us in the
four months (September 2007 to February 2008) ahead in a very specific
way. Let me explain:

Part I of our Network America strategy is to publicize and support this
lawsuit – because, while it stands on its own, -- and is in fact above
politics and not associated with any candidate -- it is the hill upon
which we will find out whether or not we still have any part of our
constitutional government.


Part II is to use congressional candidates in various parts of the
country, and the reasonable access law, to force radio ads onto the Big
Talk Radio Stations. These radio ads will pull the mask off of the 5 Big
TV Networks, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.

These Big Media outlets and voices PRETEND to be referees in the
Presidential race. In fact, they are campaigners for the 6 Ruling
Elite-backed candidates (McCain, Thompson, Romney, Ghouliani, Hillary,
Obama, Edwards).

And, -- what our radio ads will focus us, -- they are ruthlessly
censoring the one champion of the Constitution who is running from
President: Congressman Ron Paul (despite his many amazing victories in
verifiable straw polls and in verifiable online and text polls).

In other words, these mega-media corporations are DAILY giving millions
of illegal in-kind campaign contributions to Ghouliani and Hillary and
Obama, etc., while ruthlessly censoring Ron Paul.


Part III is to teach 300,000+ Americans the ten minute lesson of how to
run for precinct chairman in one’s own neighborhood, go to the county
organizational meeting for your party (Republican or Democrat) and
election honest party officials. (All 3141 counties in the USA are
controlled by the Republicans and/or the Democrats, as far as we know.)

This simple activity takes about 20 hours per year, at most. Once a
majority of citizens in your county have elected good county chairmen,
the county election officials can restore honest voting (machine free,
computer free, paper ballots counted by the people in the open), -- and
nominate for office good congressional candidates, as well as good
candidates for all other local offices, who will preserve the
sovereignty o the USA.

A website is almost set up to organize 300,000 plus Ron Paul supporters
to re-make the Republican Party as a Ron Paul Republican Party:


And you might want to read these two articles on networkamerica.org to
get a good idea of how vitally important the precinct system is:


(This above link is to a short talk which was given in 1986 to explain
to a pro-life group in Cincinnati how the precinct system works. The
reader should be able to see how this applies to Ron Paul Supporters
taking back the Republican Party in early 2008.)

And the below linked article explains some of the practical mechanics,
so you can visualize what you would need to do to run for precinct and
elect a “Ron Paul” county chairman in the Republican Party in your


* * * * *    

We’re going to be looking for about 5000 individuals to help us fund and
implement this 3 point strategy. I mean, it’s only the country that is
at stake!

Congressman Ron Paul is giving us an opportunity. He is the national
leader to preserve and/or restore true freedom.

The three part strategy is NOT duplicating anything the Ron Paul
Campaign is doing. But all three parts of this strategy must ALSO be
done, or the New World Order forces ALREADY IN PLACE will “bury” the Ron
Paul campaign and its message by Super Tuesday. They are now in the
process of doing so through Big Media censorship via the Big Media.


Most Ron Paul supporters seem to be unaware that Romney, Ghouliani,
Thompson, McCain, Hillary, EDWARDS and OBAMA already have their
infrastructure in place: it is ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, the present GOP
precinct leaders, and the present Democratic precinct leaders. In fact,
Romney, Hillary, etc. – all members of the “Insider” Council on Foreign
Relations – are aware that they are in an intramural fight to get the
approval of the “Board of Directors” in New York City and Washington
D.C. – so that one of them become the next president.

--- Who is watching out for Ron Paul in this regard? No one. That is the
WHY of our three part strategy.

EMPHASIS: the big media and precinct system now in place – is THE NEW
WORLD ORDER SYSTEM. It is being used against us. So what do we do?

We must overwhelm the Big Media (ABC, CBS, etc.) with the New
Independent Media --- the internet, with conference calls, and with
congressional ads over the big talk radio stations.

Secondly, we must enter and take back the Precinct system. Then it will
be our system again, and we can take back the country in 2 or 4 years.
(Isn’t it amazing that none of the big national leaders have told you
about how this precinct system works?)

* * * * * *


In order to run the radio ads needed to make Ron Paul a household word,
and in order to pay for the 3 part counter-attack, we estimate it will
take the equivalent of 5000 Ron Paul supporters to donate on average
$100 each. We will be putting up videos on the internet (YouTube and
elsewhere) and holding conference calls about this. We believe when
people see the vision of what this can do – then we will find more than
5000 Ron Paul supporters who will see the need for this complementary
action plan, and will help.

Most of the money, by far, will be to advertise on the big Talk Radio
stations about the Big Media censorship of the Ron Paul Presidential
Campaign and, on a second radio ad, about the crooked computerized
election systems now in use.

But there are incidental expenses that cannot be avoided. For instance:

The #1 webmaster in the country may be available to help power the
necessary website to make all of this happen. She works for the movement
out of love of country, but she needs to make some money to keep her
lights on. We really need her in the few months ahead.

In another matter, Mr. Schulz of “We the People” put out $1600 of his
own money to fly into Nebraska, and the drive to Des Moines, Iowa on
August 9, 2006 – to make sure the lawsuit against the Iowa GOP, etc. was
filed in time, losing a night’s sleep along the way. Then he is also
fronting the filing fee for the National Clean Election Lawsuit (N-CEL)
which was filed on September 12, 2007, which was $335.

(Remember, Mr. Bob Schulz and “We the People” are not associated with
any political movement, but work for the rights of all the people;
nevertheless, I feel an obligation to help him out with these expenses,
for it is not fair for him to do all the work on the litigation, and
have to pay for all the expenses himself also.)

If anyone feels moved to help us gear up for the fight ahead and defray
necessary expenses already incurred, please use PayPal to email your
donation to: realne-@fuse.net – or mail to Network America, PO Box
11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

Any donation now will not be part of a political campaign, although that
will change under certain circumstances as we roll out the
non-litigation parts of this ACTION strategy.

Many thanks in advance for those who can do so. If I had the money
myself, I would never make a funding appeal, but unfortunately you are
stuck with a “struggling crusader.”

Everyone into the Battle!

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
Mailing Address: PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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