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PD #17 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB: "Nation in Peril"  Joyce Lynn, Editor
 Feb 09, 2005 17:50 PST 

The Inside Source for News

Joyce Lynn, Editor
politicaldiary at hotmail dot com
911 at joycelynn dot com
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POLITICAL DIARY, based on the truth-telling power of dreams, is founded
on the premise each of us has an Inside Source, which can reveal the
truth that will bring peace. Through investigative reporting,
interpretative analysis, commentary, tips, and other journalistic tools,
POLITICAL DIARY reports the news so we can make informed choices.

PD #17

9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB: "Nation in Peril"

February, 2005


From the Editor’s Desk
Inside Job Dream
The 9/11 Commission Reports: Cover-up #2


I was hovering above a door inside the terminal at San Francisco
International Airport looking down at an entrance/exit. My maroon
reading glasses sat on a reporter’s notebook like the one I had used in

I dreamt this the morning I was returning to San Francisco from Phase 2
of the International 9/11 Citizens’ Inquiry held at the end of May in

In the dream, I had an objective, bird’s-eye view, distanced from both
fact-based and vision-based reporting. In my personal dream dictionary,
maroon means exactly that: marooned, abandoned.

In Toronto, I presented a detailed look at the 9/11 Commission and the
conflicting connections of the commissioners (www.joycelynn.com). I had
wondered while researching and writing the analysis if it were time to
abandon intense, fact-based reporting on 9/11. I had buried myself in
traditional reporting for the three years since that day. It was time, I
thought, to turn toward more toward consciousness-based work.

A month later, I realized the dream was a psychic/ESP dream. It forecast
a distanced perspective on both types of professional pursuits. Because
of an illness in my family, I would need to take a reprieve from both
fact and insight reporting.

And that, readers, is why this is the first issue of POLITICAL DIARY
since August, 2004.

That mandated distance has yielded interesting perspectives. In July, en
route to the Midwest and the family crisis, I listened to the final 9/11
Commission hearings. The lies and cover-ups told by top military and
civilian officials appalled me. Equally distressing: the way the 9/11
commissioners and the mainstream media facilitated the cover-up.

As the hearings reverberated with falsehoods, I wondered how I could
continue to report as I have done for decades on what politicians say
and do.

Since August, I have traveled outside San Francisco and the vibrant
activist community there. I have needed to prioritize -- putting
passionate political and metaphysical pursuits on hold.

Stymied by circumstances from pursuing the 9/11 story allowed me to
experience how ego-driven I am. Hero-complex is the official term, I
believe. Now, I realize others also can and are doing the "rowing."

Traveling in the red states, I experienced over and over the limitations
of traditional reporting. I also experienced first-hand how I had
geographically distanced myself from my family.

These circumstances combined with the recognition that life is short
prompt me to rethink the format of this newsletter. Reformulation is in
the works. For the moment, however, this newsletter continues both
vision and fact-based reporting.

The 9/11 dream “Inside Job” reported in this issue is a 160-word story
which succinctly answers the question “What really happened on 9/11?”
-- the question the Commissioners never pursued with top Bush
administration officials.

Since the August , 2004 POLITICAL DIARY, there was another stolen
election. No surprise to those of us watching and warning about
electronic voting. The surprise for me was how easily the Bushes
achieved their second coup and how quickly the Democrats caved. The
surprise for me were responses from family and friends about the theft.
Their responses ranging from blase to denial are additional factors in
my reassessing how best to report the news.

PD readers: Thank you for your support and readership in 2004. And, may
my reassessment of how to live my life more effectively -- achieving
some balance in all aspects -- motivate an internal examination about
how you can use your passion and skills to trim-tab and bring peace to a
chaotic world.

Joyce Lynn


POLITICAL DREAMING: “9/11 Was an Inside Job”

Activist Carol Brouillet emailed this dream story on November 5.
Brouillet is an originator of the Deception Dollar, which was created as
a portal to information on 9/11 (www.deceptiondollar.com):

Gabriel called me and we were interrupted by an elderly woman, who
called him from the East Coast. She told him about a dream she had a
couple of weeks ago. 

In the dream, her mother visited her and said, “911 was an inside
job.” The woman had no idea what her mother meant.

Then, shortly after the dream, the woman saw a Deception Dollar at a
John Kerry rally and wrote down some of the websites on the mock
bill. The first site she visited was www.911sharethetruth.com, activist
Gabriel Day’s website.

The headline on the website: “9/11 Was an Inside Job - Our Nation Is in

The woman broke down in tears, then she called Gabriel.

Cover-up #2: Higher-ups -- AWOL

PD FINDING: In addition to G. W. Bush, top civilian and military leaders
were A.W.O.L. on 9/11.

NORAD -- North American Aerospace Defense -- is responsible for the air
defenses of the continental United States and Canada.

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
took detailed testimony in May, 2003 questioning second level commanders
-- the head of Continental NORAD on 9/11 and his replacement.

However, when the top brass on 9/11, NORAD Commander Ralph Eberhart and
acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, showed up
for the final round of hearings last July, they submitted brief
statements and answered a few innocuous questions. Then, Myers departed
for an appointment in New York.

As Myers left, an angry friend of a 9/11 family stood up and shouted his
frustration at the docile commissioners who by their silence aided and
abided his getaway.

Eberhart said he arrived at NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain headquarters after
the Pentagon was hit -- more than an hour and a half after the first
plane was hijacked.

In his book Against All Enemies, former counter terrorism chief Richard
Clarke describes a video conference call he led on the morning of 9/11
in which he said Rumsfeld and Myers participated. His book contradicts
their testimony.

(Editor’s Note: PD # 15, published last April, contains a story on the
9/11 Commissioners. Embedded in it are the “whereabouts” of top Bush
officials on the morning of 9/11. Sadly, subsequent 9/11 Commission
hearings shed no new light on their activities that day. PD suggests
you read the portions about the morning of 9/11 in the Commission Report
and in Clarke’s book and ask yourself: “Where were Dick Cheney, Donald
Rumsfeld, Ralph Eberhart, and Richard Myers on the morning of 9/11 --
and why.”

Here is how PD, Issue #15, April, 2004 reported on Bush and other

On September 11, while four planes were hijacked and two crashed into
the trade towers, while people were burning up and jumping out of
buildings, G. W. Bush, commander-in-chief, was in a  second grade
classroom in Sarasota, Florida reading a story about a pet goat.

He entered the classroom shortly before 9:00 a.m. By his own admission,
he knew a plane had hit the World Trade Center. He went on with the
photo opportunity any way.

At 9:06 a.m., three minutes after the second tower was hit, chief of
staff Andrew Card walked into the classroom and reportedly whispered in
Bush’s ear that a second plane had hit the Towers. “America is at war,“
he told Bush.

Strangely, Bush sat in the classroom for at least another five to eight
minutes chatting with the children. According to one news account, his
advisor Karl Rove held up a sign reading: Don’t react yet.  Within
minutes, CNN anchors had created the cover story about why Bush chatted
about a pet goat while America was burning -- he might  scare the
children by abruptly leaving the classroom.

It’s difficult to know exactly how long Bush stayed in the classroom
because the original Booker school film has disappeared from its site.
It is clear, however, that even though America was “under attack,” the
Secret Service failed to whisk Bush away to a secure location.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

In the meantime, in Washington, it was a big morning for leisurely
meetings for other top Bush administration officials.

The acting head of the Joint Chiefs on 9/11, Gen. Richard Myers, had a
breakfast meeting with Max Cleland in the Senator’s Capitol Hill office.
The National Command Center in the Pentagon reports to the Joint
Chiefs.  Yet, after the first plane hit the Towers more than a half hour
after the first airliner was hijacked, a congressional aide had to tell
Gen. Myers to turn on the television so he could learn what was

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was meeting with some members of
Congress at the Pentagon promoting the Star Wars program. He told the
9/11 Commission March 23:  "Ironically, in the course of the
conversation, I stressed how important it was for our country to be
adequately prepared for the unexpected.”

Apparently, like Bush in the classroom, the Secretary of Defense
continued to sit in a private dining room at the Pentagon while hundreds
burned in the World Trade Centers and his own military domicile was
about to come under attack.

"Someone handed me a note that a plane had hit one of the World Trade
Center towers," Rumsfeld testified.

"Later, I was in my office with a CIA briefer when I was told a second
plane had hit the other tower. Shortly thereafter, at 9:38 a.m., the
Pentagon shook with an explosion of a then-unknown origin," he said.

Apparently, Rumsfeld thinks a half hour is “shortly.” Apparently,
Rumsfeld’s office in the heart of the nation’s massive Defense
Department is a communication vacuum without television, cell phone,
beeper. Rumsfeld said he went to his office window to learn that the
Pentagon was attacked. He has said he went outside to help the victims.

"Upon my return from the crash site, and before going to the Executive
Support Center," he continued, "I had one or more calls in my office,
one of which I believe was the President."

That was after 10 a.m., nearly two hours after the hijack drama began.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was meeting at the White
House. Undeterred, she continued her meeting even after learning a plane
had hit the first tower. After all, it was, according to first reports,
only a small plane.

What do these stories tell us?

The Executive branch was AWOL on 9/11. It was not a failure of low level
bureaucrats but an Executive level stand down.

Now, that is certainly worthy of a high level investigation. Yet, more
than a year after Bush and Congressional leaders appointed a supposedly
independent Commission to investigate what happened on 9/11, the
Commission has failed to confront one high level official in public
testimony about his or her activities that day.”

PD predicted (PD #15) that the Commission would blame low level
bureaucrats just as the Joint Congressional committees investigating
9/11 blamed the bungling intelligence agencies -- leaving the top
honchos out of the responsibility loop.

Commissioners with more than 100 combined years in the intelligence
field failed to challenge Rumsfeld, Eberhart, or Myers. Commissioners
Bob Kerrey, Lee Hamilton, Tom Roemer sat on intelligence committees
during their tenures in Congress. John Lehman was secretary of the Navy,
Jamie Gorelick, a counsel in the Pentagon, and Fred Fielding, a counsel
in the White House.

At least three agencies monitor the nation’s air space in real time --
the National Military Command Center (NMCC) in the Pentagon, NORAD
headquarters at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, and the Secret Service (the
first according to published sources; the second according to a PD
source, the third, according to Richard Clarke in Against All Enemies).

Therefore, NORAD’s attempts to blame the Federal Aviation Authority for
slow notifications and NORAD’s failure to promptly scramble fighter jets
ring hollow. Therefore, Rumsfeld’s preposterous story of his activities
in the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11, Myers’ and Eberhart’s glaring
omissions, and the Commissioners’ failure to interrogate the top
military brass signal where to start the real story of 9/11.


Gather evidence for legal proceedings against those who gave false
testimony to Congressional and Commission investigators, were derelict
in their duties on 9/11, or committed treason against the United States
by their involvement in 9/11.

Copyright © 2005 Joyce Lynn

JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she turned from
writing about the politics of social welfare issues to matters of the
mind. She initiated the POLITICAL DIARY in the aftermath of the 2000
election when dreams predicted with 100% accuracy its outcome and told
the story behind the story.

POLITICAL DIARY is archived at www.topica.com/lists/politicaldiary. Go
to Read this List

Online, onsite, on the telephone, Joyce teaches DREAM JOURNALING: Using
Inner Wisdom to Reveal the Truth. This workshop is for journalists,
activists, artists, and others interested in personal and social change.
For information, contact 91-@joycelynn.com. That is, 911 at joycelynn
dot com.

To make an in-kind or cash contribution to expand the work of POLITICAL
DIARY, contact 911 at joycelynn dot com or P.O. Box 682, Mill Valley,
California 94942.


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