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#27 MANIFEST DEMOCRACY;Toward Justice for All  Joyce Lynn, Editor
 Sep 13, 2010 22:19 PDT 

Joyce Lynn, Editor

The Inside Source for News

Joyce Lynn, Editor
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POLITICAL DIARY is rooted in the truth-telling power of dreams. Its
premise: Each of us has an Inside Source, revealing our
personal/political path to peace.

Through investigative reporting, interpretative analysis, commentary,
tips, and other journalistic tools, POLITICAL DIARY reports the news so
we can make informed choices.




At the Power to the Peaceful Festival in San Franciscoís Golden Gate
Park on September 11, I stopped by the SF 9/11 Truth booth, a perennial
fixture at the decade long event. The grassroots activists march from
the Panhandle to Speedway Meadow, carrying signs, this year
professionally made ones proclaiming in black and white, perhaps
metaphorically, 9/11 Truth.

A chubby-faced man in his 40s with a paunchy mid-section was questioning
the guy manning the booth. Both the tone and content of the exchange
frustrated me. So instead of the activistís responses, the comments I
wanted to insert in the conversation are in parentheses:

Man: Who funds you?

(The grass roots educational effort is fueled by volunteers, millions
world wide. Some groups raise money in special ways. For example, SF
91Truth sells ďbricksĒ of Deception Dollars.

Man: Iím sorta a skeptic, too, but nothing like this (waving his hand
over the vast array of media spread out on the table), spending nine
years and so much time on this. Iím trying to figure out why you would.

(Obvious short answer: Being a citizen in a democracy, especially one
crumbling from the inside, demands it.

(Cryptic answer: Donít you hate it when someone mocks you, deceives you,
makes fun of you, uses you, like the government and media lying about

Man: How is what youíre doing going to make society better?

(Short answer: Truth is the engine of healthy relationships; trust in
government, any being, or institution a mandatory ingredient.)

Man: What do you see doing after this?
(Peace on earth, perhaps.)

At this point, I walked away. Somewhere in the midst of the hemp and
organic clothing booths, I realized targeted answers were contained in a
Manifesto I had drafted for myself in early summer. A focused political
action agenda on justice for the crimes of 9/11 must reflect the rising
tide of fascism in the U.S. haunting my nightmares.

The Power to the Peaceful exchange happened before a table piled with
books, magazines, and DVDs with enough evidence on the crimes of 9/11 to
hand down hundreds of indictments against top officials in the Bush
administration as well as players throughout the intelligence services
and government and industry.

As I edited the Manifesto, the gusher in the Gulf showed the world the
awesome and tragic results of the collusion of government and
corporations (fascism). That backdrop and President Obamaís weak,
ridiculous Oval Office call for a commission to investigate the
BP/Halliburton/Deepwater Horizon disaster was a graphic reminder of the
impotence of commissions. Another 9/11 commission or investigation,
however well intentioned, will delay justice.

Perhaps the answer to the manís questions at the 9/11 booth at the Power
to the Peaceful event is to ask this question: How in good conscience
can you allow the 9/11 criminals to live free another day?




MANIFEST DEMOCRACY: Toward Justice for All
Issued September 11, 2010

Because both the governing and the governed failed to prosecute the
American fascists who plotted a coup of the U.S. government and the
presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, the biological and
political heirs of these criminal activities have perpetrated the crimes
outlined herein, precipitating the disasters engulfing the world today.


-- Ten years ago (December, 2000) a political coup in the U.S.
accomplished by election fraud by state officials, rigged, privatized
electronic voting machines, and a runaway Supreme Court overturned the
will of the People;

-- Nine years ago (September 11, 2001) elements of the U.S. government
engineered the 9/11 false flag operation;

-- The Bush-Cheney Administration in the U.S. and the Blair government
in Britain along with other allies cloaked this black operation in the
false frame of War on Terror to justify and perpetuate illegal and
immoral 9/11 oil wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq;

-- The Obama Administration in the U.S. has intensified and extended
these illegal, preemptive, aggressive wars and occupations into Pakistan
and dozens of other countries;

-- As a result of these illegitimate wars, the U.S. and other Western
countries have executed crimes of torture and murder of innocent
civilians and journalists;

--The perpetrators of these wars are carrying out genocide in the Middle
East, using depleted uranium and other toxins to destroy subsequent
generations, their culture, and the heart of civilization;

-- These same governments used the 9/11 false flag operation to abrogate
the Constitutional and civil rights of the People in the U.S. and

-- These wars and other government policies have bankrupted the U.S.,
spreading economic and environmental disaster worldwide.


-- Government officials and those acting on their behalf executed these
crimes against the state and against humanity in collusion with their
own and other intelligence services and in collusion with national and
transnational corporations in the arenas of oil/energy, military, health
insurance and pharmaceutical, banking and finance, and media so that a
defacto fascist government controls the U.S., supplanting democratic
rule by the People.

-- These acts are part of an ambitious worldwide plot launched before
World War II to overthrow democracies wherever they exist or struggle to
be born and replace them with fascist/authoritarian governments.


-- Since Government and established judicial bodies have failed to hold
any government or corporate official in the U.S. responsible, it is
incumbent upon The People of the nations whose officials and
corporations perpetuated these crimes and upon whose people the crimes
are perpetuated to bring to justice and prosecute those responsible
through any and all legal means, existing or newly created,
international, national, or local including but not limited to:

       -- The International Criminal Court at The Hague

      -- A judicial forum patterned after Bertrand Russell Tribunal

       -- An International Tribunal

      -- Citizensí Grand Juries in the U.S.

      -- People's Tribunals held in several South American countries

Such judicial proceedings should begin by September 11, 2011.

Judicial and legal action are mandatory:

      -- To punish the guilty, restore the rule of law, and cease the
perpetual cycle of criminal acts set in motion decades ago;

     --To repair and bring some measure of healing to those harmed by
the corruption of government and corporate officials at the highest

     -- To restore shattered lives, communities, countries, the
environment, and economies, for the survival of individual lives and

    -- To restore power to The People.


JUSTICE NOW: Your Political Action Agenda

Unlike petition efforts, MANIFEST DEMOCRACY is not aimed at gathering
signatures or riding an accountability wave. Rather Journalist Joyce
Lynn wrote this Manifesto as her own political action agenda in response
to her nighttime dreams and nightmares and investigative research for
the past decade chronicled in Political Diary and other publications.

Rather MANIFEST DEMOCRACY is intended to inspire you to listen to your
dreams/nocturnal messages, create your own political action agenda, and
implement it.

Plum Dreams Media through workshops, trainings, consults, and pro bono
services supports individuals and organizations nationally and
internationally in understanding their dreams and realizing positive
social change. Contact us for more information.

When ideals fade, vision leads the way.


JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political
reporter in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she
turned to writing about matters of the mind. She initiated the
POLITICAL DIARY in the aftermath of the 2000 election when dreams
predicted with 100% accuracy its outcome and told the story behind the
story -- before the mainstream media.

POLITICAL DIARY is archived at www.topica.com/lists/politicaldiary.
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