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RE: Cue Sheet Comment from RBA  nmorge-@hotmail.com
 Apr 17, 2003 18:21 PDT 
Now that I've had a chance to read the last few days' messages, I'll
offer some comments. Although I weather-wimped-out of the 300k last
weekend, some of you saw me and three friends on Alphano/613 and soon
thereafter on Ramsey/661. One of the sections that seems to have drawn
the most questions is that which I led Sandiway through on last year's
300k. It's an area with which I'm quite familiar, having led rides
there on numerous occasions. In fact, I'll be leading a recovery club
ride through it this Sun. It's only 64 mi starting in Denville,
entiteled "Hacklebarney in the Spring"--if anyone is interested, just
let me know. Following is a segment of my cue sheet, that Diane can use
to update or clarify her cue for next year. BTW, I occasionally ride
with Chuck & Crista, and will put in my 2 that Diane's cues are quite

Cheers...........Nate Morgenstern

27.2 0.3 BR Hacklebarney State Pk Rd
29.1 1.9 R Hacklebarney Rd
30.4 1.3 BL Hacklebarney Rd
32.9 2.5 L Black River
33.5 0.6 BL Fairmount @ ss
33.7 0.2 R Pottersville Deli

Note: The 300k doesn't stop at the Deli, but continues straight across
the metal bridge, turns right, then continues straight onto Black River
at the Peapack/Gladstone sign.

Diane Goodwin wrote:
 Okay .... so they weren't perfect but if you compare them to other route

sheets (go ahead ride other rides and see for yourself!) you won't find
the towns in brackets. I added these and the counties for the rider to
have some idea of where they were if lost and needed to ask questions.

The PDF format ... last year this was the only format available online.
A larger print is always available the day of the event. An EXCEL
spreadsheet is also available for the 200 and 300K as well. Bill
Canilang took time out to format the 200K but I didn't have time to send

him the 300K. The large format you had on 4/12 was a document I put
together. Remember, route sheets need to be scouted as close to the day
of the event as possible. I drove out to Princeton and Sandiway drove
the newest part with me - at 9 p.m. after I worked all day. At 10:45
p.m. I drove the route in the dark to make sure the roads were rideable.

I arrived at my home by 5 a.m. and had to work that Thursday ... I then,

edited the route sheet, posted a new one on the web and FROM the new
mileage calculated opening and closing times for the brevet cards. The
cards were printed on Friday. So, you see it's a process.

Yes, some of the sections, like Black River Road after Hacklebarney
State Park was confusing. I apologize for that - I need to have someone
ride out with me one weekend to get that straightened out finally.

The mileage, I know, is off near Amwell Road and East Mountain Road.

If you are riding my routes, I scout the route - making sure to indicate

landmarks such as the white monument after Pequest Hatcheries. So,
looking at the point to point mileage and noting the street name or
description helps.

Most of you know already that the route sheet is usually posted before
the event. The 200 and 300K routes were basically unchanged from last
year. I hope that everyone looks at county maps before the event. You
can get lost with a perfect route sheet. I hear stories of the riders
who use GPS and didn't turn when it alerted them - they missed the turn
and ended up climbing back. It's not just the cue sheet.

I'm glad Susan opened up this discussion. I consider all comments.

BTW, the layout of the cue sheet is not "terrible." How many century
rides have you been on which have all that mileage information? Most
only have accumative mileage - on this cue sheet you have a chance to
zero out your cyclometer at control points - saving you from becoming a
mathemathical wiz for the next hundreds of miles.

There's no one way that's the "right" way to create a route sheet. You
cannot comment on the accuracy of the 200K route because you didn't
complete the entire ride. As a matter of fact, the 200K sheet has no
inaccuracies as far as mileage and turns were concerned. The only errors

were in the names of the landmarks I used (i.e. Amoco rather than Exxon
- it's still a gas station and the Hawkes Schoolhouse Road is correct
road sign and the mileage is accurate.)

Overall the cue sheets have been compared to Christa Borras' and she's
the guru of route sheets. I have had plenty of positive comments on them

and know they are quite informative - maybe too much information

Comments are welcomed and adjustments will be made. I hope Bill Canilang

will help with the formatting again. Not everyone has the same cue sheet

holder size ... this is why the Excel spreadsheet is available online.

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