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PD #19: THE RISING TIDE: Drown or Stand Up and Rock the Boat  Joyce Lynn, Editor
 May 16, 2006 10:16 PDT 

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Joyce Lynn, Editor
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POLITICAL DIARY is founded on the truth-telling power of dreams. Each of
us has an Inside Source, revealing political truths and social
strategies to create peace and well-being for all.

PD #19: THE RISING TIDE: Drown or Stand Up and Rock the Boat

May, 2006

During the first round of torrential rains to hit the San Francisco Bay
Area last winter, I dreamt of a swirling, swelling flooded BUSH Street.
The dream illuminated the level of disaster confronting a nation ruled
by G.W. Bush; the dream imparted guidance about what could reverse the
rising tide.

In San Francisco, in reality, Bush Street is one-way, going east, toward
downtown. In the dream, I am heading the wrong way, west, toward the
beach. I am carrying my tape recorder. At the time, I was contemplating
transcribing an interview I had conducted some time ago with a young
hotel clerk about the fascist trappings of the Bush administration. It
was a lengthy but pithy commentary on where we are headed as a nation. I
thought it would inform PD readers.

The level of water in the street was, I’m estimating, 9 inches or so.
Water accumulating on a San Francisco city street is a rare sight. Would
the water on Bush Street keep rising or would it subside? Is this regime
going to drown us all?

My interpretation: I’m going the wrong way carrying a machine designed
to record (or play back) what others say rather than using dreams, the
natural mode of helping others find and listen to their Inside Source.
With this tool, others can know the truth for themselves and find their
own direction in stemming the rising waters. This was at least my second
dream giving me strategic direction (PD #18, July, 2005).

The bottom line: You and I have enough information now about the real
9/11 story; we have enough information now about the destructive goals
and aims of the Bush administration. The question is: Are we going to
stand up and fix Bush Street or let the water consume us?

What can we do now? Must we sit around and wait for November and hope
the Democrats will take back the House/Senate? Is that a hopeless hope
anyway? Will the Republicans find a way to fix the mid-term elections?
Will the Democrats even pursue impeachment if they take over Congress?

Recall any political dreams you’ve had in the past few months. Do they
give you clues to what is transpiring behind the scenes? Do they impart
clues about the direction of your personal political agenda? What
action can you initiate based on these dreams?

The flood dream warns us: Now is the time to pay attention and put our
attention on what matters and act with intention to save the world.

Dream on!


Using Dream Wisdom to Create a More Conscious World

Joyce is co-leading the strategy session , CULTURE, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND
9/11 TRUTH: Countering Government/Corporate Mind Control at the upcoming
9/11 conference in Chicago, June 2-4. Find details at

If you’re unable to attend the Chicago conference, you can still learn
how to turn dream guidance into social action. Check under Tools on my
website, http://www.plumdreams.com for one-on-one tutorials and group

9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future
Sponsored by htttp://www.911truth.org, Chicago, IL June 2-4, Embassy
Suites Hotel, Chicago-O’Hare Rosemont

This is an education and strategy conference that is moving beyond past
9/11 events. Keynote speakers include broadcaster Alex Jones and
Physics Professor Steven Jones.

According to conference organizers:

Everything we need to succeed, we now have:
· Facts and evidence from truth movement researchers
· Support of respected leaders across the political spectrum
· Nationwide communications network in independent media
· Inspiration from whistle blowers and victim families
· A country waking up to the desperate need for truth

The conference will focus on creating a shared strategy.

More information at http://www.911truth.org



Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, on his daily radio program,
Will and Willie, on the SF Air America Radio affiliate raised the issue
of the impeachment of G.W. Bush several times during the long wet
winter. Rather than put all his eggs into the November elections, when
Democrats might—or might not—take back Congress, Brown spoke of acting

PD Editor Joyce Lynn approached Brown during a break in his show in
early March and asked what specific action he had in mind. He mentioned
Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), who has introduced a resolution to
create a Special Committee to investigate "administration abuse of
power," highlighting the Iraq war and warrantless wiretapping

Brown told PD he believed few Democrats were rallying around Conyers or
Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin), who introduced a resolution to censure
Bush, because "many Democrats don’t believe Bush has done anything

Politically, Congress was confirming Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court,
there were revelations about Bush’s warrantless wiretapping on U.S.
citizens, and deaths were mounting in a war in Iraq based on Bush
administration lies.

Does that mean even if the Democrats gain control of one or both houses
of Congress in the fall, they will acquiesce to the status quo?

Tired of waiting for Washington politicians to act, a grass-roots
impeachment movement is gaining momentum:

Neil Young’s new album Living with War features the song, "Let’s Impeach
the President."

State legislators in Illinois and California have introduced impeachment
resolutions. More states are are expected to follow soon. The
resolutions deal with Iraq and related issues, not 9/11.

In California, the resolution calls for the impeachment of both G.W.
Bush and Richard Cheney.

The Jefferson Manual of rules for the U.S. House of Representatives
allows state legislatures to initiate impeachment proceedings by
submitting charges to Congress. However, the resolutions go to House
Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois), who will certainly pocket them.

Eleven cities and towns have passed resolutions calling for impeachment.

For impeachment actions see ImpeachPAC at http://www.impeachpac.org and
After Downing Street at http://www.afterdowningstreet.org



"You know," a colleague admitted recently, "I don’t remember my dreams."
After talking awhile longer, I asked about the last dream she

When her parents divorced, she had a dream in which "people died." Her
parents died as her caretakers. Henceforth, she knew she was responsible
for herself. "That was the last dream I remember," she said. We talked,
and she realized that dream helped her survive the divorce, become an
independent woman, and an out-spoken advocate for children’s health.

"You know, some people have what they call a nightmare, a dream that
seemed so frightening they don’t want to remember any more dreams," I
told her. That is exactly what happened, she acknowledged.

Her dream had kernels of insight about her situation and gave her the
strength to survive it. Now, she realized she could remember her dreams
once again for they could direct the next phrase of expanding her
advocacy organization.

Here are other tips for recalling your dreams, excerpted from Using Your
Dreams, an article I first wrote for Writers’ Connection:

Harnessing the Power of Dreams

Gleaning inspiration from dreams happens with some preparation. It does
take some effort on your part. How can you draw on this inner wisdom?   
*First, record your dreams.
Preferably, use a journal. Some dreamers even find it advantageous to
keep a tape recorder by the bed and to transcribe their dreams at a
later time.

Making a record of your dreams gives you a written reference and
stimulates more dreams.

*Second, take time to understand the dream’s meaning.
Dreams remind me of the short stories I liked to analyze in high school.
For other writers, the word plays, the verbal-visual images, and the
story-like quality of dreams offer a particular challenge.

One helpful book for understanding dreams is the Dream Dictionary by
Tony Crisp (Dell Books, 1990).

*Third, incorporate the dream into your work and life.
See whether your dream may guide you in a specific and possibly new or
renewed direction or if it offers you a perspective on what to say, how
to say it, or how to promote it.

Sometimes the dream’s value is immediately clear; sometimes its gift
will reveal itself as part of the creative process.

The article, "Using Your Dreams Can Help Solve Problems in Your Writing
and Your Career," is posted on my website http://www.plumdreams.com at
the top of the Tools section. (plumdreams dot com/Tools)



Clearly, the flood that was less than a foot deep in San Francisco has
reached disaster proportions in Iraq, the country we ostensibly invaded
to liberate.

The costs of denying the truth about the stolen 2000 election (and the
stolen 2004 election) and 9/11 are mounting. In a desperate attempt to
open eyes still shut, here is a graphic description by David Podvin
excerpted from his impassioned 4/2/05 commentary, Corporate Assassin

"George W. Bush is a murderer, and a prolific one at that. He has
deployed surrogates to kill more than one hundred thousand Iraqi
civilians in a ruthless slaughter that is ongoing. The fact that he
murders via remote control from the Oval Office does not confer
legitimacy to his crimes. If anything, it makes them all the more
despicable. Bush is slaying people in the name of democracy, yet his
commitment to democracy has already been debunked in Haiti and
Venezuela, not to mention Florida and Ohio. ...

"At Bush’s behest, the United States military has ‘neutralized’ unarmed
Iraqis by dropping cluster bombs on them, showering them with napalm,
shooting them from helicopters, executing them in mosques, and torturing
them in dungeons. The BBC broadcast an interview with a grieving woman
whose pregnant daughter had been machine-gunned by U.S. troops, which is
the one method of abortion that conservatives are willing to tolerate."

To devise a plan to halt the insanity and bring consciousness to the
political system join Joyce at 9/11: REVEALING THE TRUTH, RECLAIMING OUR
FUTURE in Chicago, June 2-4, where she is a presenter in the strategy
track, Consciousness and 9/11, Using Dream Guidance for Social Change.
Details at http://www.911truth.org

Any time, join with other social justice and spiritual seekers to
Create Your Own Political Agenda and Save the World, online, on site,
on the phone. Details at http://www.plumdreams.com/Tools

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© Joyce Lynn 2006
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