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NewsAlert Monday July 21, 2003  NewsViewToday
 Jul 21, 2003 03:41 PDT 

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              News Alert Daily (please forward)
              by NewsViewToday
              Monday July 21, 2003

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                      Iraqi unrest grows; 2 soldiers killed

                      Lynch Homecoming on Tuesday
                      Neighbors spruce up their West Virginia county for Army private's arrival

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                  CIA saw Iraq nuclear threat
                  Declassified report shows agency feared efforts to secure uranium

                  Daily Opinion Poll: Will flap over uranium lead to the end of the Bush presidency?



              [ OP/ED ]

                [ I N S I G H T ] Monday July 21, 2003

                Truman was saving his own skin
                By Sidney Zion


                Jews have, generally, held the 33rd president in the highest esteem. What Truman's defenders, even now, still overlook.

                The prince
                & the toddler
                Dave Barry is home alone with his daughter ... and learns how to play with dolls
                --Miami Herald

                Sex in secret
                Vox Day knows why women lie

                Suspected terrorist: Last stand for privacy?
                Brian Doherty on millionaire Gilmore suing the government to remain anonymous

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              <P align=left><B><FONT color=#000000 size=5>News Alert Daily
              </FONT><FONT color=#000000 size=3>(please forward)</FONT><FONT
              face="Courier New" color=#cc0000 size=5><BR></FONT></B><FONT
              color=#000000 size=2>by</FONT><FONT face=Arial color=#cc0000
              size=2> <A
              face="Courier New" color=#cc0000 size=5><BR></FONT><FONT
              face=Arial color=#000000 size=1>Monday July 21, </FONT><FONT
              face=Arial size=1>2003</FONT><A
              <TABLE width=466>
                  <TD align=left width=295 bgColor=#ffffff colSpan=3
                      <P align=left><A
                      color=#800000>Subscribe</FONT></A> to our early morning
                      <FONT color=#000080>NewsAlert</FONT></P>
                      <P align=left><A class=y
                      size=6>Iraqi unrest grows; 2 soldiers
                      <P class=deck align=left><A
                      size=5>Lynch Homecoming on Tuesday</FONT></A><BR>Neighbors
                      spruce up their West Virginia county for Army private's
                      arrival<FONT size=5><BR></FONT><FONT
                      size=4><BR></FONT><FONT size=3>Comment on these news
                      stories <A
                      color=#000080>here.</FONT></A></FONT></P></BLOCKQUOTE></TD><!-- ***** END MASTHEAD ***** -->
                  <TD align=left width=157 bgColor=#ffffff height=99>
                    <P align=left><!-- ***** BEGIN DAY OF THE WEEK IMAGE ***** --><IMG
                    alt="Wirt County is decked out for Jessica Lynch's homecoming."
            <TABLE height=282 width=511>
                <TD width=331 bgColor=#ffffff colSpan=2 height=278>
                  <P align=center><FONT face=Times size=3>Join the debate in our
                  <FONT face=Times size=2><FONT size=4><BR>~Y</FONT><FONT
                  size=3>our </FONT><FONT size=4>O</FONT><FONT
                  size=3>pinion</FONT><FONT size=4>~</FONT> </FONT>
                  color=#000000 size=+2>CIA saw Iraq nuclear
                  threat</FONT></A><BR><!-- end head --><!-- deck --><FONT
                  color=#000000 size=+1>Declassified report shows agency feared
                  efforts to secure uranium</FONT><FONT
                  <P align=left><B><FONT color=#000000 size=3><IMG height=15
                  alt="this is a poll"
                  width=17>Daily Opinion Poll: </FONT><SPAN class=winbig><A
                  oXmouseover="window.status='1 msg (1 new)';return true;"><STRONG><FONT
                  color=#000080 size=3>Will flap over uranium lead to the
                  end of the Bush presidency?</FONT></STRONG></A></SPAN><FONT
                  color=#000080 size=3><STRONG><BR></STRONG></FONT></B></P></TD>
                <TD width=166 bgColor=#ffffff colSpan=2 height=278>
                  <P align=left><IMG height=187 src="face.h32.jpg" width=185
              <P><B><FONT face="Helvetica, Arial" color=#990000 size=3>[ </FONT><!-- columnists: only change text in here: use   instead of spacebar -->OP/ED
              </B><!-- columnists --><B><FONT face="Helvetica, Arial"
              color=#990000 size=3>]</FONT></B></P>
                <P><A onmouseover="window.status='1 msg (1 new)';return true;"
                I N S I G H T ] Monday July 21, 2003</B></A></P>
                face="Helvetica, Arial" size=4><B><!-- ***** END TOP JEWISH NEWS LINK ***** --><!-- ***** BEGIN BEGIN CENTER COLUMN 300 PIXELS ***** --></B></FONT><FONT
                size=5>Truman was saving his own skin <!-- ***** END TOP JEWISH NEWS TITLE ***** --></FONT></A><BR><FONT
                face="Helvetica, Arial" size=1><!-- ***** BEGIN TOP JEWISH NEWS BYLINE ***** -->By
                Sidney Zion
                <!-- ***** END TOP JEWISH NEWS BYLINE ***** --></FONT><!-- image here -->
                <P align=center><IMG height=177 alt=""
                width=259 border=1> <FONT face=Times size=2><!-- ***** USE <BR><BR> INSTEAD OF <P> ***** -->
                <P>Jews have, generally, held the 33rd president in the highest
                esteem. What Truman's defenders, even now, still
                <P><FONT face=times><FONT size=5>The prince<BR>& the
                toddler</FONT><BR><FONT size=3><A
                Barry is home alone with his daughter ... and learns how to play
                with dolls</A></FONT><BR><FONT size=2>--Miami
                <P><FONT face=times><FONT size=5>Sex in secret</FONT><BR><FONT
                Day knows why women lie</A></FONT></FONT>
                <P><FONT face=times><FONT size=5>Suspected terrorist: Last stand
                for privacy?</FONT><BR><FONT size=3><A
                Doherty on millionaire Gilmore suing the government to remain
              <P align=left><IMG height=9 src="sh.htm33.gif" width=308
              border=0><B><FONT size=4><BR><BR></FONT><FONT size=3>If this
              newsletter has been forwarded to you, and<BR>you wish to
              subscribe, simply send a blank e-mail to:<BR>  <A
              color=#000080>click here</FONT></A></FONT><FONT
              <P align=center>
                <P align=left> <A
                href="mailto:edi-@newsviewtoday.com"><IMG height=42
                src="index.54.gif" width=60 border=0></A><FONT
                face="Helvetica, Arial" size=1>
                <P align=left><!-- ***** BEGIN SUBHEAD: DAILY INSPIRATION ***** --></FONT></P></BLOCKQUOTE></UL></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
align=left> </P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></NOSCRIPT></NOSCRIPT></BODY></HTML>

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