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PD #13: WHERE WERE ALLTHE LEADERS ON 9/11?  Joyce Lynn, Editor
 May 21, 2003 00:04 PDT 

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Joyce Lynn, Editor
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May 2003


FILM AFTERMATH: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 Draws Overflow Crowd


G.W. Bush strutted around the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier, wearing
military garb, declaring “victory” against an already decimated country,
and talking about “19 evil doers.” Bush’s image-makers call the May 1
production the opening salvo of his 2004 election campaign. (It would be
inaccurate to call it “reelection” campaign.) The Republican Convention
is planned for New York City to coincide with the third year anniversary
of the attacks.

Playing at the same time as the U.S. flag-waving, nationalistic drama,
the History Channel showed “The Rise (and Fall) of Hitler.” There was
Hitler strutting around in his military uniform.

A PD reader found other ironic comparisons:

“Bush's glamorous landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln (a bit of weird
irony) is a laughable and pathetic replay of Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi
propaganda film classic, ‘Triumph des Willes’ (‘Triumph of the Will,’)
in which the Fuehrer flies in for the infamous Nuremberg Nazi Rally.”

The U.S. propaganda machine, he said, “is congratulating itself for the
image it creates of Bush as Fearless Leader.” He said Bush and his
cronies have hijacked 9/11 by “recycling Nazi ploys to mobilize public

He pointed to “a more realistic portrayal of Bush's leadership” --
(Chief of Staff) Andrew Card whispering in Bush’s ear that a second
plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Immortalized in photos and on
video, Bush grimaces. “In a show of ‘historic decisiveness,’ Bush
continues reading about a pet goat to the elementary school class,” the
letter writer comments.

“What was (Bush) thinking as our country was being attacked? Why the
hell didn't Andrew Card demand a response, and why did Bush not show
that take-charge attitude when we really needed it?”

The flip side of Bush’s “Remember 9/11” campaign is the truth about
9/11. And, it does not bode well for the character of G.W. Bush or his
political future. By his own admission, Bush knew one plane had crashed
into the World Trade Center before he entered the second grade class at
the Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida on 9/11.

If Bush had acted like a decisive Commander-in-Chief that day, perhaps
workers in the second tower would have been told to leave the building
instead of returning to their desks and flaming graves, U.S. fighter
jets could have foiled one, possibly two, maybe even three of the
hijacked planes.

Bush and the Republicans have used and mocked the pained 9/11 families –
“hijacked our grief” as Susan Sarandon put it at a New York City peace
rally. Slandering the families’ names, Bush launched previously planned
invasions against Afghanistan and Iraq Bush tried to prevent a
Congressional investigation into 9/11, undermined the “independent”
commission now holding hearings, and squashed the release of the Joint
Congressional Intelligence Committee’s final report due last month.

A woman who escaped Nazi Germany and came to America for its freedom
told me recently she could not even allow herself to imagine that
elements of the U.S. government were complicit in 9/11. That would be
“unbearable evil,” she said. She is looking to the 2004 election to vote
out “these people” for the illegal 2000 election and Iraqi invasion.

But “these people,” who fixed the 2000 election by fixing the voter
rolls in Florida and possibly other states, plan to do it again in 2004.
How? By using computerized voter rolls like those in Florida which
prevented tens of thousands of African American from voting and by using
new electronic voting machines, which leave no paper trail. These
computerized machines yielded questionable results in several states in
the 2002 mid-term elections.

Forget a democratic election in 2004 to solve the “these people”

PD predicts 9/11 will be the lynchpin of the 2004 election but not in
the way the Republican image-makers are planning. As homage to the
effort of independent journalists and activists investigating 9/11 since
the attacks, the silence ceiling is lifting. An overflow crowd attended
a 9/11 event in San Francisco, which featured a film and panel
questioning the events of 9/11. Although he perpetuates Bush’s storyline
of 9/11 as an intelligence failure, Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fl), a Democratic
candidate for president in 2004, has introduced Bush’s cover-up (of
information) about 9/11 into the national debate Best-selling author
Gore Vidal in a recent radio interview talked about impeaching Bush for
his foreknowledge of 9/11. An ad, which Michael Ruppert’s From the
Wilderness promulgated, addresses Bush’s foreknowledge of 9/11 and the
disappearance of trillions of dollars from the Federal treasury. It
appeared in the Washington Post May 16. The stonewalling of the left and
progressive media refusing to acknowledge the obviously false official
9/11 story is cracking in the face of mounting evidence.

With information from alternative media sources, people are responding.
PD has received numerous letters from readers who want to spread the
story in creative ways that will circumvent the flag-waving corporate
media and the timid left/progressive media. One reader wants to organize
Democratic or Progressive party showings of the film AFTERMATH:
Unanswered Questions from 9/11 in New York City. She wrote, “People
would THRONG to see it. . .

“Americans are hungry, starving even, to hear information that makes
today's confusing, chaotic world begin to make sense. The destructive
nature of the Bush administration demands explanations for Americans and
people around the world. This administration is beyond political party
competition...way beyond. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Greens
-- all want explanations for overwhelming maneuvers taking place under
the orders of this corrupt administration. . . . The whole world clamors
to know.”

Another reader honored the power of information this way:

“In a time when the media has rolled over playing the (government)
propaganda arm, we need to keep on EXPOSING the truth until we bury them
in their own lies! They are getting caught daily; eventually, they will
all turn on each other. That is already happening in some cases....
REVELATIONS.... The truth will set us free . . .”

Stay tuned,

Joyce Lynn


The state of aviation security before and after 9/11 is the focus of The
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the U.S. hearings May
22-23 in Washington, D.C.

The National Commission will hear testimony from Congressional witnesses
as well as aviation officials including an official from the North
American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the military air command

Advocacy groups and 9/11 families want more than a “dog and pony show”
and have urged the Commission to investigate the failure of U.S. air
defenses on the day of the attacks.

Will the commission, which is stacked with Washington insiders with
links to Osama bin Laden, United and American airlines, and the CIA –
the very parties the Commission is investigating (PD #12) --find
anything of substance? One measure is whether the May hearings will
address the heartfelt concerns 9/11 family advocates raised during the
Commission’s opening hearings March 31 in New York City.

The media and public ignored the Commission’s initial hearings while
they packed Congressional hearings on Iraq because the Bush
administration’s “wag-the-dog” invasion of Iraq heated up at the end of

Here are excerpts from the statement of Mindy Kleinberg on the air
defense issue. Her husband Alan, 39, was killed in the World Trade
Center on 9/11. He was a NASDAQ security trader with Cantor Fitzgerald
on the 104th Floor of the North Tower.

Kleinberg, a Certified Public Accountant, is a founding member of
September 11th Advocates, which spearheaded the grassroots effort for
the establishment of the 9/11 Commission. She lives in New Jersey with
her three children.

In response to a Commissioner’s question at the end of her extraordinary
testimony, Kleinberg said she gathered her information from Internet

In this part of her testimony, she asserts the Federal Aviation
Administration and NORAD failed to follow emergency protocols on 9/11
and top government officials were “supposedly” unaware of the unfolding

On the morning of September 11, my three-year-old son, Sam, and I walked
Jacob, 10, and Lauren, 7, to the bus stop at about 8:40 a.m. It was the
fourth day of a new school year, and you could still feel everyone's
excitement. It was such a beautiful day that Sam and I literally skipped
home oblivious to what was happening in New York City.

At around 8:55, I was confirming play date plans for Sam with a friend
when she said, "I can't believe what I am watching on TV, a plane has
just hit the World Trade Center." For some reason it did not register
with me until a few minutes later when I calmly asked, "What building
did you say? Oh that's Alan's building I have to call you back." . . .

We will never forget where we were or how we felt on September 11th.
But where were our government, its agencies, and institutions prior to
and on the morning of September 11?


Prior to 9/11, FAA and Department of Defense manuals gave clear,
comprehensive instructions on how to handle everything from minor
emergencies to full blown hijackings.

These "protocols" were in place and were practiced regularly for a good
reason--with heavily trafficked air space; airliners without radio and
transponder contact are collisions and/or calamities waiting to happen.

Those protocols dictate that in the event of an emergency, the FAA is to
notify NORAD. Once that notification takes place, it is then the
responsibility of NORAD to scramble fighter-jets to intercept the errant
plane(s). It is a matter of routine procedure for fighter-jets to
"intercept" commercial airliners in order to regain contact with the

If that weren't protection enough, on September 11th, NEADS (North East
Air Defense System of NORAD) was several days into a semiannual exercise
known as "Vigilant Guardian.” This meant that our North East Air Defense
system was fully staffed. In short, key officers were manning the
operation battle center, "fighter jets were cocked, loaded, and carrying
extra gas on board."

Let me illustrate using just Flight 11 as an example.

American Airline Flight 11 departed from Boston Logan Airport at 7:45
a.m. The last routine communication between ground control and the plane
occurred at 8:13 a.m. Between 8:13 and 8:20 am, Flight 11 became
unresponsive to ground control. Additionally, radar indicated that the
plane had deviated from its assigned path of flight. Soon thereafter,
transponder contact was lost - (although planes can still be seen on
radar - even without their transponders).

Two Flight 11 airline attendants had separately called American Airlines
reporting a hijacking, the presence of weapons, and the infliction of
injuries on passengers and crew. At this point, it would seem abundantly
clear that Flight 11 was an emergency.
Yet, according to NORAD's official timeline, NORAD was not contacted
until 20 minutes later at 8:40 a.m. Tragically, the fighter jets were
not deployed until 8:52 a.m. -- a full 32 minutes after the loss of
contact with flight 11.

Why was there a delay in the FAA notifying NORAD? Why was there a delay
in NORAD scrambling fighter jets? How is this possible when NEADS was
fully staffed with planes at the ready and monitoring our Northeast

Flight's 175, 77, and 93 all had this same repeat pattern of delays in
notification and delays in scrambling fighter jets -- delays that are
unimaginable considering a plane had, by this time, already hit the
World Trade Center.

Even more baffling for us is the fact that the fighter jets were not
scrambled from the closest air force bases. For example, for the flight
that hit the Pentagon, the jets were scrambled from Langley Air Force in
Hampton, Virginia rather than Andrews Air Force Base right outside D.C.
As a result, Washington skies remained wholly unprotected on the morning
of September 11th. At 9:41 a.m., one hour and 11 minutes after NORAD
confirmed the first plane hijacking, Flight 77 crashed into the
Pentagon. The fighter jets were still miles away. Why?

On September 11, both the FAA and NORAD deviated from standard emergency
operating procedures .Who were the people who delayed the notification?
Have they been questioned?

In addition, the interceptor planes or fighter jets did not fly at their
maximum speed. Had the belatedly scrambled fighter jets flown at their
maximum speed of engagement, MACH-12, they would have reached New York
City and the Pentagon within moments of their deployment, intercepted
the hijacked airliners before they could have hit their targets, and
undoubtedly saved lives.

Joint Chief Of Staff

The acting chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the morning of
September 11 was having a routine meeting. (Air Force Gen Richard B.)
Myers stated that he saw a TV report about a plane hitting the World
Trade Center but thought it was a small plane or something like that.
So, he went ahead with his meeting. "Meanwhile, the second World Trade
Center was hit by another jet. Nobody informed us of that," Myers said.
(PD NOTE: Myers was commander-in-chief of NORAD before becoming vice
chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.)

Whose responsibility was it to relay this emergency to the Joint Chief
of Staff? Have they been held accountable for their error? Surely this
represents a breakdown of protocol.

(PD NOTE: Commission member Max Cleland, former Democratic senator from
Georgia, told the Commission after Kleinberg’s testimony, he was having
breakfast with Myers in his Capitol Hill office on 9/11. He said Myers
learned of the attacks by watching the second WTC attack on a
television, which a Cleland aide had rolled into the office where they
were meeting. Then, Myers left to deal with the attacks. Shortly after
9/11, Bush elevated Myers to chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff.)

Secretary of Defense

The Secretary of Defense was at his desk doing paperwork when American
Airlines flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.

As reported, Secretary (Donald) Rumsfeld felt the building shake, went
outside, saw the damage and started helping the injured onto stretchers.
After aiding the victims, the Secretary then went into the 'War Room."

How is it possible that the National Military Command Center, located in
the Pentagon and in contact with law enforcement and air traffic
controllers from 8:46 a.m. did not communicate to the Secretary of
Defense also at the Pentagon about the other hijacked planes especially
the one headed to Washington? How is it that the Secretary of Defense
could have remained at his desk until the crash? Whose responsibility is
it to relay emergency situations to him? Is he then supposed to go to
the war room?

George Bush

At 6:15 a.m. on the morning of 9/11, my husband Alan left for work; he
drove into New York City and was at his desk and working at his NASDAQ
Security trading position with Cantor Fitzgerald, in Tower One of the
World Trade Center by 7:30 a.m.

In contrast, on the morning of September 11, Bush was scheduled to
listen to elementary school children read.

Before (Bush) walked into the classroom, NORAD had sufficient
information that the plane that hit the World Trade Center was hijacked.
At that time, they also had knowledge that two other commercial
airliners, in the air, were also hijacked. It would seem that a national
emergency was in progress.

Yet, (Bush) was allowed to enter a classroom full of young children and
listen to the students read.

If at some point we don't look to hold the individuals accountable for
not doing their jobs properly, then how can we ever expect for
terrorists not to get lucky again?

And, that is why I am here with all of you today. Because, we must find
the answers as to what happened that day so as to ensure that another
September 11th can never happen again . . . .

Commissioners, I implore you to answer our questions. You are the
Generals in the terrorism fight on our shores.

FILM AFTERMATH: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 Draws Overflow Crowd


Joyce Lynn

The greatest deception ever launched.

That is how Canadian broadcaster Barrie Zwicker described the U.S.
government’s “official” version of 9/11 at an activist-organized event
in San Francisco April 21.

A hand-vote indicated a majority of those who packed Herbst Theatre,
which is directly across from the city’s Civic Center, agreed with him.

Zwicker called the government’s story of 9/11 “The Big Lie” and likened
it to the Reichstag Fire, which Adolph Hitler and the Nazis used to
launch their murderous attacks against people they deemed undesirable.
Some historians believe the Nazis, not the Dutch Communist found guilty,
started the German Parliament fire. A day after the February 27, 1933
fire, the German government suspended civil liberties. A month later,
the Parliament granted Hitler dictatorial powers.

Zwicker said the 9/11 deception was “perpetrated by powerful special
interests to jumpstart the war on terrorism,” which he called the “toxic
tip” for world domination, and was leveraged by neo-conservatives in the
U.S. government who have “hijacked U.S. foreign policy at the behest of
Big Arms and Big Oil.”

Media critic of Canada’s non-profit Vision TV, Zwicker produced the
video The Great Deception, which analyzes the events of 9/11 and
received the largest response of any television program in Canada.

The event featured the film AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 by
award-winning producers Guerilla News Network and a panel of experts who
also appeared in the film: Michael Ruppert, Editor of From the
Wilderness; Peter Dale Scott, University of California at Berkeley
professor emeritus, co-founder of UC Berkeley’s Peace and Conflict
Studies Program, and author of Drugs, Oil, and War, and Riva Enteen,
program director for the Bay Area chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Questions the film addresses include: What did the Bush administration
know and when; why did the U.S. military fail to intercept the hijacked
planes; what ties did the U.S. military and intelligence agencies have
with the terrorists and their supporters.

San Francisco-based activists who call themselves the Truth
Commission911, headed by Carol Brouillet, organized the event in the
three weeks the U.S. was invading Iraq. The event was aimed at
attracting the attention of the corporate media, which perpetuates the
government cover-up of 9/11.

The size of the crowd stunned even the seasoned experts on the panel.
Several hundred people were turned away at the box office for lack of
space. A similar program the next night in Palo Alto, California,
attracted five to six hundred people.

Zwicker asked the audience for a show of hands about four questions. How
many believe that elements of the U.S. government not only knew about
but also participated in 9/11? How many believe the official narrative –
a guy with a white beard living in a cave in Afghanistan…? How many
believe G.W. Bush knew? How many do not know? A majority -- possibly 80
percent -- answered affirmatively to Zwicker’s first question.

A GNN parody of government and media titans parroting war proclamations
was also shown. The audience booed when Democratic California Sen.
Dianne Feinstein praised the war effort. The day after the event, it was
announced that a company in which Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum is
partner received a large contract to help rebuild Iraq.

Ruppert said “only” a stand-down of the national defenses could have
allowed 9/11 to happen. He said the hijack coordinator on duty September
11, 2001, was taking orders from the Pentagon and the government has
shrouded this person’s identity in secrecy.

Mary Schiavo, former Inspector General for the Department of
Transportation and an aviation disaster attorney who appears in the GNN
film, says that in the year 2000, the Air National Guard scrambled
fighter jets to intercept U.S. planes, which were off course 80 to 100
times. On 9/11, when four planes were hijacked, these procedures and
those of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) were not

Scott declared the U.S. had double agents in Al Qaeda and Project
Bojinka, a 1995 plan attributed to Osama bin Laden’s network to hijack
U.S.-bound commercial airliners and crash them into landmarks including
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Scott does not believe Bush
said, “We are going to blow up the World Trade Center,” but, said Scott,
“because of the increasing involvements with double agents and their
handlers, 9/11 was a disaster waiting to happen.”

Enteen said the Bush administration is creating fear to justify “their
repressive legislation” like the PATROIT Act and to perpetuate the war
on terrorism and dissent. She said Morton Sobel, who was a defendant in
the Ethel and Julius Rosenberg trial and spent 18 years in jail, told
her government repression is worse today than during the McCarthy period
in the 1950’s.

Calling the U.S. a fascist state because of the collusion of government
and corporations, Ruppert said only a “top-down change of the criminal,
corrupt system will suffice.” Scott said “a minority regime is governing
acquiescing majorities.” He said there are “two strong allies: The Truth
-- go after it -- and world opinion. We have to be part of that alliance
and draw strength from them.”

Enteen said the way to feel safe and secure was not Homeland Security
legislation but a change in U.S. foreign policy.

Zwicker called the American people “ignorant of the extent of the
deception about 9/11” and urged the media’s hypnotic hold on the public
be broken so people can begin to “even question” 9/11.

Copyright © 2003 Joyce Lynn

JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she turned from
writing about the politics of social welfare issues to matters of the
mind. She initiated the POLITICAL DIARY in the aftermath of the 2000
election when dreams predicted with 100% accuracy its outcome and told
the story behind the story.

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