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List Name pkd-debate (pkd-debate)
Purpose: On this new, additional, PKD-list, named pkd-debate@topica.com , you will be allowed to discuss and debate Feline PKD in another way than on the original PKD-list. This new list will most probably be a list with a rather tough atmosphere and tougher opinions being expressed than on the original PKD-list. If you choose to subscribe to this new list, you will have to stand also tough discussions.

Both breeders and pet owners are allowed on the list.

Personal attacks or disrepect are not allowed on this new list either, and you will have to be grown up enough to feel where the limits are.

If you choose NOT to accept and respect the rules, you will be removed and banned from both lists dealing with the subject Feline PKD.

Cross-posting between the two PKD-lists - pkd-list@topica.com and pkd-debate@topica.com - will not be allowed.
Website URL: http://www.felinepkd.com
List Type: Unmoderated discussion
Subscription: Requires owner approval
Archive: Readable by subscribers only
Created: Jul 02, 2000
Owners: Mimy Sluiter, Marie Thiers, Mimy Sluiter
To Join: Subscribe here, or send an email to pkd-debate-subscribe@topica.com
To Post: Send mail to 'pkd-debate@topica.com'
Stats: 44 subscribers / < 1 messages per week
Categories: Environment & Nature  |  Animals & Pets  |  Cats

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