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 Feb 22, 2011 18:15 PST 

Joyce Lynn, Editor

The Inside Source for News

Joyce Lynn, Editor
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POLITICAL DIARY is founded on the truth-telling power of dreams. Its
premise: Each of us has an Inside Source, revealing personal and
political paths to peace.

Through investigative reporting, interpretative analysis, commentary,
tips, and other journalistic tools, POLITICAL DIARY reports the news so
we can make informed choices.




By Christmas, it was clear the U.S. cannot endure, perhaps even survive
another two years, let alone four more years of a Barack Obama
presidency. From his Oval Office mailed in address during the BP
disaster to his denial of the State of the Union speech, Obama manifests
a sickening detachment from the consequences of his policies. Whether
the puppet masters have bowed him or he is who is actions (or lack
thereof) reflect, the bottom line is the same. We must primary Obama,
not in a vain ploy to move him to the left, but to elect a president who
will uphold the Presidential oath of office, in accordance with Article
II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution: to “preserve, protect and defend
the Constitution of the United States."
So, I asked my dreams who could primary Obama, who could win, and who
could move the U.S. away from the Third Way corporatism of Obama, the
neoliberals, and their neo-conservative brethren.

The dream candidate -- the candidate revealed in my dreams -- surprised
me; yet, as the imaginative idea turned to a tangible possibility, hope
for real positive change, like that sweeping the Middle East and North
Africa -- could wash over the U.S., too.

Please read the following “A Progressive Candidate Who Can Win the
Presidency in 2012” and forward it to a dozen friends and ask them to
forward it to another dozen friends. Our future depends on real change!




A Progressive Presidential Challenger Who Can Win in 2012

A picture of an angel with blond hair, clad in red and green, facing

This image appeared on my dream screen early on Monday, December 20
(2010). I had fallen asleep listening to a replay of Ring of Fire on
Green960, San Francisco’s progressive radio station.

The then co-host David Bender was interviewing Alan Grayson, voted
Progressive of the Year. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mike Papantonio are
the original and ongoing hosts.

The program reminded me of the reoccurring conversation with friends,
the most recent that evening, about “primarying” Barack Obama. The depth
of the crisis confronting our country as President Obama aided and
abetted a Republican/corporate agenda darkened the
cloud hovering over the season of light.

Obama, expanding the blood bath in the Middle East, entrenching
insurance, financial, military, and other transnational business
interests at the expense of our country and our humanity, depressed the
joy of celebrating with family and friends.

To stop the political ruminations, I asked my dreams for guidance. As
readers of POLITICAL DIARY know, since dreams -- mine and others -- had
accurately predicted the 2000 Presidential election and recount,
revealed the truth of 9/11, and graphically described the rising tide of
fascism in the U.S., I turn to this Source of knowledge to my
substantiate political reporting and commentary.


I asked:

Should there be a 2012 primary challenge to Barack Obama and, if so,

That’s when the dream messenger aka angel appeared, answering both
queries with the single image.


A Christmas ornament with blond hair eliminates the Jewish stars most
often discussed -- Grayson, Sanders, Feingold, Schakowsky.

Blond hair with a wave over one eye: I think Marilyn Monroe, Madonna/a
young Bette Miller. Yes, a young Marilyn Monroe.

Now the mysterious is obvious.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.!!!

Once the brilliance of the dream guidance registered, I realized I was
breathing again, perhaps, for the first time in a decade! Notice how the
possibility changes your entire being.

A stellar political pedigree -- son of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and nephew
of President John Kennedy and Sen. Edward M Kennedy -- RFK Jr., 57, is a
natural fighter in word and deed for civil rights, the environment,
labor, consumers, democracy, peace. Political activism and leadership
are embedded in his DNA.

Kennedy is an outspoken voice for political truths few in public service
dare to tell. In Ring of Fire radio programs, essays and books, and
legal cases, Kennedy reprises fascism and the Bush family; G.W. Bush and
the stolen 2004 presidential election; and U.S. imperialist policy with
an honest and lucid explanation of American exploits in South America.


Kennedy offers real and authentic hope for the future. Initial day
dreaming about a RFK Jr. administration conjures a fantasy team that
could become real:

Vice President:
Barbara Lee (D-Ca) - Former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, the
only member of Congress to vote against authorizing the use of force in
the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, to vote against the falsely named USA
Patriot Act, the 2002 Iraq War
Resolution, and counting Ohio returns in the (stolen) 2004 presidential

Attorney General:
Mike Papantonio - Plaintiff attorney for victims of corporate crimes,
winning for those harmed by asbestos, pharmaceuticals, securities fraud,
and tobacco

Health and Human Services Secretary:
Former (D) Florida representative Alan Grayson

Department of Peace Secretary:
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)

Defense Secretary:
Former (D) Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold

Labor Secretary:
Robert Reich, Clinton administration Labor secretary

Vann Jones, environmental activist; former Obama White House advisor,
resigned under pressure without cause

Treasury Secretary:
Elizabeth Warren, Special Advisor to Secretary of Treasury Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau

Agriculture Secretary:
Shirley Sherrod, former Georgia State Director of Rural Development,
Department of Agriculture, forced to resign without cause by Obama


More than a single-issue challenger or a relatively unknown, RFK Jr. is
a superior choice. But still, can he win? The question filtered through
the nighttime fog. Another dream, signaling the answer, appeared on my
dream screen:

A picture of a guy on a bicycle on the northeast corner of Shattuck
Avenue and Center Street, the busy plaza at the downtown Berkeley BART
stop. The biker flips backwards.

Interpretation: Barack Obama playing to the center is thrown backwards.
His strategy to win a second term by winning the center is a losing
proposition -- losing the Northeast for himself and/or the Congressional
Democrats. As Obama sabotages safety net and
Democratic sacred cows like Social Security, Medicare, jobs, and
privacy, an Obama 2012 reelection bid could be a throwback to
Pennsylvania 2010.

In the Joe Sestak (D) versus Pat Toomey (R) contest, Labor and other
Democratic stalwarts disillusioned with and disenfranchised by Obama
stayed home, throwing the Senate seat to the corporate-backed
Republican. Ditto throughout the Midwest.

The dream’s message wakes me up: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. could win!!

As the 112th Congress reconvened, a progressive radio host said (without
conviction) he still had “high hopes” Obama will become the (FDR)
president of his imagination. A Democratic advisor proffered the change
of White House staff means Obama can become his
own man now.

However, the operative axiom is a favorite of Obama’s biggest fan and
supporter. As Oprah is fond of saying, ”When someone shows you who they
are, believe them.” Obama has demonstrated in his political career he is
a corporatist. Under the guise of strategic rationales, he blithely
turns government over to corporations, paying the way with our tax

Unfortunately, the cost of our denial is too great.
The strategic questions answered, the lingering question:

In our desperate need to retreat from the brink of bankruptcy and
fascism, in our longing to regain America’s morality and political
democracy, dare we ask Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to do this for our

Your Political Action Agenda

May the dream accounts in POLITICAL DIARY inspire you to listen to your
dreams/nocturnal messages, create your own political action agenda, and
implement it.

Plum Dreams Media supports individuals and organizations to understand
their dreams and
use dream guidance for positive social change.

When ideals fade, vision leads the way.


JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political reporter
in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she turned to
writing about matters of the mind. She initiated POLITICAL DIARY in the
aftermath of the 2000 election when dreams predicted with 100% accuracy
its outcome and told the story behind the story -- before the mainstream

POLITICAL DIARY is archived at www.topica.com/lists/politicaldiary.
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