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 Oct 02, 2002 01:31 PDT 
The Inside Source for News


Joyce Lynn, Editor
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THE POLITICAL DIARY, based on the truth-telling power of dreams, is
founded on the premise each of us has an Inside Source, which can reveal
the truth that will bring wholeness. Through commentary, news reporting,
tips, and other journalistic tools, THE POLITICAL DIARY informs about
the stories behind the news so the populace can make informed choices.

Issue #8
September, 2002


Recently, George Bush after stalling for a year agreed to an
independent commission to investigate what happened on 9-11.

Why after a year would Bush agree to such a plan?
Perhaps, building pressure the families of those who died on
September 11. More likely, the Bush Administration now figures war with
Iraq will drown out all else. An activist added these insights: so far
they have perpetuated the spin the events of 9-11 were an intelligence
failure; perhaps, Bush now has concrete assurances that the “commission”
will perpetuate this whitewash.

Bush’s war with Iraq, part of a long-time master imperial plan, is on
the table now as a wag-the-dog diversion. Make no mistake, despite peace
activists’ efforts, despite the vocal opposition voiced to elected
representatives (ignored by the corporate media), Bush will make this
war will happen.

The way to stop Bush is to reveal the truth about 9-11.

The American people must wed truth and consciousness and acknowledge
this administration’s complicity in 9-11. It is time to do as Bush has
so often urged in regard to “evildoers,” put the responsibility where it

The following article,” Law of Conspiracy, Conspiracy of Silence,” is
based on my remarks to the All People’s Coalition forum in Oakland,
California held September 11.

Also addressing the forum were activist Carol Brouillet, who led a
delegation early this year to California’s senators calling for an
investigation of 9-11, and John Leonard, publisher of the book War on
Freedom, which purports U.S. involvement in the events of 9-11 through
the Pakistani ISI, a creation of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

The involvement of a shadow government mirrors dreams I had prior to
9-11 and reported in POLITICAL DIARY #5.

The All People’s Coalition has demanded “an immediate, independent
investigation into the Bush administration’s role in the events of
September 11, 2001.” Their flyer for the event read: “To find out who is
guilty of a crime, first look at who benefits from the crime. Whether it
was incompetence, complicity or conspiracy….BUSH DID IT!”




Joyce Lynn

George W. Bush said on September 16, 2001, five days after the assault
on the U.S., “Never (in) anybody’s thought processes . . . about how to
protect America did we ever think that the evil doers would fly not one
but four commercial aircraft into precious U.S. targets … never.”

Thus, the cover-up of what the Bush administration knew – and when it
knew it – went into high gear before the dust had even settled on Ground

Earlier this year, the U.S. Justice Department charged John Walker Lindh
with conspiracy to commit murder for remaining silent during a prison
uprising in which one CIA agent was killed. Lindh is the young man from
Marin County, California, who in his search for Islamic purity teamed up
with the Taliban.

This charge could haunt the Bush administration whose top officials
remained “silent” before, during, and after the events of September 11.
At least 3,000 more people were killed during the attack on the U.S.
than at the Afghan prison uprising.

The government charged Lindh under the law of conspiracy.

A June 5, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle article, “U.S. links Lindh to
slaying/of CIA agent in Afghan jail,” spells out the government’s
conspiracy case against Lindh:

“WASHINGTON—For the first time, federal prosecutors explicitly accused
John Walker Lindh . . . of being partly responsible for the slaying of
CIA agent Johnny “Mike” Spann during an Afghan prison uprising in

“In a bluntly worded 32-page motion, the prosecutors said the Marin
County man accused of participating in a conspiracy to kill Americans
overseas and of providing material support for terrorists can be blamed
directly for Spann’s death under the law of conspiracy.

“ ‘The fact that we do not have evidence that Lindh wielded the weapon
that fired the bullet that killed Spann has been taken by the defense as
an admission that Lindh was an innocent bystander. He was neither a
bystander nor, in any respect, can he be described as innocent,’ the
U.S. attorneys prosecuting Lindh wrote in their filing with U.S.
District Court Judge Thomas Ellis.”

Therefore, the U.S. prosecutors wrote, “Lindh was a member of a
conspiracy to kill Americans.”

According to the Chronicle, the prosecutors then cited “the law of
conspiracy, which says, for example, that a person who drives a getaway
car for bank robbers is part of the robber conspiracy and would be
liable for murder if someone in the bank were killed during the holdup.”

Again, the article quoting from the prosecutors’ filing: “By
well-established conspiracy law, the murder of Mr. Spann…is attributable
to all conspirators, and that is true whether they fired guns themselves
or even knew that the uprising would take place.”

The article continues: “The fact that Lindh remained silent while the
two agents tried to question him is even more damning, the government
said. ‘In effect, they (the agents) provided Lindh what amounted to an
extraordinary opportunity … Lindh was being offered a last chance to
extricate himself, to withdraw from, to renounce the conspiracy.’”

At the time, Lindh had a bullet in his leg, was drugged on pain-killing
morphine, and tied-up.

At the time John Walker Lindh was dancing with the Taliban, the U.S. was
also dealing with the masters of 90 percent of Afghanistan, trying
desperately to negotiate favorable terms for an oil pipeline through
Afghanistan. U.S. and multinational oil companies want to link the oil
rich fields of Central Asia with the huge markets of India and China.

The Caspian Sea arena holds an estimated $4 trillion worth of oil.
George Herbert Walker Bush, Dick Cheney, James Baker, Henry Kissinger,
and the Rockefellers have for years worked to claim the black gold in
and around the area.

Of course, the oil interests and the U.S. government began dancing with
the Taliban long before Walker Lindh even went to Central Asia. In fact,
the Reagan-Bush, Bush, and Clinton administrations gave birth to the

For Bush and his cadre, “silence” about the events of September 11 has
manifest as lying, denial, diversion, and withholding information.

Earlier this year, this reporter’s 12-page article in POLITICAL DIARY #5
(www.topica.com/lists/politicaldiary) and in Online Journal May 23
listed some of what the CIA/administration knew and when it knew it.
The Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee’s 30-page report released
in September adds to this database.

For example:

Former president George H.W. Bush on December 7, 2002, told a ceremony
marking the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, “On September 11, our
nation suffered another surprise attack…”

The administration has tried to blame the “bumbling” CIA and FBI for
their intelligence failures. This line of defense appeared in the media
almost immediately after 9-11 and continues today.

The CIA and FBI along with two dozen other intelligence agencies, have a
$30 billion plus budget. Darn, they just couldn’t get it together
because they lacked Arabic translators, media reports have claimed.

The New York Times in an October 14, 2001, article proclaimed:
“Intelligence officials stunned at al Quaeda’s global grasp.” But anyone
who reads English and uses an online search engine knows this was a lie.

* Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca) said shortly after 9-11 that Osama bin
Laden proclaimed in Arabic newspapers in England during the summer of
2001 that he was going to launch an unprecedented attack against the
United States.

* On the evening of September 10, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown was
warned against flying the next day. This information never reached the
rest of the flying public.

* Three government blue ribbon panels during the past several years have
warned about the kind of attacks that took place so it was hardly a

* George Tenet, the only CIA director to remain from one administration
to another, briefs Bush every day. He was reportedly obsessed that Osama
bin Laden was going to attack the U.S.

* Heads of at least four foreign governments in the weeks before 9-11
warned top U.S. officials.

In August, Ron Motley, the attorney for 600 families of 9-11 victims who
have brought suit against Saudi financial interests, said “the U.S.
knew” of terrorists’ plans to hijack airplanes and fly them into U.S.
destinations, specifically, the World Trade Center, Pentagon, the CIA
headquarters in Virginia, as well as other U.S. landmarks.

Called Project Bojinka, this information was available in the public
1995 trial of the men accused of the 1993 bombing the World Trade

The 32-page Joint Intelligence Committee staff report released in
September adds to the volume of warnings and information available to
the Bush Administration.

In an unusual choice of terms, Bush used the word “target” in his
September 16, 2001, denial of knowledge about potential terrorist
attacks using planes as weapons.

Curiously, a Justice Department manual cover marks the World Trade
Center as a target with a rifle scope. A Federal Emergency Management
Administration (FEMA) cover has similar graphics. The U.S. government
published both manual prior to 9-11.

Perhaps Bush’s “who would have thought” statement can be parsed like the
meaning of “is” in Bill Clinton’s famous statement. Maybe U.S. officials
only knew about one, not four, “targets.”

Clearly, the Bush administration had foreknowledge about the events of
9-11 – and failed to warn the American people. The same administration
charged a bound and gagged John Walker Lindh with conspiracy to commit
murder for his silence.

According to one attorney familiar with the Walker Lindh case if Bush
administration officials knew about the pending attack and deliberately
withheld information for political gain, they could be charged under the
law of conspiracy.

Determining whether administration officials failed to give Bush
specific information about 9-11 so he could maintain plausibility
deniability; whether Bush or those around him knew about 9-11 and let it
happen to launch their perpetual global warfare state, or whether some
element of the U.S. shadow government – oil interests, weapons
manufacturers, the military -- was involved is the next step in building
this case.

Apparently, however, as manifest by the government’s charges against
John Walker Lindh, lack of evidence linking those charged directly to
the deed is hardly a barrier to prosecuting a case.

c Joyce Lynn 2002

JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. She is editor of POLITICAL DIARY, an ezine archived
at www.topica.com/lists/politicaldiary.

This article is derived from a speech she presented at the All People’s
Coalition September 11 in Oakland, California.

The All People’s Coalition has demanded “an immediate, independent
investigation into the Bush administration’s role in the events of
September 11, 2001.” Their flyer for the event read: “To find out who is
guilty of a crime, first look at who benefits from the crime. Whether it
was incompetence, complicity or conspiracy….BUSH DID IT!”


JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she turned from
writing about the politics of social welfare issues to matters of the

She initiated the POLITICAL DIARY in the aftermath of the 2000 election
when she recognized dreams predicted with 100% accuracy its outcome and
told the story behind the story. POLITICAL DIARY is archived at
www.topica.com/lists/politicaldiary. Joyce teaches INNER JOURNALISM:
Writing, Dreams, and Telling the Truth through Writers on the Net
(www.writers.com). She can be reached at politicaldiary at hotmail dot

The POLITICAL DIARY encourages readers to reprint and repost PD
articles. Such use is granted without permission unless for commercial
use. In reproduction, please include the name of the editor, Joyce Lynn;

the title of the publication, POLITICAL DIARY, and email address,
politicaldiary at hotmail dot com


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c Joyce Lynn 2002

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