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Sunoasis 2004 V8 Issue 11  David Eide
 Dec 08, 2004 19:53 PST 

___________________________S U N O A S I S   2 0 0 4
Volume 8 Issue 11
November/December 2004

"Nothing is more real than nothing."
-- Samuel Beckett
_____________________T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S
1) [Editor Notes- Strategies for Marketing the Writer]
2) [The Free Press- Bloggers Eat It]
3) [The Writing Life- Flowchart for Writing, Inc.]
4) [Resources]
5) [Markets and Leads]
6) [Community]
7) [Acknowledgments]

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_________________________E D I T O R N O T E S
Welcome to the final issue of Sunoasis in 2004. I always
enjoy the story of the man climbing the mountain only
to find a huge stone in his path. "Move this stone for
me God," he says. God does nothing. He strains and he
pushes against the stone and it doesn't budge. For over
a month he does this until he's ready to give up. As
he departs the mountain God says to him, "Oh, you want
the stone removed so you can go up the mountain?" The
man stares into space as though God were an idiot. At
that God sends down a tornado that picks up the stone
and whisks it away. The pathway is clear. The man starts
up and then says, "Well God, if you knew you were going
to remove the stone why didn't you do it the first day?"
And God tells the man to look at himself. And the man
sees that he's grown huge leg, chest, and arm muscles.
"You never would have been prepared to climb the
mountain had I moved the stone the first day."

So, we've been huffing and puffing, straining and aching
trying to remove the stone. As we reflect we have grown
a bit more patient, a bit more knowledgeable and so forth.
For all that we are grateful.

S o m e S t r a t e g i e s F o r M a r k e t i n g

I like to call it, "Strategies for Marketing the Writer."
I've written for magazines with "strategic" in the title
and I always view it as a meaningful word. A strategy is
the way in which a good portion of your resources will be
deployed. Whether you are talking about a writing career
or building a power plant, it's about making decisions;
crucial decisions that will either bring you success or
stall you on your path.

One element of this is the gathering of resource. Another
is the psychological strategy of anticipating rejection,
as well as learning the arts of negotiating.

As I write this I'm staring at the big, blue 2004 Writer's
Market book that is in my little inner circle of writing
resource books up on my desk. Yellow post-it notes are
sticking out of it. Compressed between the covers are a
good proportion of writing markets, agents, and publishers.
I always recommend students who write in to buy a copy
and study it now, while they are in school.

It's a good idea to separate out the functions of marketing and
writing. They are completely different spaces; they are
oil and water and mixed with bad results. The best thing
to do is to experiment a bit and try out different schemes
and go with the one that works for you.

Will you split the day up into these functions? The week?
The month? A lot depends on how you are approaching the
writing career. If it is a full-time, bread-winning career
then it's likely you'll be marketing much of the time.

If you are working on a novel and not dependent on it as a
source of income, then the marketing can come at gentler

I like to make charts and print them out. These charts can
be simple line drawings that are able to hold pieces of
information such as the name of a magazine, its current
editor, ideas to approach the editor with, queries sent,
answers back and so on.

One thing a writer is never prepared for is the depth
of specialization that makes up the market. Most writers
come from a humanities background where the "holistic"
is more valuable than the "fragmented."

But, there's no way around it. The fact that there are a dozen
different woodworking magazines tells you all you need to know.
The market is sliced and diced to increase the visibility of
advertisers and make more profits for publishers. Writers
deal with it by specializing in one to three areas. That's
one reason why the expert is a connecting tissue in the
writing life.
                     * * * * * * * * *
It's very useful to know the differences between writing for
a consumer magazine and writing for a trade magazine. In the
consumer field the writer has to continually search for
markets. The consumer magazine editor is besieged with
queries and stories. The writer has to develop a decent
strategy to churn ideas and get those ideas into the hands
of editors who can turn them into assignments. The writer
for a trade magazine is in a different sort of universe. The
editor will usually assign the article to writers she trusts
or has worked with before. So, the strategy in writing for
trades is to find a few publications that you can write many
articles for. Each has their good and bad points.

It's been told to me from one who knows that the best way
to develop a marketing strategy is to go to a writer's
conference and connect with a published writer. Try to
corner a writer whose career path is like the one you
want to travel on. Even a few tips will be invaluable.
             >>>>>>>>>>links to use<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Weird markets for October 2004
Finding Hidden Markets by Marcia Yudkin.

 >>>>>>>>> t h e   f r e e   p r e s s <<<<<<<<<<<<<
According to the headlines journalists are either blogging,
plagiarizing, or being killed.

We live in that magnificent curse, "exciting times."
I see a lot of people are coming down on the bloggers for
trying to be the first to predict the outcome of the
election. A rumor spread on blogs that exit polling had
Senator Kerry way ahead in Pennsylvania and Wall Street
dropped about 100 points or so. It just points up to the
immaturity of the medium. Maybe the bloggers will reflect a
bit on the expectations they have for their little toy and
begin that self-regulating, self-criticizing process
necessary for anything to develop.

This article celebrates the blurring of lines between
"media" and the rest of us. There's a huge difference
between journalism and writing a letter to the editor, as
most blogging is. When bloggers interview, fact-check,
research and write to discover something, then they can
saddle right up next to journalists who are paid to do
those things.

We mentioned Wikipedia a few years ago and the effort to
create a collaborative encyclopedia on-line. It's a very
interesting concept and is worth paying a visit. Now, they
are going to move into the concept of collaborative

These links are among my favorites from Wikipedia.
_________________________T H E W R I T I N G L I F E
I was trying to imagine a flowchart for "writing, inc." The
writer would be in the front but connected in one direction
to readers, in another direction to editors, still another
to experts, and another to agents. He flows along a
publishing system, print or digital.

The writer has a flowchart in him or herself as well. To
wit: curiosity, imagination, logic, memory, pain, pleasure,
and dreams. Worlds flow on through these and can, sometimes,
erupt into a book. Or, a website. And I suggest any writer
who builds a website, build it like the book you never
thought you would write. Give it vision and think through it.

I enjoy reading through the catalogs I get from companies
who sell remaindered books. As I go over the titles I think
of the writer behind each volume. Each book represents an
opportunity to enter a new world. It reminds me that writing
is discovery and then the care of compiling resource, and
finally the presentation to interested people. In the
massive crush of written material this is often forgotten.
The Featured Article in this month's Sunoasis X 2004 is,
Suggestions for Writing Successful Query Letters by
Danielle Hollister

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________________________________________R E S O U R C E S
Google Scholar--it's a plaything for academics.
Use Google Print to publicize your book.
____________________________________________C R A F T
How to edit your articles as you write.
Talent vs. Skill by John Nihmey.
Good writing is a skill.
Play with words.
What kind of writer do you want to be? A descriptive
list of writer categories.
______________W R I T I N G O R G A N I Z A T I O N S
American Society of Indexers
United States Basketball Writers Association
Dog Writers Association
Garden Writers Association
Association of Health Care Journalists
International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association
______________________________P U B L I S H I N G
Funny and true account of "from writing to becoming a
The newspaper book reviewer goes and meets some of the
odd authors of books that pass his eyes.
More stories from the land of self-publishing.
"Drop-in" publishing article.
______________________________________A T    C/ O A S I S
There's always an assortment of interesting writing at
C/Oasis. Stories, poems, essays, and now a new literary
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To help continue our success, we are in search of a
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Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers
How to find foreign writing markets.
The National Writer's Union has a list of markets
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If you have any suggestions about markets you want
guidelines for, just drop a line:
_______________________________________C O M M U N I T Y

Shaw Guide for Writing Conferences in December.

_____________________________________F Y I
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Sunoasis--You're amazing! A mere five hours after I sent
in the text for my classified ad I got a call for a writing
project, and within two days, the project was mine. Thanks
so much for your invaluable services!
Debbie Lerman, freelance writer
_______________________________________E T C/ E T C/ E T C
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