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FW: Problem with Perl bindings in p-l-0.12.1  Ian Dobbie
 Feb 05, 2007 05:08 PST 

I started this discussion on the pilot-link list, but I see that it is more
relevant here. (Sorry Aaron I sent this directly to you rather than the list
first time, opps).

On 04/02/2007 22:40, "Aaron Kaplan" <pilotman-@aaronkaplan.info>

 On Sun, 4 Feb 2007 13:25:23 -0000
"Dobbie, Ian" <ian.d-@nuigalway.ie> wrote:

 I am having some trouble with PilotManager (which uses the perl bindings)
and pilot-link-0.12.1. ... Every time this is run it dies with an
error -301 in the checkErrNot Found call.

It sounds like you're using an old version of PilotManager that's not
compatible with pilot-link 0.12. The latest is 1.109, released in May
2006, and it's available from http://pilotmanager.sourceforge.net/ . If
you have the problem with version 1.109 then let me know.

I have upgraded to 1.109, sorry I thought I had the latest version of
PilotManager but I didn't. There is still the same issue, but this time with
SyncBBDB. I guess I need to go chase down the error, see how it was fixed in
PilotManager and do a similar fix for SyncBBDB. I'll get on to it.

There is also on other fix needed for SyncBBDB and Pilot-link-0.12.1 which
seems to involve a change in the definition of PDA::Pilot::constant. Here is
a diff

*** ConduitHost.pm      Mon Feb 5 12:22:10 2007
--- ConduitHost.pm~     Sun Mar 6 14:20:58 2005
*** 43,49 ****
      my($obj) = @_;
      my $errno = $obj->errno();
!     PDA::Pilot::constant("PILOT_LINK_VERSION");
      if ($! == 0) { # P_L_V is defined, so the version is >= 0.12.0
          if ($errno != PDA::Pilot::PI_ERR_DLP_PALMOS()) {
              croak "Error $errno";
--- 43,49 ----
      my($obj) = @_;
      my $errno = $obj->errno();
!     PDA::Pilot::constant("PILOT_LINK_VERSION",0);
      if ($! == 0) { # P_L_V is defined, so the version is >= 0.12.0
          if ($errno != PDA::Pilot::PI_ERR_DLP_PALMOS()) {
              croak "Error $errno";


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