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 Otaku ML
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 May 26, 2005 13:22 PDT 
Competitive Games International is for Everyone!

You like to play at Online Casinos?...you're at the right place!

Just like to play for fun?...you're still at the right place...play for free!

Maybe you prefer games of skill...not all of us like to leave our hand to chance, but we might have a game that we are good at...many players are switching to games of skill...they have more control over the outcome...

Are you good at Bridge, or Euchre...maybe Chess or Checkers, or Backgammon, or Solitaire, or Bejeweled...what about Slot Cars, or Virtual Games?

You're at the right place!

Maybe you would like to show others how good you are...you can compete against others all over the globe...

Play for fun, play for nickel dime, or make a living at it...we don't care...just play...
We will have play for fun contests and tournaments with purses of all sizes

CGI has many firsts here...for example: we are the only ones ever to have world ranking...maybe you would like to see your ranking in an international magazine and see how you fair against others in your game of choice...compete with others in your class!...move up in the rankings and see yourself move up!

Another first: After 7 years of development by some of the best technological minds in the word we have a system that is many times better than anything and everything else in this industry...no more downloads, no more waiting for pages to load, no more computer lockups...you have dial up?...no problem...you can play here...

Here's a first...maybe you would like to build an organization but not a good marketer...would it be easier to ask someone to play a game of checkers with you than to ask them if they are looking for a money making opportunity?

There you go...your first referral...that was tough...how many people do
you think will do that?

Maybe you are thinking right now that this sounds interesting, and you would hate to pass up premier position with what could be a billion dollar company in a few short years, but you are afraid of committing yourself to something that isn't what it sounds...

You are definitely in the right place...

This is a free pre-enrollment period...get in now, get your position, and then check it out...I'm asking you to call my bluff here folks if you think I'm bluffing...this will be one of the biggest things to ever happen to the internet and you can get in first...

I have a special link that will get you into my powerleg...request the link now and you can ensure the best positioning possible...


You will immediately get instructions on where to go and what to do to ensure best possible positioning...


I mentioned the technolgy...because we are so far ahead some of the ISP's were not recognizing this platform yet and were trashing the email...that is being sorted out now...
so check your spam folders for validation, if it does not come in 2 hours, email me for manual validation
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