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PD #15: Part 1- THE 9/11 COVER-UP COMMISSION  Joyce Lynn, Editor
 Apr 05, 2004 09:47 PDT 

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Joyce Lynn, Editor
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POLITICAL DIARY, based on the truth-telling power of dreams, is founded
on the premise each of us has an Inside Source, which can reveal the
truth that will bring peace. Through investigative reporting,
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April 1, 2004



On 9/11 and the days following, the Bush administration let the media
seed the “official” story. Many people I’ve interviewed said they
intuitively doubted that a guy with a long white beard living in a cave
in Afghanistan masterminded 9/11 because religious fanatics hate our
freedom and Hollywood movies.

From a woman with a young child on a cross-country train ride to
two-thirds of movie goers at an Oakland, California theater on the
second anniversary of 9/11, overwhelming numbers of people doubt the
official line.

I received the same response when I asked four hundred people attending
the International Inquiry into 9/11 Phase One how many experienced that
intuitive intelligence in the days or weeks after 9/11.

Lee Hamilton, vice chair of the 9/11 Commission, ranted during one
hearing last spring about a Washington Post headline calling for a "New
Panel, Independent of 9/11 Commission.” I felt a pain in my neck
letting me know the 9/11 Commission was a story to cover.

For the first time since the inception of the Commission, the corporate
media and even the left progressive media are paying attention to the
hearings. For the first time, these same journalists are even
acknowledging there might be a crack in the administration’s story.

However, the brouhaha over Richard Clarke’s testimony and Condoleezza
Rice’s appearance obscure the real terrorism story: the U.S. along with
the Pakistani intelligence service and Saudi Arabia armed and funded and
promoted Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan.

The practice started at the end of the Carter administration and reached
its zenith during the Reagan and Bush administrations. Yes, the
mujahedeen would fight the Soviets. But, also, the U.S. would have an
enemy to oppose when communism died and to carry out or blame for covert

The lead story in this issue is derived from a presentation on the 9/11
Commission I gave at the 9/11 International Inquiry Phase One at Herbst
Theater in San Francisco March 26-28. This issue also includes an item
about the Inquiry and an INSIDE SOURCE tip for enterprising

The pain in my neck I felt during Hamilton’s harangue let me know that a
People’s Inquiry is the way to promulgate the truth.

As a news reporter covering politics in Washington, D.C. in the 70’s, I
wrote what politicians said, oblivious to what was really happening. My
political consciousness-raising was 9/11.

Out of this terrible event, I found we have an Inside Source that can
help us report the news and find the truth. Since then, that Inside
Source has guided my reporting and shaped the direction and content of

I invite you to share your inner and outer tips and information. Visit
my new website www.joycelynn.com. That is joycelynn dot com. See how
others are calling on their Inside Source and share your “findings.”

When you experience that click that the truth is at hand, you will
intuitively know what is the right course for you to spread the word,
stop the crimes of the gang running this country, and redeem our own
ignorance and denial.

Dream on,

Joyce Lynn

How the Foxes are Guarding the Chicken Coop

On September 11, while four planes were hijacked and two crashed into
the trade towers, while people were burning up and jumping out of
buildings, G. W. Bush, commander-in-chief, was in a second grade
classroom in Sarasota, Florida reading a story about a pet goat.

He entered the classroom shortly before 9:00 a.m. By his own admission,
he knew a plane had hit the World Trade Center. He went on with the
photo opportunity any way. At 9:06 a.m., three minutes after the second
tower was hit, chief of staff Andrew Card walked into the classroom and
reportedly whispered in Bush’s ear that a second plane had hit the
Towers. “America is at war,“ he told Bush.

Strangely, Bush sat in the classroom for at least another five to eight
minutes chatting with the children. According to one news account, his
advisor Karl Rove held up a sign reading: Don’t react yet. Within
minutes, CNN anchors had created the cover story about why Bush chatted
about a pet goat while America was burning -- he might scare the
children by abruptly leaving the classroom.

It’s difficult to know exactly how long Bush stayed in the classroom
because the original Booker school film has disappeared from its site.
It is clear, however, that even though America was “under attack,” the
Secret Service failed to whisk Bush away to a secure location.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

In the meantime, in Washington, it was a big morning for leisurely
meetings for other top Bush administration officials.

The acting head of the Joint Chiefs on 9/11, Gen. Richard Myers, had a
breakfast meeting with Max Cleland in the Senator’s Capitol Hill office.
The National Command Center in the Pentagon reports to the Joint Chiefs.
Yet, after the first plane hit the Towers more than a half hour after
the first airliner was hijacked, a congressional aide had to tell Gen.
Myers to turn on the television so he could learn what was happening.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was meeting with some members of
Congress at the Pentagon promoting the Star Wars program. He told the
9/11 Commission March 23: "Ironically, in the course of the
conversation, I stressed how important it was for our country to be
adequately prepared for the unexpected.”

Apparently, like Bush in the classroom, the Secretary of Defense
continued to sit in a private dining room at the Pentagon while hundreds
burned in the World Trade Centers and his own military domicile was
about to come under attack.

"Someone handed me a note that a plane had hit one of the World Trade
Center towers," Rumsfeld testified.

"Later, I was in my office with a CIA briefer when I was told a second
plane had hit the other tower. Shortly thereafter, at 9:38 a.m., the
Pentagon shook with an explosion of a then-unknown origin," he said.

Apparently, Rumsfeld thinks a half hour is “shortly.” Apparently,
Rumsfeld’s office in the heart of the nation’s massive Defense
Department is a communication vacuum without television, cell phone,
beeper. Rumsfeld said he went to his office window to learn that the
Pentagon was attacked. He has said he went outside to help the victims.

"Upon my return from the crash site, and before going to the Executive
Support Center," he continued, "I had one or more calls in my office,
one of which I believe was the President."

That was after 10 a.m., nearly two hours after the hijack drama began.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was meeting at the White
House. Undeterred, she continued her meeting even after learning a plane
had hit the first tower. After all, it was, according to first reports,
only a small plane.

What do these stories tell us?

The Executive branch was AWOL on 9/11. It was not a failure of low level
bureaucrats but an Executive level stand down.

Now, that is certainly worthy of a high level investigation. Yet, more
than a year after Bush and Congressional leaders appointed a supposedly
independent Commission to investigate what happened on 9/11, the
Commission has failed to confront one high level official in public
testimony about his or her activities that day.

Instead, the mainstream media report what pass as stories about 9/11 --
smokescreens about extending the completion date for the final report;
who can and cannot see a Presidential Daily Briefing whose content we
already know; and banter between counter terrorism czar Richard Clarke
and the Commissioners about who could (illegally) rattle the most

The Chicken Coop

Commission chair Thomas Kean, a Republican, and vice chair Lee Hamilton,
a Democrat, promised in a Washington Journal interview on C-Span a year
ago that the Commission would answer every question and leave no stone

At a press conference six months later, Hamilton sang a different tune.
When a reporter asked about a causal relationship between the CIA and al
Qaeda -- the anointed 9/11 terrorists -- Hamilton, incensed, cut him
off. “I don’t accept the premise of your question,” he huffed.

Herein lies the problem. The 9/11 Commission is the Cover-up Commission.
The foxes are guarding the chicken coop.

The Commission’s framework is the official story, which is as one
military witness put it: “On 9-11, the U.S. was attacked from within by
foreign terrorists using planes as weapons.”

The Commissioners have ties with the very parties they are investigating
including the CIA, the bin Ladens, and Bush administration officials.

A truly independent investigation would examine WHO carried out the
attacks. That means examining all those capable of carrying out the
attacks, including elements of the U.S. government. To date, the
administration has presented no evidence it was Osama bin Laden and al

Remember, Bush and his cabinet could not trust the American people with
that information before they rushed into destroy Afghanistan -- again.
No tapes. Nothing but an alleged hijacker’s passport which miraculously
survived the rubble of the World Trade Center.

Given the number of Freudian remarks at the hearings March 23 -24 --
advisors and officials saying “CIA” when they meant al Qaeda, for
example -- maybe the truth is slipping out.

The 9/11 Commission is officially called the NATIONAL COMMISSION ON

The Bush administration had already written the plot line and these 10
“independent Commissioners” are merely reading the script.

It looks like Karl Rove called central casting and found Washington
insiders with so many conflicts of interest, with so much to lose in
their high powered jobs, they are guaranteed to play their roles and
keep the truth under wraps.

Instead, it is clear the Commission’s report will echo the “who would
have ever thought” and bungling federal intelligence agencies that
independent researchers long ago dispelled.

Amalgam Virgo 02

Take the air defense hearings May. They resembled a Saturday Night Live
episode and would be laughable if the subject were not so tragic.

Many responses and exchanges were ludicrous. They demonstrated the
perpetual arrogance, disdain, and contempt the administration holds for
the 9/11 families and for all of us.

For example, Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste asked the NORAD panel
about a U.S. military scenario called Amalgam Virgo 02 designed to
counter simultaneous hijackings, which NORAD had in the planning stages
before 9/11.

Trying to be helpful, Gen. Craig McKinley, who became first Air Force
and Continental U.S. Region Commander August 1, 2002, read from a
briefing book:

“Amalgam Virgo 02, in general, was an exercise created to focus on
peacetime and contingency NORAD missions. One of the peacetime scenarios
that is and has been a NORAD mission for years is support to other
government departments.

“Within this mission falls hijackings. Creativity of the designer aside,
prior to 9/11, hijack motivations were based on political objectives --
i.e., asylum or release of captured prisoners or political figures.
Threats of killing hostages or crashing were left to the script writers
to invoke creativity and broaden the required response for players.”

Ben-Veniste, who had just read a litany of examples of planes as weapons
from the Joint Intelligence Committee’s report, called McKinley’s
response, “Fatuous.”

“It wasn't in the minds of script writers when the Algerians had
actually hijacked the plane, which they were attempting to fly into the
Eiffel Tower,” Ben-Veniste countered.

However, then, Ben-Veniste, often the most aggressive questioner, caved
and asked McKinley, "Don’t you agree we could have been better

Looking the Other Way

Polite questioning and agreement are tactics the Commissioners use
instead of asking tough follow up questions as in this exchange:

BEN VENISTE: Now, General McKinley, is it fair to say that the mission
and the primary responsibility of NORAD is to defend our homeland and
our citizens against air attack?

GEN. MCKINLEY: On the day of September 11th, 2001, our mission was to
defend North America, to surveil, to intercept, to identify, and if
necessary to destroy, those targets which we were posturing were going
to come from outside our country.

“In fact, that tracks originating over the land mass of the United
States were identified friendly by origin. Therefore, those alert sites
that were positioned on the morning of September 11th were looking out
primarily on our coasts at the air defense identification zone, which
extends outward of 100 to 200 miles off our shore. So that was the main
focus of NORAD at the time.

MR. BEN-VENISTE: I asked you about your responsibilities, sir, and I ask
you again, whether it was not your responsibility as NORAD to protect
the United States and its citizens against air attack.

GEN. MCKINLEY: It is, and it was, and I would just caveat your comment
by saying that our mission was at that time not designed to take
internal FAA radar data to track or to identify tracks originating
within our borders. It was to look outward, as a Cold War vestige,
primarily developed during the Cold War, to protect against Soviet
long-range bomber penetration of our intercept zone.

MR. BEN-VENISTE: Well, I think, sir, that you have used a good term, not
good for the United States, but accurate, in terms of the vestigial
mandate operationally to look outward toward the borders rather than
inward. And as vestigial you mean, I am sure, as a result of our decades
of confrontation with the former Soviet Union.

GEN. MCKINLEY: Correct, sir.

MR. BEN-VENISTE: And so on the day of September 11th, as you can see
these dots -- I know it may be difficult to see -- NORAD was positioned
in a perimeter around the United States, but nothing in the central
region, nothing on the border with Canada?

Ben-Veniste held up an 8 1/2” by 11” sheet of paper with a map of the
U.S. and some spots on it to substantiate McKinley’s story.

GEN. MCKINLEY: That's correct, sir.

Not one Commissioner challenged this story or asked McKinley about NORAD
defense and command centers at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, or the

In the current round of hearings, Commissioner Jamie Gorelick tried to
elicit an answer from Rumsfeld about missile defense systems on the day
of the attack. He hemmed and hawed, and no one else challenged him.

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