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Re: Problem with Perl bindings in p-l-0.12.1  Ian Dobbie
 Feb 06, 2007 02:42 PST 

On 05/02/2007 17:58, "David S. Goldberg" <ds-@mitre.org> wrote:

 On Mon, 05 Feb 2007 17:52:45 +0100, Aaron Kaplan
<pilotman-@aaronkaplan.info> said:
Thanks for catching this. The fact that it went unnoticed until now
suggests that aside from you and me there aren't very many users left.
Nonetheless, I'll try to get 2.6 packaged up tonight, just in case
anyone else happens upon it.

I guess I make three :-) I continue to find syncBBDB mission critical.
In fact other than backup it's all I use pilotmanager for any more.

I use my palm much like David, except I also use plucker to have something
to read when I am stuck waiting for something.

I would say that there are a few who are just still using pilot-link 0.11.8.
I stayed with it for so long after 0.12 came out simply because it worked
and did everything that I wanted. I only upgraded to 0.12 because I had to
go back to my visor as my T3 is crashing several times a day and I wanted
usb on Mac OS to work.

I have also just been forced to shift my mail reading from gnus to entourage
(god it sucks). I managed to use the Palm as a conduit to get my contacts
into Entourage. It worked wonderfully, but I did discover that the Entourage
sync process is much less complete than the SyncBBDB one, another victory
for open source! Pity I am preaching to the converted and everyone else puts
up with the crap that MS and Co. impose on us, eg my IT department flat out
refusing to turn on IMAP on the exchange server.

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