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NEW RP Iowa Vote Checking Strategy, & Buttons for Social Networking  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 12, 2011 05:32 PST 

December 12, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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NEW RP Iowa Vote Checking Strategy, & Buttons for
Social Networking Up


First, thanks to Deb H. (a new cyber email
acquaintance, and a Ron Paul supporter) – who
responded to my plea, emailed me, and told me how
to add the Social Networking buttons in about ten
minutes to www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm – I hope
I did it right! Please give me feedback if the
buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. at the top of
that page don’t work.

For everyone else, the website she told me about
is this one:

www.addthis.com -- Thanks again, Deb!

* * * * * *


Chuck G. from Texas has sent in this brilliant
back-up strategy for monitoring the vote in the
Iowa Caucus.

RP supporters could take a cell phone picture of
the FINAL RESULTS tally Sheet at each of the 1750
or so local Iowa Caucus gatherings. Then,
including the county AND the exact local caucus
location, each monitor could attach the picture of
the TALLY RESULTS -- and email that picture with
identifying information to votef-@fuse.net –
from where it would be uploaded to a dedicated,
independent website. But there’s more.

IF, for some reason the local caucus leaders
would not permit a picture of the official tally
sheet, (which I doubt would happen), the person
could videotape the proceedings and/or record on a
piece of paper the final results as read out to
those gathered, and send the totals in to our
effort. Each monitor would have to be willing to
provide an affidavit later, if necessary, that
these were the true results as they witnessed

At that point, we at votefraud.org could have a
team uploading the results to the internet as fast
as they come in, at a dedicated website, with the
name and email of the person sending in the report
from each local caucus.

Ideally, we would have working with us 99 Ron
Paul computer-savvy people from all around the
country (they could be anywhere, ideally not from
Iowa, because the Iowa people should be going to
Caucuses and witnessing what’s happening that

Each of those 99 computer-savvy people would be
assigned a county in Iowa, and hopefully make
contact with the RP volunteer coordinator in that
county to work with them on who would be reporting
as the monitor from each local caucus gathering.
If that network can be set up, then each RP
reporter/monitor would email directly to the RP
computer person uploading for that county, and
copy in votef-@fuse.net – this would mean
almost REAL TIME publishing of the real results on
the internet.

We would issue open letters to the Iowa state GOP
office, and to each of the Big 5 TV Networks, AP,
and their evil creature National Election Pool,
telling them what we are doing to prevent them
from rigging the election against Ron Paul.

I think I might be able to get a webmaster I
sometimes use to upload a website that would have
99 unique permissions for the 99 counties of Iowa,
and each RP volunteer computer-savvy “uploader”
would have the unique permission to access that
particular Iowa county for the purpose of
uploading the results from the RP monitor at each
of the 18 or so local gatherings (on average) in
each county.

The monitor at each local gathering in that
particular Iowa County would be known to our
designated RP uploader for that county in advance,
and vise versa.

The local monitor at each local Caucus gathering
could email the uploader for their county as soon
as the results are known, either from a blackberry
type device, or from a laptop, always copying in
votef-@fuse.net so we have a master record,
which we would make public.

Phone numbers could also be exchanged, with each
county uploader’s phone number being given ONLY to
the 18 or so local monitors, and vice versa. If
each monitor were recommended by the volunteer
county RP coordinator, this would prevent us from
being sabotaged by enemy agents on Iowa Caucus

I can’t imagine that the RP volunteer county
coordinators can be dissuaded from participating
in this necessary “check and balance” for the vote
count in Iowa - even if Drew Ivers calls them all
and tells them not to participate, -- which I hope
wouldn’t happen.

This, it seems to me, would work excellently as a
backup strategy if the campaign isn’t acting.
Stand by. We may announce conference calls soon.

* * * * * * * *


The “short version” of the New Hampshire “watch
the vote for Ron Paul” strategy will be sent out
next, and posted at www.votefraud.org/Iowa2012.htm

I know that yesterday’s NH ewire was long – but
it was meant for the perceptive person, new to the
vote-rigging problem, who really wants to
understand how much danger Dr. Paul is in of
having the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire
primary rigged against him by the Iowa State GOP
in Iowa, and the NH Secretary of State cabal in
New Hampshire, -- both GOP operations in witting
or unwitting alliance with the votefraud syndicate
orchestrated by the Big 5 TV Networks, as
explained in recent Network America ewires.

The “short version”of the NH strategy will be
basically “nothing but the facts” on how to
monitor the vote for RP in NH – the only other
major contest outside of the Iowa Caucus that we
have a chance to monitor the vote.


IF the RP Paid staff will again refuse to monitor
the vote properly in the Iowa Caucus and the NH
primary in 2012, as was the case in 2007, --
and/or if an independent RP supporters’ effort
does not watch the vote in the Iowa Caucus and NH
primary 2012 – all the other efforts in Iowa and
NH for Ron Paul may be in vain.

The insanity of having to work AROUND the RP paid
staff, such as Drew Ivers in Iowa, can hardly be
exaggerated. The RP campaign has all the money
people are donating, and all the full time
personnel, but they apparently won’t life a finger
on this ALL IMPORTANT front. This is both
unconscionable and electoral treason.

There is still time for the RP paid staff in Iowa
and NH to do the job, but we’re not holding our


Several sources are approaching the paid staff
for Ron Paul in Iowa and New Hampshire to see if
they are going to do anything to announce a
monitoring of the vote, and public posting of the
vote in close to real time, IN ADVANCE of the Iowa
Caucus and the NH Primary.

Again, if such an announcement is not done in
advance – and then followed through on, then it is
as good as doing nothing.

The Iowa State GOP leadership, with its long
history of crass dishonesty and election rigging
in both the Iowa Straw Poll and the Iowa Caucus
(more on that soon) – needs to be SCARED silly
that if they rig this upcoming Iowa Caucus vote
against Ron Paul – then they will be caught and
exposed in public. Same goes for the 5 Big TV

Soon I will reproduce and answer the lame
objections that are being placed by some on
DailyPaul and elsewhere to try and divert people
from monitoring the vote for Dr. Paul in Iowa and

* * * * * *

My page covering more than you want to know, but
everything you need to know as a RP supporter --
to help VERIFY the count, is:


“Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those
who COUNT the votes decide everything.” Josef
Stalin, Communist Dictator, Khazar, and Mass

End of this Network America Ewire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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