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 Sep 12, 2006 20:32 PDT 

The Inside Source for News

Joyce Lynn, Editor

http://www.plumdreams.com joy-@plumdreams.com
(joyce at plumdreams dot com)

POLITICAL DIARY is founded on the power of dreams to inform, guide, and
heal. Each of us has an Inside Source, revealing political truths and
social strategies to create peace and well-being for all.


September, 2006


CONSCIOUSNESS AND 9/11 TRUTH: Countering Government-Corporate Mind
Control was the title of a packed (people, information and awareness)
track of presentations other 9/11 researchers, activists, and I gave on
June 3 at the 9/11: Reclaiming Our Future conference in Chicago
sponsored by 9/11truth.org. Here’s how we described our presentation:

"Government disinformation, echoed by the media, has created a climate
of denial and massive public psychological resistance to 9/11 Truth that
is akin to mind control. The result is an unprecedented spiritual crisis
in this country.

"This session offers an antidote. Through psychological, spiritual, and
intuitive perspectives, we can rise above the emotional blocks, fear,
projection, anger, vengefulness, and despair in others and ourselves.

"This session will empower participants, as individuals and through
break-out groups, to overcome our own resistance; heal the divisions in
the movement; convey our message without alienating those we want to
reach; explore conscious attitudes toward the perpetrators of 9/11; and
look toward a new future based on sanity, social justice, and spiritual

"Part presentation, part hands on strategizing, you will leave the
session with a political and spiritual agenda you can implement yourself
and an agenda we can present to the Reclaiming the Future plenary."

I lobbied conference organizers to include my presentation, Turning
Dream Wisdom into Social Action, in the program to encourage people to
listen to their dreams. You know, I believe combining intuition AND
information AND imagination is the framework for achieving the global

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9/11, this issue contains
excerpts from that presentation. At this time in our personal and global
history, I turn to a passage from one of my favorite healing services:
When ideals fade, give me vision...




For centuries, dreams have guided nations toward (or away from) their

In the Bible, Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh’s dreams, which foretold
seven years of famine and seven prosperous years. Joseph’s
interpretation saved the Egyptians and his family from starvation.
Mohammed received the text of the Koran in a dream. Dream rituals
pervaded ancient Greece, where people visited temples to incubate

Julius Caesar’s wife prophetically dreamt her husband would be killed.
Caesar’s successor ordered the citizens to share their dreams in the

The intuitive dream work of the Senoi tribe in Malaysia helped create
their peaceful existence. The Iroquoian Indians, in the 17th century,
held dreams as their Divinity.

From 1933 to 1939, Charlotte Beradt, a journalist, collected the dreams
of more than 300 Germans in her book, The Third Reich of Dreams.

One Amazon.com reviewer wrote: "The book traces the ways in which the
rising tide of Fascism infected the unconscious lives of ordinary
Germans, skewing their dreams towards increasingly brutal and
nightmarish reflections of the pathology of Nazism. A profound and
disturbing book."

Some dreams discerned the terrible path the nation was taking but the
dreamer felt helpless to change events. One housewife dreamed she ripped
a swastika off a flag each night, but the swastika appeared on the flag
again in the morning. Another German realized he was "inch by inch"
raising his arm in the Nazi salute.

In U.S. race relations, Harriet Tubman dreamt of a safe escape route for
the slaves, which became the route for the underground railroad. She led
approximately 300 people to freedom in the North.

When President Lyndon Johnson was waging the Vietnam war, nightmares
plagued him. Biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin reported Johnson dreamt he
was swimming in a big river unable to reach either side. The dreams
confirmed he was mired in an endless war that he could not win. These
dreams contributed to Johnson extricating himself from the political
scene and the U.S. withdrawal from that war in which more than 50,000
Americans and millions of Vietnamese died.

Inside Source

Traditionally, we think of the classic psychological/therapeutic aspects
of dreams pioneered by Sigmund Freud, who focused on hidden unconscious
urges and desires. I’m proposing another framework for dreams, a
spiritual paradigm. In this framework dreams can reveal the truth, offer
guidance, and are a place where healing can occur.

In this paradigm, we reclaim the power of dreams and inner wisdom with
their roots in ancient cultures to guide and transform our world. In
this paradigm, each of us has an Inside Source that can report the
truth behind the news and forecast it far more accurately than the best
political pundit. That Source is our dreams.

For me, that is Source with a capital S because I believe, based on my
experience, that is the Divine Source that lives within each of us.
whether we call that Source guide, friend, wisdom or nothing at all
matters little. it is what you do, how you use your inner intelligence
that matters.

In this time of corporate media, censored news, talking heads, gurus and
so-called experts, and polarized political camps, we can go inside our
own mind and listen to our own inner voice.

Behind the Headlines

Before I researched and investigated what really happened on 9/11, I had
several dreams, which tipped me off 9/11 was "an inside job"

A smoky glass tumbler was filled with thick, dark, sludge-like oil.
This disturbing dream image woke me with a depressing jolt the morning
of September 17, Rosh Hashanah, the dawn of the Jewish New Year, two
weeks after the attacks.

The bleakness this image prophesied for the coming year haunted me for
days. I had an ominous sense what awaited the world in the aftermath of
the horrendous attack on the United States a week before.

At a media event shortly thereafter, I knew the Bush Administration’s
so-called war on terrorism was about oil. That dream held the true story
behind the rush to the massive U.S. military response to the September
11 attacks.

Affirm Your Path

In August, 2001, about a month before the attacks, I dreamt of a shadowy
group of men hanging around and heard the words "origins," "benefits."
The dream meant nothing at the time. However, it became the clear as I
researched and reported on 9/11 that it was carried out by the shadow
government of the U.S. and the government and 9/11 Commission have lied
and covered-up what really happened.

While in Toronto in May, 2004 for Phase 2 of the International 9/11
Citizens’ Inquiry, I appeared on a University of Toronto radio program.
Another guest was Ellen Mariani, whose husband, Neil, was on Flight 175,
which crashed into Tower Two of the World Trade Center. During the
program, I mentioned that dreams gave me inside tips about the real 9/11
story. During the break, Mariani, who was suing the Bushes, father and
son, and top Bush 2 administration officials charging the Bush family
with decades of manipulation of U.S. policy for their own power and
profit, told me a reoccurring dream she had in the two months before

"I am in an auditorium and people are applauding me."
She told Neil about the dream, wondering aloud why she would find
herself in such a situation. She did not realize at the time the
significance of her precognitive dream.

She toured the U.S. and abroad talking about the case, garnering
700-plus crowds. Mariani told me she first remembered the dream while
she received a standing ovation from a large audience in a church in
Kansas City.

Beyond Fear

Often, fears—for our own safety and the security of those we love,
plagiarized from our family or from society or from government
propaganda hold us back from acting. that was especially true in the
early days of investigating 9/11.

In late-September, 2001, shortly after I realized oil was at the center
of the bush administration cranking up the war machine, around the time
I realized the official government story about September 11 was flawed,
I dreamt about the yellow jeep:
I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a sporty yellow jeep that is parked
on the left side of Washington Street in San Francisco, where I live.
Washington Street is one way heading west.

For some reason, I think another car is going to hit the jeep. Whether I
stay in the jeep or leave it, I risk being hit, hurt, or killed. I leave
the jeep and go into a store. A bunch of guys, who look like dot
comers, are running around in black turtle necks. I ask them to call
911. They tell me the people in a store two doors up the street can
help. I go into the store. I see it is a jewelry store.
My interpretation: Calling for help, calling 911, relates to the
September 11 attacks. Notice I am on Washington street, rather than
Filbert or Powell streets, so I believe this relates to Washington,
D.C.,t he seat of national politics. The dot comers symbolize the people
who urge connecting the dots to refute the official 9/11 story. They are
telling me the secret for solving the real story and what to do about it
will come from inner wisdom, which jewels symbolize.

This dream prodded me to leave the passive place I was occupying, the
passenger in a sports utility vehicle and alert others about what was
going on using dream wisdom rather than traditional news reporting to
sound the clarion.

The Circle

The next guidance dream occurred March, 2004, about the time of the
San Francisco People’s Inquiry into 9/11. I had prepared an extensive
investigative report on the 9/11 Commission, dubbed the Cover-up
Commission. The accompanying diagram showing the commissioners’
conflicts has come to be known as the Spaghetti Diagram.

I’m in a circle. Nearly everyone in the circle is going forward. I am
in the part of the circle that means I am walking backward. I am looking
inside, into the circle. There is a baby in the circle across from me.

This dream told me traditional news reporting was going backwards for me
to a mode of reporting that I had found less than productive in changing
society 20 years before during my days as a political reporter in
Washington, D.C.

In addition to supplying information, we must also change consciousness
so that when we meet the facts, we will grasp the truth. Then, we can
act positively with that information.
I relate these dreams to encourage you to review your past dreams or
remember new ones and see what guidance they give you to direct your
political path -- 10 percent more here? a 10 percent adjustment there?
an entire new direction?

Well, I may have heard my dreams, but I still was not listening because
I had another guidance dream, which I call The Rising Tide:

During the first round of torrential rains to hit the San Francisco Bay
Area last winter (2006), I dreamt of a swirling, swelling flooded BUSH
Street. The dream illuminated the level of disaster confronting a nation
ruled by G.W. Bush; the dream imparted guidance about what might reverse
the rising tide. Here’s how I interpreted this dream:

In San Francisco, in reality, Bush Street is one-way, going east, toward
downtown. In the dream, I am heading the wrong way, west, toward the
beach. I am carrying my tape recorder. At the time, I was contemplating
transcribing an interview I had conducted some time ago with a young
hotel clerk about the fascist trappings of the Bush administration. It
was a lengthy but pithy commentary on where we are headed as a nation. I
thought it would inform readers of my online zine, POLITICAL DIARY.
The level of water in the street was, I’m estimating, 9 inches or so.
Water accumulating on a San Francisco city street is a rare sight. Would
the water on Bush Street subside or would it keep rising, I wondered
when I woke up.

My interpretation: I’m going the wrong way carrying a machine designed
to record (or play back) what others say, like my Washington, D.C.
reporting days, rather than promoting the use of dreams, a natural mode
receiving information. With this tool, we can know the truth and find
our own direction in stemming the rising waters.

The question is: Are we going to do nothing? Are we going to repeat
outdated tactics and modes of operating and behaving? Are we going to
stand up and rock the boat or are we going to drown?

As I reviewed my notes on dreams and political action, I realized the
reviewer of Charlotte Beradt’s book, Dreaming of the Third Reich,
referred to the rising tide of fascism. I realized I referred to the
rising tide on Bush Street when I interpreted my winter flood dream.

Personal Political Agenda

We must each become our own journalist, uncovering the truth for our own
area of interest and for the international political scene. We must each
become an activist, finding within the answer to the perennial
question, "What can I do?" In this way, we can ameliorate the
overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

If you are going backward while others in your circle are going forward,
I urge you to step out so that you and the world may all go forward.

Stop Political Nightmares

Melding information and intuition is a powerful antidote to
government-media misinformation, propaganda, and denial. Individually
and together, we can combine the powerful 9/11 research we have amassed
with our inner wisdom, our intuition, our dreams, as a force for social

JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she turned from
writing about the politics of social welfare issues to matters of the
mind. She initiated the POLITICAL DIARY in the aftermath of the 2000
election when dreams predicted with 100% accuracy its outcome and told
the story behind the story.

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© Joyce Lynn 2006
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