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PilotManager 1.109 released  Aaron Kaplan
 May 07, 2006 01:16 PDT 

A new version of PilotManager is now available at
http://pilotmanager.sourceforge.net/ . After the last release, Alan
Harder (previous PilotManager maintainer) forwarded me a long backlog
of bug reports and suggestions from users, and I have slowly made my
way through that list in the past year. I've also included some
bug fixes and maintainability improvements of my own. A complete list
of changes is included at the end of this message.

The conduits I use myself are Backup, SyncTime, SyncMemo, SyncPlan, and
SyncBBDB (a third-party conduit, not included in the PilotManager
distribution). I have not tested the other conduits; I accept patches
based on faith and a manual examination. Before upgrading, remember to
back up your pilot (pilot-xfer -b) and any desktop files that could be
affected (~/.pilotmgr, plus application-specific files like your
address book or your calendar file, depending on which conduits you

This release has been tested with pilot-link version 0.12.0-pre5, and
should be compatible with 0.12.0 if and when it ever comes out.

Enjoy, and let me know what breaks.

Changes from v1.108 to v1.109

* Conduits included in the PilotManager distribution now have
version numbers identical to the PilotManager version.
Third-party conduits can (and should) continue to have their own
version number schemes.

* Change the way we reference constants exported from libpisock,
in preparation for pilot-link 0.12.0-pre5. Backwards
compatibility is maintained. Use symbolic constants instead of
hard-coded integer values, if running with a version of pilot-link
that provides them.

* A second attempt to fix the bug in the Properties dialog with
Tk-804. The first one didn't work with certain combinations of

* Fix bug introduced in 1.108 that broke -syncwith and -install
for normally inactive conduits.

* Don't call conduitQuit on conduits that haven't been loaded.
Eliminates an error message when using -syncwith (bug introduced
in 1.108).

* Fix bug where PilotManager would report a successful connection
and then a Perl error, when what really happened was simply a

* Eliminated numerous -w warnings

* PilotSync.pm (affects SyncAB, SyncFood, and some third-party
conduits; all changes by Ralf Schlatterbeck): fix some crash bugs
and a bug that caused creation of empty fields; add support for
full sync; some new functionality for use by conduit authors:
possibility to skip some pilot records, and to generate local ID
based on contents of pilot record.

* SyncMemo conduit: work around a bug in perl 5.8.0 that was
causing the filename filters not to work sometimes. The
workaround involves forcing these filters to be ASCII-only; this
could conceivably be a problem for people using non-ASCII
filenames. Fix bug that caused spurious conflict to be detected
when doing full sync and a file had changed but the corresponding
pilot memo had not. Eliminate some barewords to avoid strict subs
warnings in some versions of perl (bug report from Ralf

* SyncCM conduit: Work around libcsa bug that was causing "INVALID
DATE TIME" error when syncing "all dates" in a timezone east of
GMT; workaround for dtcm bug that made weekly repeating
appointments created on the pilot uneditable in dtcm; fix up
repeating appointments from the pilot whose start date isn't one
of the repeat days. The following patches from Alan Harder: if cm
appointment has no end time, use end time equal to start time on
pilot (rather than refusing to sync the appointment); clearer and
more informative log messages; when doing "Sync All (dates)", use
2021 instead of 2010 as the end of the range; propagate
appointment deletion from palm to desktop even if the archive flag
is set.

* Installer conduit: Respect -rcdir argument when running
installer from command line (Alan Harder)

* Backup conduit: add an option "Ignore modify date (backup every
time)"; more informative log messages. (Both by Alan Harder.)
For deciding whether to back up a database, use a different scheme
that doesn't depend on the two clocks being synchronized.

* SyncTime conduit: remove workaround for some ancient pilot-link
version (Alan Harder).

* SyncFood conduit: Refuse to sync if $FOODFILE has been deleted,
in order to avoid wiping everything out. Patch from Alan Harder, I
haven't tested it.

* SyncAB conduit: fix bug in setting vCard file name, and in
handling of newlines (Alan Harder). Implement full sync, allowing
sync with multiple desktop machines (Ralf Schlatterbeck). Allow
filtering by private flag and by category (Ralf Schlatterbeck).

* SyncPlan conduit: Appointments that repeat more than one day a
week, every n weeks, where n > 1, are possible on the pilot but
not in plan. Signal them as unsyncable, rather than converting
them to once-per-week repeats (Thomas DeWeese). Show progress bar
while reading Pilot records. Re-fix bug about plan alarms getting
turned off that was supposed to be fixed in 1.108 but really
wasn't. Fix some bugs related to time zone conversion: end date
of repeating appointments would move back a day when synced from
pilot to plan in time zones east of GMT, and appointment times
shown in the log window would be in GMT rather than local time.

* SendMail conduit: fix bug that comes up when the database
doesn't exist on the pilot.

* Remove contrib/dinesh-dutt, which was an old version of software
that was later distributed on its own (the syncbbdb project on
sourceforge, not to be confused with syncbbdb2, which is an
unrelated project and is the one I recommend for bbdb syncing).

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