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NewsAlert Daily by NewsViewToday  NewsViewToday
 Jun 14, 2003 03:59 PDT 

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NewsAlert Daily by NewsViewToday
              News Alert Daily
              by NewsViewToday
              Saturday June 14, 2003
              UFO Spotted Near Int. Space Station

                  Israel, Palestinians to Resume Talks

                The next great American newspaper
                Benefits and a vision for future Web publications.

                Daily Opinion Poll: What is your vision for the future of Online Newspapers?

                  [ I N S I G H T ]

                  Mailbox Vox on Catholics, cannibals, porn and Porsches

                  It's Flag Day
                  Few remember that Saturday is "Flag Day." Not this writer. A man's pean to his country.


            If this newsletter has been forwarded to you, and
            you wish to subscribe, simply send a blank e-mail to:
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<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>NewsAlert Daily by NewsViewToday</TITLE><BASE
<META http-equiv=Content-type content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-5"><LINK
rev=made href="mailto:news-@adelphia.net">
content="christian forum,Mike Corthell,Christian ministry,Christiam commentary,world news,mideast news, us news,oped,commentary,christian news,Salvation, nazareth, scrolls,hell, heaven, peace, love, salvation, hate, prejudice, kenite, jews, mormon, lutheran, abortion, murder, died, dead, die, purgatory, forgive, forgiveness, damnation, sacrament, drunk, abusive, protestant, england, counter reformation, martyrs, crucifixion, god, jehovah, yahweh, yehovah, christos, occult, pyramid, giza, demons, devil, satan, prince of the air, flood, deluge, abraham, ten commandments, 10 commandments, separation, state, talmud, kabbala, eternity, grace, angelican, I am I am, bullinger, ginsberg, raymond capt, bookstore, faith, belief, trust, deception, messiah, penance, contrition, faith, saved, beginning, belief, forgiveness, bible, beginning, mankind, creation, sin, garden of eden, parables, prophecies, parable, sower, christian, life, fallen angels, giants, geber, genesis, revelation, saved, the elect, beast, massorah, antichrist, matthew, mark, luke, john, lineage, messiah jesus christ, archaeology, god's word, jesus christ, old testament, apocrypha, current events, one-world, religious system, one world, political/religious, interfaith movement, desecrate, communion, sacrament, clergy, christian churches, ungodly, idol worship, commandments, praying, worshiping the dead, necromancers, saint worship, blood sacrifice, fallen angels, bible, divorce, marriage, remarriage, rapture, deadly wound, family, false church, anger, new testament, apostle paul, inspired, hell, dead, bible versions, eve, serpent, cain, abel, expatao, garden of eden, millennium, conflict, earth ages, satan, birth control, translators, 1611 kjv bible, preachers, priests, crucifixion, denominations, great apostasy, second advent, messiah, catholic popes, jesuit priesthood, reformation, persecutions, rapture, doctrine, biblical prophecy, nasv, nasb, living word, jews, judaism, talmud, elect, fallen angels, giants, roman catholic, mother mary, our lady, marian, niv, nasb, king james bible, kjv, word of god, mother mary apparitions, astrology, occult, rapture, glastonbury, britain, joseph of arimathaea, christ's, irish, scottish, ancestry, israel, zion, 1st earth age, evolution, new world order, shepherd's chapel, answer to critics, map, maps, reformation, israel, israel's migrations, appointed place, babel, babylon, sumeria, sumer, sumner, akkad, accadia, kish, nineveh"
content=" Iraq, Iraq war, gulf war II, saddam,Christian,World News, Israel News, Commentary and Forums for the informed Christian"
<META content="Mike Corthell" name=author>
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<TABLE height=1989 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=1 border=0>
<TR><!-- ***** END MASTHEAD ***** -->
    <TD vAlign=top width=391 bgColor=#ffffff height=1885>
      <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width=429 bgColor=#ffffcc border=1>
          <TD width=415 bgColor=#ffffff>
              <H3 align=left><B><FONT color=#000000 size=5>News Alert Daily
              </FONT><FONT face="Courier New" color=#cc0000
              size=5><BR></FONT><FONT face=Arial color=#000000
              size=2>by</FONT><FONT face=Arial color=#cc0000 size=2> <A
              face="Courier New" color=#cc0000 size=5><BR></FONT><FONT
              face=Arial color=#000000 size=1>Saturday June 14, </FONT><FONT
              face=Arial size=1>2003</FONT></B></H3>
              <P align=left><A
              onmouseover="window.status='1 msg (1 new)';return true;"
              Spotted Near Int. Space Station</A><A
                  onmouseover="window.status='1 msg (1 new)';return true;"
                  size=6>Israel, Palestinians to Resume Talks</FONT></A>
              <P align=center><FONT size=4>~Opinion~</FONT>
                <P align=left><A
                onmouseover="window.status='1 msg (1 new)';return true;"
                size=4><IMG height=79 src="index.73.gif" width=90 align=left
                border=0>The next great American newspaper</FONT></A><FONT
                size=4><BR></FONT><FONT size=2>Benefits and a vision for future
                Web publications.</FONT><FONT size=1><!-- ***** BEGIN TOP JEWISH NEWS BYLINE ***** -->
                <P align=left><FONT face=Arial color=#800000 size=2><B>Daily
                Opinion Poll:</B> </FONT><A
                oXmouseover="window.status='1 msg (1 new)';return true;"><STRONG><FONT
                size=3>What is your vision for the future of Online
                Newspapers?</FONT></STRONG></A><FONT face=Arial color=#800000
                size=2> <IMG height=15 alt="this is a poll"
                <P align=left><BR></P></BLOCKQUOTE>
                  <P><B><FONT face="Helvetica, Arial" color=#990000 size=3>[
                  </FONT><!-- columnists: only change text in here: use   instead of spacebar --><FONT
                  face="Helvetica, Arial"
                  size=2>I N S I G H T</FONT></B> <!-- columnists --><B><FONT face="Helvetica, Arial"
                  color=#990000 size=3>]</FONT></B> </P></UL>
                  <P><FONT color=#000000 size=+2><A
                  Vox on Catholics, cannibals, porn and
                  Porsches</A></FONT><BR><FONT face=Arial size=2><BR></FONT><A
                  size=5>It's Flag Day</FONT></A><FONT face=Arial size=2><BR>Few
                  remember that Saturday is "Flag Day." Not this writer. A man's
                  pean to his country.</FONT><FONT size=3><B>
                  <P><FONT face=Arial color=#000000><B><FONT size=3><A
            <P align=left><B><FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"
            size=2><BR></FONT></B><B><FONT size=4><BR><BR></FONT></B><FONT
            face=Arial size=2>If this newsletter has been forwarded to you,
            and<BR>you wish to subscribe, simply send a blank e-mail
            to:<BR>  <A
            color=#000080>click here</FONT></A></FONT><B><FONT
              <P align=center><B><FONT size=2><I><A
                <P align=left> <A
                href="mailto:edi-@newsviewtoday.com"><IMG height=42
                src="index.54.gif" width=60 border=0></A>
                <P align=left><A href="mailto:edi-@newsviewtoday.com"><BR></A>
                <P align=left>
                <P align=left>   <FONT face="Helvetica, Arial" size=1>
                <P align=left>
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var data, p;
var agt=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var img=escape("./buttons/b1.jpg");
if((location.href.substr(0,6)=='https:')||(location.href.substr(0,6)=='HTTPS:')) {p='https';} data = '&agt=' + escape(agt) + '&img=' + img + '&r=' + escape(document.referrer) + '&aN=' + escape(navigator.appName) + '&lg=' + escape(navigator.systemLanguage) + '&OS=' + escape(navigator.platform) + '&aV=' + escape(navigator.appVersion);
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var _g=location.pathname;_h=_g.substring(_g.lastIndexOf("/")+1,_g.length);
if(_h==""){return _pndef};}};return _h;}var _sv=10;var _bn=navigator.appName;
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var _hbfc="' border=0 width=125 height=125></a><div><font face='MS Sans Serif,Arial,Helvetica '"+
"size=1><a href='http://counter.hitbox.com/a/hitboxfree.cgi' target='_blank'>privacy</a></font></div>";
var _hbfb="";</SCRIPT>

                <SCRIPT language=javascript1.1 id=_hbc>_sv=11;</SCRIPT>

                <SCRIPT language=javascript1.1

                <SCRIPT language=javascript>
                <DIV><FONT face="MS Sans Serif,Arial,Helvetica" size=1><A
                <P align=left> </P></BLOCKQUOTE></UL></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
align=left> </P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></NOSCRIPT></NOSCRIPT></BODY></HTML>

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