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cue sheet comments  susan plonsky
 Apr 16, 2003 09:52 PDT 
Hi Everyone,

I thought i would start a discussion thread to collect comments on the
cue sheets.

There were a couple mistakes we'd like to correct, but i'd also like to
know where people got lost so we can clarify those parts, too.

Here are my comments on the 300k:

Iím working off the small print cue sheet from the internet. I know the
large print is a little different.

Legend: I found out during the ride that TL means left at the T. I
thought it meant turn left. Make that more explicit. ďTL= TĒ left tells
you what the L means, but not the T.

I assume those are town names in the square brackets? You might want to
put that in the legend.

Mile 87.01 Left onto Birch Ridge Rd: The street sign is a stick of wood
in the ground (like a 4x4) with the street names engraved.
Unfortunately, you only see Birch Ridge Rd as you make the turn and look
back. Going in our direction, you canít see the street name (because
itís on the other side of the sign.) Also, the street on the right has a
different name from the street on the left. You may want to add
something like ďGrove Street on rightĒ or whatever that street was
opposite Birch Ridge Rd.

Mile 96.31 TR on Silverlake Rd: I still say this street is unmarked. And
itís not a T. Itís a 4-way intersection. Thatís why some people last
year and this year went straight for the bonus miles.

Mile 107.51 BL Pequest Rd: Iím not sure that BL is appropriate here.
Weíre on a major road to begin with. Pequest Road is quite a smaller
road. It intersects our main road at a 30 degree angle, so itís true
that youíre not turning at a 90 degree angle to get onto it. I guess
thatís the reason itís marked BL.

My feeling is that BL and BR should be reserved for situations when the
road seems to fork. The road to the right and the road to the left are
of equal sizes and itís tough to tell which is the main road and which
is the intersecting road. On a major road where streets are coming in
from all directions, i would stick to L and R, but thatís just my

Mile 117.41 X Morris Canal. Then the mileage column says 0 miles to turn
right on Morris Canal Trail. There are several problems here. First of
all, there are two roads after the canal. Riders should take the second
right, not the first, but i interpreted a leg mileage of 0 to mean you
have to turn immediately after the canal at the first right. Better to
put ďR at 100 feetĒ or ď2nd rightĒ in the comments, or something like
that. Secondly, i remember the turn as a TR, not R.

Mile 117.71 ďL Rt 57 to go east. Bad U-turn.Ē OK, so what is a bad
U-turn? Is it like a bad RR track? Secondly, itís not a U-turn at all.
U-turn means you turn around and go back the same way you came. I
believe what you mean is hard left or sharp left. I think itís
sufficient to say ďL ....Sharp turn onto overpass on Rt 57 heading

Mile 141.21 Do something with the question marks.

Mile 141.51 ďR Hacklebarney Rd or Pottersville Rd Ė stop sign.Ē This is
the way i remember the intersection. I passed the post office on the
right, and as iím heading up the hill, the road curves to the right. Off
to the left is another intersection. Thereís a street sign that says
Hacklebarney Rd and Pottersville Rd and they have a stop sign before
entering my street. My comment is this Ė I donít think the cue sheet
should mention stop signs that other people have. If the cue sheet says
stop sign, it should be because i have to stop. Also, iím not sure their
street sign should be on the cue sheet because itís way the hell over to
the left and easy to miss because iím going through a town and thereís a
lot going on visually. The main road goes the right, so i donít think
thereís any ambiguity here.

Mile 143.71 ďBR Road Bends.Ē The statement Road Bends is rather
redundant and unnecessary. Thatís what BR means. The road bends to the
right so you have to BR.

Mile 152.21 L on Railroad Ave after the Whitehouse Fire Station. Mileage
is off. Itís about a quarter mile, not half a mile.

Susan Plonsky
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