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PD #24: PEACE: A Healing Blueprint for 2009  Joyce Lynn, Editor
 Jan 26, 2009 15:16 PST 

The Inside Source for News

Joyce Lynn, Editor
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POLITICAL DIARY is founded on the power of dreams to inform, guide, and
heal. Each of us has an Inside Source, revealing political truths and
social strategies with the potential to create peace and well-being for



EDITOR'S NOTE: This issue of Political Diary is based on the
Inauguration Edition of Plum Dreams Journal http://www.plumdreams,
which reports on the transformational resource of dreams for
truth-telling, guidance, and healing. Check out PDJ to learn from the
dream experiences of others and to share your own nocturnal messages.


“Abby” and I met for brunch at Stinson Beach, one Sunday last October.
She had a dream that morning: “My cousin is hugging me. It is a good
feeling. My mother does not get along with her mother, so I am like a
bridge between families.”

“Abby” told me the dream after a long, depressing political discussion
on the bus ride from the beach, over the hill, to Mill Valley. I had
advocated listening to our dreams to find the “tool” to unravel the
politically created chaos and build peace in the world. “My tool is
loving people,” she said, extracting the message from her dream.

For “Abby,” bridging divergent points of view, the loving feeling she
exudes, is the blueprint for a personal/political agenda, for a healing
infrastructure for global peace.

Dream On!




"A dirty, grimy figure -- the Grim Reaper -- is standing by my bed.
Mockingly, he makes sexual movements and attempts to attack me. He wants
to steal my cell phone. I refuse to let him -- it's my primary means of
communication. I try to scream, but can't, an often reported condition
in dreams. I need my cell phone. In the dark, I force myself to scream
out loud. I can do it, I can find my voice. Awaking, I hear myself

I described my early a.m., October 2, 2008, dream to a friend, telling
her the Grim Reaper symbolized Poverty. I said Poverty was attacking me.
But looking at the dream in context with concurrent political events, I
expanded my interpretation. The U.S. Senate, the evening before, passed
the Bush administration's Wall Street bailout -- a $700 billion theft of
the U.S. Treasury. Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential
nominee, as well as Congressional Democratic leaders, supported the
bailout. Their mugging for the cameras was sickeningly reminiscent of
Congressional leaders and Presidential hopefuls rushing to give G.W.
Bush authority to use military force in Iraq five years before. That
vote opened the doors to massive corporate war profiteering.

In August 2007, I dreamt of an ink-black swastika transposed on the
speaker of my cell phone. Earlier that month, Congress, bowing to the
Bush administration, expanded government wiretapping powers via telecom
companies, like AT&T. The Fourth Amendment, which confers the right to
Americans to be safe and secure in their homes and personal
communications like correspondence, phone calls, e-mails, slid into a
dark hole.

My dreams reminded me of those journalist Charlotte Beradt described in
her book “The Third Reich of Dreams: The Nightmare of a Nation 1933-34”
during the rise of Hitler and a totalitarian state in 1930's Germany.

I described the rising tide of fascism in the U.S. after a dream in the
winter of 2005-6, in Political Diary, #19 and at the June 2006 911 Truth
Reclaiming Our Future Conference in Chicago: A knee-deep flood swirled
on Bush Street in San Francisco. Fascism -- when Government and
corporations collude to control the citizens of a nation -- the ruling
regime suspends basic constitutional liberties often in the name of a
religious or nationalist war against a real or conjured up "enemy."

Finding one's voice is mandatory for preserving health. I read a
research paper describing how people with a certain form of epilepsy can
minimize the occurrence of seizures if they speak out and their family
hears them and listens to their message. In Eastern medicine,
activating the throat chakra can heal a thyroid deficiency, a deficient
yin, stifled creative expression.

Finding our voice is the first step in resurrecting our small d,
democracy. A scream in the night is a beginning. But it will take
millions of us waking up from the nightmare of the rising tide of
fascism in the U.S. to find and carry out millions of positive actions
to stem the tide and reclaim true safety, security, self-esteem.

c Joyce Lynn 2009



Accountability for those whose silence, actions, and inactions
facilitated the criminal behavior of the Bush administration is, in my
view, essential to shrieking in the face of fascism and stopping its
rise and grasp.

As readers of this publication know, I consider many members of
Congress, especially its leaders, complicit in the crimes of the Bush
administration. Political Diary #23 contained my commentary, Take Pelosi
off the Table (as House Speaker) about enabling the decimation of the
U.S. and its Constitution. Other publications including Op-Ed News
and Online Journal
also carried the commentary, garnering quite a response.

Here are excerpts from the thread a reader began on Plum Dreams Journal
Forum in response to the Pelosi commentary and my response with a
selection of remarks from others. Read the entire thread at:

Postby Blearc on Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:12 am

I read your article on onlinejournal.com and had personally written
about the subject before the election. I have a few questions:

Who would be a viable replacements? I was hoping for Clinton to replace
Reid, no idea on Pelosi, my state had a big shake up and our good house
members went to the senate. When does the vote for speaker happen? What
tactics would you suggest in getting this into a national conversation.
Or even in front of the PE?

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Re: Replacing Pelosi and Reid

Postby joyce on Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:31 am
Thank you for your post, for starting this thread, and for being the
first post on PDJ Forum!

Sorry I missed your post on Pelosi during the election. What a
thoughtful job you did researching replacements for Pelosi in your
recent post on Newsvine. A suggested replacement, mentioned in my
commentary, is Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia). When I was writing the
Pelosi article, I asked my dreams for suggestions for an alternative to
Pelosi. I did not specify criterion (as you did using
economics/financial), I simply asked who and the face of Rep. Lewis
appeared on my dream screen. Lewis is known for his courage during the
Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. Also, he is the one member of Congress
who had the courage to speak out against the hate-mongering/fascistic
rhetoric of the McCain-Palin campaign. Perhaps courage is the criterion
most needed in a House Speaker right now. Certainly, courage is the
trait most lacking in Pelosi and the Dems. As one e-mailer wrote, "The
Dems are invertebrate."

Also, in the dream answer, two empty (white?) wine glasses appeared. I
want to write whine glasses. Pelosi and Reid are, among other things,
whiners: We couldn't stop the illegal wiretapping because we didn't have
the votes; if there were a "terrorist attack," we (the Dems) would be
blamed; we couldn't cut off funding for the troops/bring the troops home
from Iraq because "they" (the Republicans) would say we're not
patriotic, and, now, we can't hold Bush et al responsible for their
crimes because they (the Republicans) won't like us, or vote for us and
our programs.

The Online Journal commentary Take Pelosi off the Table (As House
Speaker) http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish ... 4179.shtml, to
which you responded above, is, at this point, rhetorical, since the
House will rubber stamp Pelosi as Speaker this week. Not because she
commanded a winning strategy to put Dems in control of Congress and the
White House, but because she holds the power in the Democratic Caucus
through her PAC contributions to Democratic candidates, committee
appointments, and legislative control.

I originally posted Take Pelosi Off the Table (As House Speaker) on
OP-Ed News in November to spark a national conversation, to which you
alluded, about her leadership That can still be done --- with an eye
toward removing her as Speaker during the next two years and/or the
ultimate coup -- defeating her in the 2010 San Francisco Congressional
race. Cindy Sheehan, who as an Independent opposed Pelosi for her
Congressional seat last November, launched her 2010 run against Pelosi
with a radio show on Green960/Green960.com Sunday, Jan 4, 2009.

Other possible avenues for removing Pelosi:

- Sign the Petition To Replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of
Representatives for the Purposes of Pursuing Impeachment at
S.cott Creighton has collected 8,000 signatures to date.

- Discover proof of her complicity in 9/11/cover-up, illegal wiretapping
of U.S. citizens, torture, etc.

- Explain your concerns about Pelosi's "leadership" on "progressive"
talk shows/blogs. During the 2008 election, nearly every "progressive"
host bemoaned the "leadership" of Pelosi and Reid in the Senate, yet
demeaned or ignored Cindy Sheehan's candidacy.

Here's a far-reaching option -- a legal remedy from a respondent to my
commentary about Pelosi posted in November on OpEd News
http://www.opednews.com/articles/Take-P ... 3-387.html:

The Nuremberg Principles Cover Pelosi, Too

For enabling Bush/Cheney in their illegal war of aggression against the
sovereign nation of Iraq, violations of the Bill of Rights, and
corporate looting of the US Treasury, Speaker Nancy Pelosi deserves
prosecution - either here at home, or at the International Criminal
Court - for war crimes and crimes against humanity. She can be charged
as a co-defendant at this trial.

Before this can happen, however, Mrs. Pelosi must be removed as Speaker,
followed by expulsion from the House. We cannot have a war criminal in
any position of power. Cindy Sheehan is right; an abettor of crime is
just a guilty as the one who commits a crime.

The one good that came out of the Nuremberg Trials following WWII is
that those who enabled Hitler's crimes were also held accountable. Nancy
Pelosi and the House and Senate Democrat leadership knew that the Iraq
invasion and occupation was a gross violation of both US and
International Law; thus, they're just as guilty as Bush and Cheney.

Another recommendation to answer the question -- how to empty the
whiners from the Democratic Congressional leadership -- ask your dreams
for guidance, for the best way for you to evince this positive change.
Maybe it's one of the above ideas. Maybe it's one that draws on your
talents and abilities. Then return here and post your dream/s and your
action plan and what support you need to make it happen.

-- Joyce Lynn
Editor, Plum Dreams Journal


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Copyright © 2009 Joyce Lynn

JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she turned to
writing about matters of the mind. She initiated the POLITICAL DIARY in
the aftermath of the 2000 election when dreams predicted with 100%
accuracy its outcome and told the story behind the story -- before the
mainstream media.

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