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PD - Special Edition PA PRIMARY 2008  Joyce Lynn, Editor
 Apr 22, 2008 15:24 PDT 

Special Edition: Pennsylvania Primary

April 22, 2008

The Inside Source for News

Joyce Lynn, Editor

joyce at plumdreams dot com

POLITICAL DIARY is founded on the power of dreams to inform, guide, and
heal. Each of us has an Inside Source, revealing political truths and
social strategies to create peace and well-being for all.


Itís been a long time since Iíve contacted you. Iím writing a book on
Political Dreams, compiling Political Diary content with other dreams.
Unable to multi-task, Iím focusing on that timely task.

However, Iím in Pittsburgh on this day of the Pennsylvania primary and
want to post some recent personal/political dreams, so we can explore
them after the vote results are tabulated.

As always, ask that you remember your dreams, request guidance for
positive social change, and seek how you can maximize your political

Dream on!


Joyce Lynn
Plum Dreams Media
Inner Guidance for Social Change
Dream Journaling, Tutoring, Trainings
joyce at plumdreams dot com

Dream Journal March-April 2008

Whoís Who?

MID-MARCH: Because it is logistically complicated to go to my regular
hair salon, I ask my dreams before going to sleep for guidance about a
new salon. (Yes, I call upon dream guidance for EVERYTHING.)

DREAM ANSWER: A picture on the left side of my dream screen: Democratic
presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama in a sexual act, heís on top.
No indication who is underneath. On the right side of my dream screen,
horizontally placed, are two round slices of white bread.

INTERPRETATION:Considering familiar hair salons in the Marin County
telephone book failed to fit the dream clues. Then, I thought perhaps my
dreams were saying forget your hair or perhaps stop bothering Me with
triviality right now.

So, I look at the possible political significance and prophecy of the

On the left, liberal/progressive side, Obama will be on the top of the
Democratic ticket. We do not know who is underneath, who the vice
president will be. On the right, Hillary and Bill Clinton and/or the
Republican ticket, which will be two white bred men -- John McCain and ?

A friend, who is a psychiatrist, said of my dream, it looks like a
sandwich which is not going to happen -- there will not be an
Obama-Clintons or Clintons/Obama ticket. After the long primary
ďseason,Ē with the campaign already mired in muck, Obama will emerge the
Democratic nominee.

A couple of weeks later, when I realized I would be in San Francisco
before leaving on a cross country journey. I returned to the possibility
that, on one level, the dream was about hair salons. So, I scoured the
SF phone book and concluded the left side of the dream screen indicted
the neighborhood in San Francisco, the right side two white bred names
like James and Thomas. I chose a salon with similar names in that
neighborhood and received a beautiful hair cut.

On the Road

QUESTION: Then, I asked for guidance for my trip itinerary, knowing that
in the past, my dreams have served as a supreme travel agent.

ANSWER: A picture of my cousin, who lives in Pittsburgh.

A picture of the arch of a right foot, with a shadow to the left of the

Storm clouds, at the top of the clock, the noon/midnight hour.

INTERPRETATION: First stop, Pittsburgh; then visit another family member
(symbolized by the foot) in Washington, D.C. Take the train, since
something will be going on with the airlines. (As it turned out, several
airlines went out of business, while others grounded hundreds of

QUESTION: The following night I asked for the next leg of the journey.

ANSWER: Something purple appeared in the upper left side of my dream

Then, a picture of a bubble bath and the profile/side view of someone
looking sideways to the right.

Tearing up train ticket.

INTERPRETATION: Instead of going to WDC on Amtrak to see more family,
go back to work on the book. Or, is it tear up train of thought. Which
train of thought might that be.

QUESTION: Next leg of journey

ANSWER: My brown gym bag, called American Standard, with a structured
end, the end toward me. A large, inflated bag of potato chips, with the
back of the package towards me.

INTERPRETATION: These clues could signal visit next my cousin in
Cleveland, who keeps that kind of chips on her stove. But I purchased
the brown bag at the American Apparel store in Columbus, Ohio located at
the Short North, which has arches of lights. I have another cousin,
named Chip, in Columbus.

I still did not grasp the bubble bath part of the itinerary, so on the
train, Thursday, April 17 around 3 a.m., I asked what the purple/bubble
bath meant. This time another purple object, a purple balloon, wafted
upward. Like the bubble bath, signaling some kind of celebration. In
Pittsburgh, a friend showed me a belated greeting card she had bought.
Inside, a purple balloon.

That day, I happened upon an event in downtown Pittsburgh for Barack
Obama. A young supporter explained she was wearing a purple bracelet to
symbolize the senatorís presidential campaign. She said of Obamaís
theme: ďWe are not red states, nor blue states, but the United States of

Hence, the purple. I had the feeling the bubbles and the balloon
symbolize a celebration is in the works. What kind will reveal itself

TODAY, TUESDAY, APRIL 22 is the day of the long-anticipated Pennsylvania
primary, Iím in Pittsburgh, visiting family per my dream itinerary.

Do these dreams also relate not only to my personal trip itinerary but
also tell us about the current political event, the Pennsylvania primary
and what will? Do they predict problems with the electronic voting
machines that will delay the results? Or do they indicate a close,
narrow win by one or two points for Obama? A close narrow win for
Clinton, which could be spun as victory of sorts for Obama, since
Clinton was ahead by 20 points several weeks ago.

(My prediction based on these dreams and absorbing the political scene
in Pennsylvania is Obama will win by a small margin.)

I want to post this before the polls close in Pennsylvania, in three
hours, and revisit these dreams after the fact.


JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she turned from
writing about the politics of social welfare issues to matters of the
mind. She initiated the POLITICAL DIARY in the aftermath of the 2000
election when dreams predicted with 100% accuracy its outcome and told
the story behind the story.

A public speaker, she offers tutoring, trainings, and classes online, on
site, to help you Use Dream Wisdom for Social Change.

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to Read this List. It is also available by going to

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© Joyce Lynn 2008

Using Inner Guidance for Social Change
Journaling, Tutoring, Trainings
joyce at plumdreams dot com
P.O. Box 682
Mill Valley, California 94942
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