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To RP Supporters: Drew Ivers Still Head of RP Iowa - Will He Monitor the  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 10, 2011 02:58 PST 

December 10, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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To RP Supporters: Drew Ivers Still Head of RP
Iowa – Will He Monitor the Vote?

An article that has made the rounds on the
internet yesterday, confirms that Drew Ivers is
still Ron Paul’s Iowa Campaign Chairman.

Here is one place to find it, -- Ivers is quoted
in the last paragraph:



Last time in late 2007, amidst some abuse, I
spoke up near the end of a conference call for the
Iowa Caucus effort. The call was hosted by Drew
Ivers, also the Iowa Campaign Manager for Ron Paul

As I spoke up and introduced myself by name, one
on the call groaned, another issued an epithet of
disgust. Why was my name known at all among Iowa
Ron Paul people?

Because I was the lead voice in the “Vote in
Sunshine” effort to get the vote monitored at the
Iowa Straw Poll and the Iowa Caucus. This was
offensive to certain alleged Ron Paul activists
and paid staff, and the higher one got in the paid
staff, the worse it got.

Some group in 2007 had set up all the Ron Paul
meetups in Iowa to be “closed” (in a political
campaign?) so it was very hard to make contact
with anyone in grassroots in Iowa. Those working
under the paid staff as volunteers – naturally
didn’t want to offend the paid staff, so they
allowed themselves to be warned away from us,
undoubtedly confused.

The excuse was whispered that Condit (me) was
“anti-Semitic ”, because I had published numerous
articles on the internet against the malevolent
power of the organized Jewish lobby in the USA,
such as AIPAC and the ADL, and related
organizations. (If you don’t these groups are
harmful to the USA, then you’re not paying

BUT – this was irrelevant, because I was not
asking for any position or influence or notoriety
in the Ron Paul Campaign.

All that I and the others in the “Vote in
Sunshine” effort were doing – was trying to make
sure the Ron Paul campaign knew what happened to
Buchanan in the Iowa Caucus 1996, and make sure
they knew what to do to stop it from happening to
Ron Paul in 2008, i.e., monitor the vote in as
many local caucuses as possible, hopefully in all
99 Iowa Counties – just as we had monitored the
vote for Buchanan in Dubuque County in 1996 –
where we caught the election rigging explained in
“A House Without Doors”, online.

We thought we would pass on the information to
the paid staff, and disappear. We had no idea
about the AGGRESSIVE opposition we would receive
from the likes of the paid staff, from the local
level to the national level, including Drew Ivers
in the Iowa Campaign. (I’ve been in politics since
1972, when I got my feet wet at the age of 19.
Many of these paid staff may have been following
orders from saboteur Lew Moore, National RP
campaign manager, but most, like Ivers seemed to
be against any monitoring of the vote on their own

As I say, if some of these guys weren’t plants to
slow down and thereby destroy the Ron Paul
campaign as far as possible, they sure did a good
imitation of same.


Back to the call. I had met Drew Ivers when he
was running the Pat Buchanan Iowa Straw Poll
campaign back in the 1999 – and, after noting
that, basically asked if we could schedule a 15
minute conference call with him to talk about
monitoring the vote in 2008, in light of what had
happened to Pat Buchanan in 1996.

On the call, Mr. Ivers was cordial, and agreed to
the conference call on the following day (as I

A few of us dialed in and stated the case for
monitoring the vote to protect Ron Paul’s totals,
and how to do it. After about 15 minutes, Ivers’
tone changed and he basically said (paraphrase):
“Look, I have a campaign to run here, get me 2000
more people to come attend the Caucus and we’ll
talk.” Shortly after this point, he terminated the

This was the old line of the RP paid staff, in
effect: “Ron Paul supporters are too dumb to vote
for Ron Paul at a local Caucus, and then also
witness the vote count, and then call it into RP
headquarters. And we’re too busy to ask of us to
announce a public a website where we will tally
the votes INDEPENDENTLY of the Iowa State
Republican Party.” (My words, or course, but this
was the jist of it.)

So, there is no question that Drew Ivers has been
aware of how to monitor the vote in the Iowa
Caucus since December 2007. SO – what is his
excuse for not monitoring the vote in 2012? If he
is organizing a quiet monitoring, -- then why is
it quiet?

so that the Iowa State GOP and the Big TV Networks
and their creature National Election Pool (NEP)
will realize that they can not manipulate the vote
against Ron Paul, because of the INDEPENDENT
VERIFICATION of the Ron Paul Campaign.

If the Ron Paul Campaign itself it not doing
this, then maybe a group of sincere grassroots
reporters still can.

All the Network America ewires about how to do
this, plus more info, is up at

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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